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spoilers to beneath this man , 2 scenes i didn't like. anybody else?
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hello ladies
can i talk about about two scenes in this book that drove me crazy

the communal room = Jesse all but forces her to go to that damn anniversary party then to make matters worse take to her communal room to enjoy some "scenes"
really jesse?
dick move! right?

whipping scene=
and with sarah( the bitch)
that whole scene was messed up including ava getting whipped herself and then her just accepting what he did including the cheating

for me that scene killed there relationship, i kinda gave up on them after that

what did you guys think when you read those parts?

Not just those two scenes but the whole series was pretty much crap . He stalks Ava , doesn't give her space , he slept with various women the 4 days he was away from her , doesn't tell her what the club really is , hides his past and only tells her something when there is no other choice left , doesn't let her express her opinions , always and i mean it ...always turns to sex , doesn't even see how women in his club treat Ava , even after knowing how much Ava hates Sarah , he lets Sarah whip him . Takes Sarah back because she apparently won't live without him . Oh yeah , don't care for your wife's feelings . And on top of all this bullshit , Ava forgives him , loves him , blah , blah , blah .

Kristina Deeksha, you are spot on. I totally agree with everything you've listed. The whipping was just ludicrous, the communal room walkthru pissed me off but ...more
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I agree with you all.
Even when I read them all and looking back now I liked it, I struggled a lot during this series. We had this idea of the Alpha male when we began, but the truth is that Jesse went over the edge. Even I, as a reader, felt so trapped by him, very suffocated, and a lot of times I got really mad at them both. Honestly? This is an example of toxic relationship.
But... I was just thinking how in real life this is love for some people (leaving behind the club and the rich guy and all that stuff). Sometimes things go wrong, but they live happy. It kind of makes me wonder what is the true definition of "normal" and "love". I'm not trying to make an excuse, it's just that I was thinking. At the end it's not just Jesse, but Ava too, and together in some twisted way they live happily ever after.
Hard to explain.
But anyway, it's just my opinion.

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i was raging mad reading this book. i was mad after reading THIS MAN, but I felt much worse after reading BENEATH THIS MAN.

1. i hated it when Jesse creeped out on Ava when she met Mikael on business purpose. i wpuldnt let anyone trample me when im working!! let alone showing PDA in front pf the client!

2. i hated it when Ava discovered that sarah was the one who released Jesse from the handcuffs, and she forgave him over SEX. Ava must be crazy bcox she was easily ' persuaded' by sex. i really hate Ava for that

3. this book has nothing else other than sex. fight, make up, sex. repeat.

4. jesse wouldnt let Ava LIVE. ava is not to have fun with friends. dats not normal.

5. how could ava still accept jesse after he confessed that he slept with other women for 4 days (not meeting Ava?)

deleted user wrote: "hello ladies
can i talk about about two scenes in this book that drove me crazy

the communal room = Jesse all but forces her to go to that damn anniversary party then to make matters worse take to..."

Yeah, I hated these two scenes to, because she finds out that he went off and cheated on top of everything else. kind of killed it for me because supposedly he didn't want to hurt her. So yep, he goes and screws other women for 4 days. Nice one (gag).
The whipping scene itself shows how Jesse can't face up to his problems guilt whateva. So, instead of turning to the bottle he has Sarah whip him. A real man in my opinion doesn't do this he comes clean and then works through issues even if it means the girl is going to run. Not an Alpha Male character in my opinion. I can understand why some reviewers slammed the book, because I would have a hard time respecting characters like this and believing in the HEA. That being said a gutsy move on Ava's part to have herself whipped. I got why she did it and I respected her for that. loved that she gave Sarah a hiding. Long overdue cheeky bitch.

I loved all three books, I have read the series like three times!!
I loooove Jesse too, not so much Ava...

But the communal room scene (too me) didn't seem to fit into the whole story, I know it might seem weird, but I mean was there really any point to the scene?

Ailee me too. why would she do dat? waht was she trying to prove? i was happy she succumbed to whipping, not some threesome sex
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I thought it was on the violent side myself and I am pretty open minded. It took me a long time to finish this book and the second book. I was much happier with the tone of the third book and how it was all brought together.

I thought the communal room was a little bit of him exposing a part of himself, not so much a bad thing. As for the whipping scene, I was just as heartbroken as Ava. I could not believe it. I felt like I caught my mate cheating.... LOL

Agreed. I found those parts of the book to be disturbing. I really could not stand the whipping parts at all. Too crazy for me, but I did love the third book.

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