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Slaves to the Rhythm: A Love Story
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Slaves to the Rhythm by Terry Connell Terry Connell
Genre: Memoir
Page Count: 244

Book Description:
An incomplete family tree prompts author Terry Connell to share his story, in his words - and what a story it is. One of eleven children, Connell spend half of "Slaves" sharing what his life was like growing up a repressed, gay boy in an Irish Catholic family where "religion is the twelfth - and favored - child." It is a curious, difficult, often funny path that eventually leads Connell to meet Stephan, the man who would change his life. Less than five years later, Stephan died from AIDS complications. The second half of Slaves to the Rhythm takes an intimate look at Terry and Stephan's last year together. Through Terry's journal writings, we witness the incredible strength and courage required to care for someone as they surrender their lives little by little each day. Raw, powerful, honest, and incredibly beautiful, Terry brings us into the heart of a relationship built on love and respect, sharing the rarest of moments when love is all we need....and all we have.

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sure luv 2 read/review/rate this book

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sent in your request Tony

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