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The Fault in Our Stars
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Lara (larak127) | 16 comments Hey did you guys hear the The Fault in Our Stars is a movie coming out in 2014 What are your opinions on it?

Stormy :) (Stormy0218) | 305 comments I think this movie is going to be brilliant! Shailene and Ansel are excellent actors and will for sure portray our lovely main leads superbly .

Lara (larak127) | 16 comments Yeah I agree

Natalie (Never trust a duck) they should sell tissue boxes at the door, they'd make TONS of money

Lara (larak127) | 16 comments I know but I also hope they can pull it of really well if not I will be crying I mean there are A LOT of hard scenes in that book that I don't think they can pull of well in the movie

Natalie (Never trust a duck) The movie bette rbe brillian tor I'll be crying twice as much:for Gus and that it wasn't any good

Lara (larak127) | 16 comments I am super hyped about it!!!!!!

Alva | 219 comments I feel a little bit odd about that movie. It's like the mini version of the Divergent cast and.. I don't know, I expect them to ruin that book with the movie... It's just a feeling in my stomach..

Cassie (lunaluv934) | 1303 comments Natalie (Never trust a duck) wrote: "they should sell tissue boxes at the door, they'd make TONS of money"

hahaha agreed XD
I just hope they don't ruin it :/

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