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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 217 comments Mod
Out of the four main elements sub-types of bending have been discovered. Each holding a unique connection to it's base element. Even mixed bending in recent modern days has no longer become sub-types but types all on their own.
(e.g.) Metalbending is no longer classified as a type of Earthbending but a type of bending all on it's own.

Those noted with ** are no categorized as element bending styles of their own.

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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 217 comments Mod
Earthbending Sub-types:

Sandbenders are earthbenders who have adapted to life in the Si Wong Desert. They use earthbending in a specialized style, which emphasizes the manipulation of sand. They move quickly in the desert on specialized wooden sailers that are propelled by bending miniature, localized sandstorms behind their sails. Because sand is sediment which travels in flows, their style resembles air and waterbending more than earthbending. It is implied that most, if not all, earthbenders are capable of easily bending sand, but because of the loose shifty nature of sand it is not an easy transition for the average earthbender. The sandbenders of the desert are especially proficient with it due to their particular habitat. Although all Earthbenders are able to utilize this type of bending it is far more difficult due to it being in such grains flowing rather than solid earth.

Seismic sense
A technique originally developed by the blind badgermoles, skilled earthbenders are able to sense vibrations through the ground, "seeing" by sensing their surroundings and making a mental image of it. It allows for a 360 degree field of "vision", outside of normal line-of-sight. To operate, the user needs direct contact with the ground, preferably without something like shoes in between. The technique is not applicable on all surfaces, as Toph was incapable of this while standing on ice. Being blind, Toph constantly used this technique to navigate the world; she described it as "kind of like seeing with [her] feet". During his training with Toph, Aang also developed this ability. Aang used this during a three-way training spar with Toph and Katara, and again during his fight against Ozai. Due to Toph's extensive use of the technique, she discovered other applications of it. Her seismic sense was so acute that she was capable of sensing even ants moving about, could identify people by the way they walked, and could almost always tell if someone was lying by sensing his or her physical reactions, such as breathing and heart rate. It was also the basis of her unique ability of metalbending. Toph also passed this technique to her daughter, Lin.

Metalbending is a sub-skill of earthbending developed by Toph. Most earthbenders are unable to affect processed metals. Usually, the trace amount of earth still present in metal is so minuscule that it goes undetected even by the best earthbenders, lending to its use in detaining earthbenders. However, due to her ability to "see" earth, Toph was able to locate the small fragments of earth in metal, target them, and utilize them to "bend" the metal portion. In the beginning, she was not able to bend metal with the same ability or ease seen in normal earthbending. Eventually, her skill with metalbending developed to the point where she could effectively defeat comet-enhanced firebenders during the Battle at Wulong Forest with the technique. After the conclusion of the Hundred Year War, Toph founded a metalbending academy to teach the newly acquired skill to other earthbenders, and the technique eventually became the primary weapon of the Metalbending Police Force in Republic City. As metalbending techniques were further refined, benders eventually learned how to manipulate metal without being in close contact with it, and amateur metalbending students were able to apply this skill to small objects such as coins and canes.

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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 217 comments Mod
Firebending sub-types:

Avatar-level firebenders are able to bend lava and magma, although not with the same ease by which waterbenders bend water. They can even cause dormant volcanoes to erupt at will. This ability contrasts sharply with other types of firebending, as lava and magma are superheated physical substances, rather than a chemical reaction. This ability has only been demonstrated by Roku, Avatar Kyoshi, an unnamed Fire Nation Avatar, and Aang. The manipulation of lava is a combination of earthbending and firebending, and thus before it's teaching only an Avatar could perform it on their own. Now it has been tauhgt and given birth to as Fire nation raises a Lava Kingdom.

Heat control
Certain advanced firebenders appear to have the ability to control heat. Using this technique, firebenders can heat a wide range of liquids, like water or tea, heat metal to scalding temperatures, or melt ice. Heat direction has also been performed by Fire Lord Sozin, heat redirection allows for the absorption of heat from one hand and passing through one's body and out the other hand. It was used to cool down the lava during the eruption that destroyed Roku's island. It appears to operate on a similar principle to Iroh's redirection of lightning technique.

**Electricitybending/Lighteningbending/Electric Generation
Certain powerful firebenders were able to generate and manipulate lightning by separating the yin and yang energies. Lightning, also known as "the cold-blooded fire", is considered the most powerful firebending technique, and its use was available only to a select few firebending prodigies and masters. However, seventy years later, the art has evolved to a well-known skill and is known by enough people to make lightning generation a decently-paid job at a power plant in Republic City. Some experienced firebenders are unable to generate lightning because they do not possess inner peace. If a firebender who harbors inner turmoil tries to generate lightning, it would only cause a miniature explosion. For example, Zuko was unable to because of his inner conflict with his father the Fire Lord and his sister Azula.

Today Electricbenders are born not taught any more. Every few generations in a Firebending family can prove to have an Electricbender in the family. This has been known only in the most pure bloodlines and most spiritual harmonized families.


One of the newest discovered subtypes. A child born in Republic city to the head fire nation council member was discovered to be the first in the family to have no real talent in bending. Up until the age of twelve where she exhibited the power to harness and manipulate the energy in light itself. Just a lightening, Light is a rare case born into families.

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Airbending Sub-types:

During Aang, Katara, and Sokka's stay at Makapu Village, it was shown that, because they are made with air and water, a skilled airbender or waterbender can manipulate clouds easily to create various shapes, used in that instance to provide a message to nearby villagers. It was later used as a defense by Aang and his friends to disguise their flights on Appa while moving about the Fire Nation. It has not been revealed if an airbender can perform this technique without a waterbender, though a waterbender does not need the assistance of an airbender to perform it, as waterbenders on their own hid the invasion force under a cloud. This skill has also been used to propel an airbender off the ground to emulate "cloud surfing" as a form of flight.

At first it was a practice created by a child of Avatar Korra. Taking particles int eh air and charging them with negative energy creating black existence. This was first seen as simple shadow casting but turned into something far darker. Korra's daughter vanished shortly after her mother was set to be bedridden before her death. Having a son of her own he was born with the purity of shadow bending developing the gift from simple shadows into an element that takes away all senses. To be covered in shadowbending one loses sight, touch, taste, smell, and is inflicted by a cold fear. It was later discovered having shown potential in not just the Avatar's grandson, but in several Air bending families that seem to hold a negative charge altogether giving birth to something that only could have been created int he spirit realm.
shadowbending has become an illegal act.

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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 217 comments Mod
Waterbending Sub-types:

Cloud manipulation

By working together, a waterbender and airbender can easily manipulate clouds, which are made of air and water, to create various shapes. In one particular instance, cloudshaping was used to provide a message to nearby villagers of an erupting volcano. It was later used as a defense by Aang and his friends to disguise their flights on Appa while moving about the Fire Nation.

A member of the Foggy Swamp Tribe, Huu, illustrated that talented waterbenders can manipulate plant life. Plantbending has enabled members of the swamp to control and manipulate every form of plant life from the highly water-saturated vines and roots found within the swamp lands to seaweed from the ocean floor - they can even rapidly compress and replace the plant mass of the plants they bend, since the cell tissues of a plant are more versatile than the cell tissues of an animal, also explaining why bloodbending can only be achieved on the nights of the full moon;
- all by bending the ample amount of water within them just as they can with watery mud.

This has later developed into something far more than simple waterbending. Plantbending became a gift where the bender can grow, manipulate and control plants. People born with this rare gift are born in the more swamp-like areas of the world rather than the frozen tundra of the poles where most water tribes are found.

Having started long ago as one of the most dangerous acts in waterbending if not bending in general. This is now an illegal act.
Since the human body is roughly 70% water, bloodbending does not necessarily bend blood itself, but the fluids in someone's body, allowing the user to manipulate a body's muscles to move as they wish or to stop movement completely. This technique is very similar to plantbending, but instead it controls animals and humans instead of plants. Potentially, a bloodbender could do a number of other things by bending the water in a person's body, such as stop a victim's heart or crush his/her internal organs; pressurize, boil, or cool the water to kill their opponent; or even completely extract the water from one's body, imitating the technique used with plants, though this technique has not been shown. The technique is so advanced that Hama could only use it under the full moon. Later, a moon that appears to be full is shown, and Katara actually uses bloodbending on a later night.

Only five people were known to have mastered this technique, namely Hama, Katara, Yakone, Noatak, and Tarrlok, with Hama being its discoverer. Despite having lived in the Fire Nation for many years, Hama was a waterbender originating from the Southern Water Tribe. She discovered this technique during her long imprisonment by the Fire Nation. Realizing that there was bendable water inside every living being, she first figured out how to perform the technique by bending the water inside the prison rats while her power was enhanced during a full moon. Doing the same to the prison guards, she forced them to open her cage, freeing her, and prevented them from following her. Hama later used it to kidnap Fire Nation civilians, making them literally walk into her clutches and imprison them, but she was later found and arrested.

Bloodbending is considered to be quite a sinister art since it forces the bender's will over the victim's will. Those who practice the technique open themselves up to homicidal madness. while it is still a technique to waterbenders it has grown into something that can become hereditary. Bloodbenders born do not have the power to manipulate water, for it is blood itself that they can manipulate and not just the water within it.

Katara was forced by Hama to learn this technique in order to stop her from making Sokka kill Aang, which she found quite upsetting when she realized she learned it. However, she willingly used bloodbending to subdue the leader of the Southern Raiders, allowing Zuko to properly interrogate him. Once she realized he was not the man who killed her mother Kya, she released him from her control, but had showed deep regret when she learned that she had bloodbent an innocent person. She was never seen using the technique again.

Yakone and his sons, Tarrlok and Amon, have demonstrated the ability to bloodbend without a full moon, showing that this advanced bloodbending technique may be inherited. As such facts have become aware it has become a crime to knowingly procreate and bare children by a bloodbender or someone who has the power to bloodbend and has done it at least once.

Powerful bloodbenders also known as bloodbending masters can also use the technique psychically, or without the use of their hands. Yakone was the first bloodbender to display such a skill and his son, Noatak, mastered the technique at the age of fourteen.
Furthermore, an extremely advanced waterbending master and bloodbending master can use bloodbending to "sever" the connection that a bender has with their bending, rendering them unable to bend. This technique requires direct physical contact with the bender's hand and the victim's forehead. No amount of healing can reverse the effects; the only known cure is energybending. The technique was outlawed following the Hundred Year War, with Katara leading the motion for it to be declared illegal.


Waterbenders can sometimes use a unique sub-skill: the ability to heal wounds by redirecting energy paths, or chi, throughout the body, using water as a catalyst. Waterbenders can use their abilities to heal by surrounding a sick or injured person with water, which glows silver during the process. When infused with spiritual knowledge, a variation of this technique can be used to calm angry spirits, as demonstrated by Unalaq. The use of healing was generally taught to female waterbenders of the Northern Water Tribe, who were not allowed to study combative forms of waterbending prior to the end of the Hundred Year War. Katara is known to be the best healer in the world. With the help of Spirit Oasis water, she was able to heal Aang and resurrect him. the best healers who are born into the gift having no others but it have the power to resurrect the dead and if possibly ever to be encountered could grant someone back their abilities.


The Rarest of all new Age bending styles. A Reaper is the direct opposite of a Healer. Having no power to heal they can only create death and using the energy harnessed in they can create darkness and fear, just as Shadowbender, but not nearly as powerful as Shadowbender. Reaper's hold a touch of Death from the moment of Birth and only one is known to exist. The sister twin of a born Healer. Being complete opposites they hold Yin and yang within them.

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