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Vardhan Vardhan (rajpandey) Reviewers invited for novel SplitHearts,

- Number of copies to offer - 10
- Formats available - PDF to be send to reviewers.
- There are NO - any special aspects of your book that we need to be aware of when soliciting reviewers.
- The genre is Fantasy for Young Adult.

Synopsis -

The rise of conflicts among humans results in occurrence of World War III. The world of paranormal entities finds it to be suitable opportunity to fight a war of dominance over Earth, lead by snake human species Vipers, Vampires and Shadows against Mankind.

Edward Woods, a teenager aim is to win love of Alice Summers, daughter of Global chancellor. Circumstances become complicated when Edward is chosen to lead the war for Humans against Vipers, which forever separates destiny of two lovers and their beloved ones apart.
With the power to conquer entire world, Edward’s struggle is to win back his lost love Alice.

An epic romance saga of paranormal forces war against Humans.

For respected reviewers, first 10 who sign up will receive a free copy of SplitHearts. Kindly mention your mailing address, you will find the book within a day in your inbox.

*Note you have two weeks to read and review. Please post your review on Amazon AND goodreads as well. kindly post a link to the thread in the comment section. Make sure review is at least a few sentences.
All your reviews will be of a great help to author.

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