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Danny and the dogman

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Isis Molina (isismolina) | 77 comments Mod
I have a lot of mixed feelings about this book.

First off, it is my first Stephen King book, and I gotta say that I got scared halfway through the book, so he definitely fulfilled that factor. I liked his writing style. I didn't really appreciate the different point of views, although I understand why he used them.

Anyway, there were two things--better yet--characters that stood out to me.

Danny is, of course, one of them. Damn. I had never read an adult book with a child as the hero of the story. He was fucking badass, man. From the start, he was this brave young warrior. I loved Danny, from the very first line where he was introduced. I loved him till the end.

I think one of the scariest scenes for me, scarier than the woman in 217, was the fucking dogman. WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT??? I mean i know what it was, but still the way he just said he was going to eat Danny and the way Danny was trying to be brave for a bit there it seriously scared the shit out of me.

I loved Danny, and I guess I sympathized with Jack and Wendy. I absolutely adored Hallorann because what a selfless man going through trouble and then some to rescue a poor little white boy. I was glad the story was told from his perspective, actually, but if it had been just from, like, Danny and Hallorann's POV it would have been fine with me.

I do have some complaints. The book was dragging on too long for my liking. I felt like it never got to the point and when it did, I was like "what? this is what i was waiting for?" and I just wish it would have been a little more fast paced. I mean, I felt it took years for them to finally get to the Overlook and then another (50 pages?) to get through the tour of the hotel.

Also, I never understood who Tony really was. Was he really Danny in the future? Was he the boy Jack and Al ran over? Did they actually run over someone or was it just a bike? If so, why was there a bike in the middle of the road?

I think I'll have to read the sequel ("Doctor Sleep" to find out what happens next. I wonder if Danny is in it. What type of sequel is it? It came out years and years after the first book, which is, neat, you know.

Nicole | 69 comments Mod
For my first Stephen King novel, I think The Shining was a good introduction. I like how he writes, and does his chapters. I really liked how he did the character's thoughts, and his use of lyrics. It made it seem whimsical and creepy, and it definitely gave me goosebumps.

That said, I did not really get scared by anything. There was a lot of suspense though. So much I had to stop reading a couple times to get the feeling out of my throat and stomach. Maybe it was because I knew a key piece of the story. I just read wondering, "Well this happens how can that be?" So some of it was kind of lost to me. And the ending. I did not care for it. Afterward it seemed so obvious and I was left at the end of the last page going hm after all those words I get this.

I loved Danny. He is such a sweet little boy. I really liked the concept of the shining too. I liked Dick as well. Wendy and Jack, eh, I liked them but then I didn't. I do like their individual backgrounds, and how fleshed out they were.

I need Tony explained more. I have a good idea that I am sure is right, but I need to written out for me to be satisfied.

I think my favorite part of the book was REDRUM. That was a point that got me hooked, and when the reveal finally happened I actually gasped and said, "Holy shit" out loud. I usually don't react much on the outside when reading so that was a big deal.

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