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message 1: by Earle (new)

Earle Levenstein (Admanbook) | 21 comments Hi,

Would any authors with Pinterest be interested in doing a Follow/RePin swap? We would post our pinterest profiles and follow each other and also repin one of our book posts. Anyone in?

Here is my pinterest:

And here is a pin that I would like to be repinned:

message 2: by David (new)

David Evans (vanksed) | 8 comments Hi I think I have added or pinned the above pin. However i am very new to Pinterest and I'm not sure just how it works

message 3: by G.E. (new)

G.E. Graves (binder) | 8 comments Hey Earle,
I'm more than willing to Re-pin, on Pinterest and elsewhere :)

message 4: by Earle (new)

Earle Levenstein (Admanbook) | 21 comments Hi guys! Great! David, I have followed your boards and repinned your book. You did the re-pin of mine correctly, thank you!
G.E., I have also followed you back and repinned your poetry. Thanks for partaking, hopefully we will get some more participants!

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