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Am I the only one who cried when...?
Kenzi Kenzi Nov 20, 2013 05:30PM
Okay a lot of people are saying this book was miserably boring I read it a while ago and loved it. Am I the only one who cried when Ky got taken away

Yes. I liked the book but I think you're the only one who cried.

Makenzi wrote: "Okay a lot of people are saying this book was miserably boring I read it a while ago and loved it. Am I the only one who cried when Ky got taken away" I really liked it and no your not the only one

Sandi Hart I agree.
Jan 29, 2014 12:07PM · flag

I don't remember whether I cried but still the book was not boring, It was amazing.

I didn't cry, but I was excited to see what would happen next. It was definitely sad, but in a way I knew she would try to find him. I didn't think this book was boring at all. I thought it was amazing. It was like being in the story and feeling the same emotions the characters did.

I didn't cry, but I did get pissed off and said you better freakin find him in the next book.

I was never close to crying. Most emotional I got was, WOW! so THAT"S what the red pill does. Suspected something like that.

Or,"Aw, Cassia, you are being a dingbat right now!"

I was soooo close to crying about it. But I think I only shed like one or two tears for it, only because I was in so much shock of what they were doing. But yes I found it very sad.

The first book really was amazing. but then the second book got boring and so was the third one. I don't know. I just felt like as the story progresses, the intensity slowly fades out.

You are not alone i cried through the whole book, crossed. I came into my mom's room every ten minutes.

First book was amazing!
Second book SUCKED!
Third book was.....ok.

All in all, this series is a lost cause.
Such a shame as this series had so much potential.

I cried a lot and I loved the concept of the book. Just think about I that were really happening

I cried.. when Ky got taken and when I finished it. The book ended sort of cliffhanger-y-ish way and I didn't think it was a series and I was just like "NOOO!!!"

Yes, tears of joy.

Sandi Hart What is wrong with you?
Jan 29, 2014 12:06PM

I donr really remeber this book all i know i think it was really good!

instead of crying i got angry lol

Reading these comments I can completely understand all opinions. I read this book later this year and like many people have mixed feelings about it, I guess a good way and in this situation the only good way to really make up your mind up about this book is....Would you continue the trilogy? Would you read the next book? For me my answer would be yes, only because the society for me was almost like a character in the book which was my favourite only because of the mysterious aspect about them like who's actually running the society? Who started it? So yes I would like to continue and see how the story unfolds and hopefully see Cassia and Ky discover or even somehow expose the wacko and controlling society.

Honestly at first I wasn't thrilled about Matched. I thought it was slow moving and not very interesting. I thought that to many things went unexplained and overall it confused me. But as the book progressed, I came to like the writing style a bit more and relate to characters and situations. I finished it today and really feel the need to immediately get Crossed (mostly because of some of the things I have heard about it) I wouldn't be thrilled abandoning this series right now, but I don't want to invest time in it if it isn't really worth the read or worth finishing. Anybody who has finished the book and would like to motivate me (WITHOUT SPOLING) I would love to hear what you have to say

I cried when she walked away from Xander to find Ky...definitely rooting for Ky, but it was still so sad:'(

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Omg, I was sooooooooo sad/ mad! I wanted to shoot the officials in the butt!!

I loved the first two, felt that the third felt unfinished and disappointing.

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