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What if…? Game

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Ethan This is a simple game: Someone leaves a question starting with "What if?" The next person leaves an answer and another question.

What if Will's curse was real?

Rujman Khan There'd be a whole lot more shit that happens to them I'd imagine, and I kind of doubt him and Tess would have managed to get together. Jem would've died. 3

What if Will had taken the Carstairs Family's heirloom? (The sword)

Madeline Wolf Then every reader will become depressed, and then the uncle would have died, then there would be no more Carstairs, and then readers will become REALLY depressed.

What if Jem hadn't had to take the medicine?

Selma Then he wouldn't have had the disease..? Which is great! And if he didn't have the disease he wouldn't have had to become a silent brother and "leave" Tessa and Will.

What if Will had never said anything about his feelings for Tessa?

Maria Drago Selma wrote: "Then he wouldn't have had the disease..? Which is great! And if he didn't have the disease he wouldn't have had to become a silent brother and "leave" Tessa and Will.

What if Will had never said a..."

Then Tessa would have gone along and married Jem, only to be widowed later.

What if Tessa wasn't immortals? (I wish she wasn't) :(

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Ethan She would've died along-side Will and Jem would soon have no friends other than his fellow Silent Brothers.

What if Nate wasn't evil?

Rujman Khan Then Tessa would be stuck in a very different situation entirely for there would have to be some other way/person to get her tangled up in this
what if Jem and Tess make an appearance in city of heavenly fire?

Sara That would be sooooo awesome!!!!
What if Will had somehow become immortal.

Aafia If will was immortal, then the (view spoiler)

In Clockwork Prince, what if Will had told Tessa how he felt before Jem proposed to her?

Tonet Then Will and Tessa would be happy along side Jem because he both loves them.

What if Tessa wasn’t stolen as a baby?

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ann chieng Then would Tess grow up in the shadow hunt world. And maybe meet Will and Jem earlier.

What if TESS and JEM had children?

Sabrina G THEN they'd be the most adorable babies,

WHAT IF... Jem had fallen in love with Cecily?

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ann chieng Omg then we would have black hair & blue eyes

WHAT IF......Magnus's demon father is Tess'a Father?

Princess Godoy then there will be a feud between Tessa and Magnus because Magnus kiss Will :))

What if Jem is truly gay for Will?

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Naomi Wheeler then tessa is screwed... ;)

what if clary emma and tessa were related? (MI, DA, ID)

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Brianna Well then That would be really AWESOME and that would be one great family
What if Will Never died?

amanda then i would be happy and tessa would have needed to choose one of them

what if mortmain never died?

Lilly Chaos just chaos

What if Tessa had died alongside Will and aged with him? (i wish that would have happened) How would Jem react?

message 19: by Hina (new) - rated it 5 stars

Hina N. Jem would be incredibly depressed and either wouldn't be motivated to find a cure or would try to end his life earlier. P.S. It has been confirmed that both Jem and Tessa will be making an appearance in City of Heavenly Fire!!!

What would happen if Will had never given his necklace to Cecily? Who would have it now?

Annie Tessa probably. She is really important to him so he would probably give it to Tessa. (( im not very sure about this necklace thing cuz i read this a while ago... i remeber it just faintly q:

okay my question xD
What if Will didnt have that curse?? what is going to happen between tessa, will, and jem??

Tonet Will and Tessa probably be together at the very beginning and there will be no love triangle unless of course Tessa upon meeting Jem fell for him. And that people would be another story all together one that I would want to read.

What if Jem wasn’t sick?

Amiamo Then he wouldn't have become a silent brother and we would have watch/read as Will suffered even more as Jem and Tessa got married:(
What if Gabriel and Gideon had actually betrayed Charlotte to the Consul?

Claire Then Tessa would have died at the hands of Mortmain and Will would have gone after Tessa too leading to his death. Jem would still turn Silent Brother mourning the loss of Will and Tessa. In the future Jem would have never turned shadowhunter again becase Tessa ceases to exist, leaving the pain of her loss forever. Making Jem be a silent bro. forever

What if Ithuriel killed Tessa in her attempt to shift into him?

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A Then Tessa would be gone, and Jem would still be turned into a Silent Brother and Will will mourn Tessa's death. Everyone will mourn Tessa's death. Will may try to connect with Jem throughout the years. He'll probably find someone else with whom he'll fall in love.

What if Mortmain escaped but all the automatons died?

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Jade Then he would find a way to make more automatons and everyone would be screwed all over again.

What if Tessa and Magnus got together.

Nellie ☾ Then there won't be a Malec in the future, which is sad :( on a more serious note though, I don't think they'll have children since Magnus is a warlock and all that.

What if Bridget was actually an automaton and was only doing an inside job for Mortmain?

Lilly Well then they all would had been screwed

What if Jem hadn't gotten in between Will and Tessa? Would he have fallen in love with Sophia and not turn into a Silent Brother and Will and Jem could have retained a good relationship?

Morgan Dallas Then everything would be happy

what if Jem wasn't addicted

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ann chieng Then jem will bitch slap him back to the ground

What if Will never met Jem?

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