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message 1: by James (new)

James Head | 2 comments Why is it that although I set the price of my books at USD $ 3.99 on amazon direct publishing - when I go to the website like a buyer it shows $ 7.35 i.e. almost double ? Thoughts appreciated :)

Michael Cargill Cargill (michaelcargill) | 217 comments If you aren't based in the US you might not be seeing the proper price.

Ultimately though, the price that it gets sold for is at Amazon's whim.

Which can be a bit annoying.

message 3: by R.A. (new)

R.A. White (rawhite) | 361 comments You're sure the 7.35 is dollars and not pounds or something?

message 4: by Justin (new)

Justin (justinbienvenue) | 2189 comments Michael may be right. Non-US sometimes shows different and even sometimes in the US the price gets screwy because Amazon calculates outside the US and they get mixed up..

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