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First Comes Marriage (Huxtable Quintet #1)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > Looking for a 4-book HR series that follows Margaret, Vanessa, Catherine and Stephen [s]

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Vanessa Chance Young (vcyoung) | 3 comments Good day everyone,

The books that I am looking for follow are a series of historical romance novels that follow 4 siblings named Margaret (book 3), Vanessa (book 1), Catherine (book 2), and Stephen (book 4). These siblings reside in 18th century London, and Margaret (the oldest) is unmarried and looks after her siblings because her parents are dead. Vanessa has been married before, but her husband died. She is pursued by a Viscount, whom she marries early in the book, but makes him seduce her throughout the book. The younger sister, Catherine, gets the Viscount's friend (referred to as a rake), to fall in love with her in book 2. The oldest sister Margaret marries an Earl in book 3, and the youngest brother Stephen marries a town prostitute in book 4. I used to have hardcover copies of these books years ago, but can't find them since I moved. They were all released prior to 2010, and I remember this because I read them while I was on deployment in 2009. The main parts of the books that I remember are the kids' names. I'm sorry if not much else is helpful. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Dee (austhokie) | 609 comments its Mary balogh's series, the huxtable quintet, the first book is First Comes Marriage

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Vanessa Chance Young (vcyoung) | 3 comments Thank you!!!

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Dee (austhokie) | 609 comments although there are 5 books, the last one is about the cousin who was a bastard and so couldn't inherit which is why Stephen did

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Vanessa Chance Young (vcyoung) | 3 comments Yeah, I wasn't aware of a fifth book. I thought that the series would only follow the Huxtable siblings...but they threw the fifth Huxtable in there also :) I have all the books downloaded on my Kindle, and am almost done with the first one. I forgot how great they were...just knew that I loved them. Thank you again.

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