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RULES *Must Read*

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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 217 comments Mod
Roleplay Rules

**This a multi-paragraph roleplay**

If we have paragraphs it will greatly help drive the plot of a roleplay. I encourage you to have at least one paragraph going on each post and each paragraph must be about 4 to 5 sentences each. Please do not use one-liners as it is unfair to your partner to have to respond to a one-liner when they followed the rules.
Imagine a roleplay with something like this...(e.g.)
Roleplayer 1:
Ken said, "What is wrong?" He moved toward Jessica desiring to assist her. He felt drawn toward her and would hate to see something horrible happen to her as he placed a gentle hand on her shoulder. "You seem unwell, Jessica." He knew better than than to think otherwise because he wanted her to be able to trust him. He wanted to be the shoulder she had to cry on.

Roleplayer 2:

Jessica said, "I'm fine."

(Do you now see what I mean no one could possible keep that going and remain sane and follow the rules.)

*All paragraphs must be in third person*

If written any other way it gets confusing. Journals and such may be written in 2nd or 1st but not regular paragraphs.

*No God-Modding*

It cannot be stressed enough how important this is. If the character is not yours thus meaning you cannot control them. It is unfair to the roleplayer if you decide what their character does because they might have something different planned. Don't say Your character walked out while another persons followed, because maybe they didn't want to...

*Please Stay In Character (IC)*

If you create a character then be the character don't stray away from their personality because you got tired or bored...
When posting out of character (OOC) please use ((Double Parenthesis)) but don't do it too often we have SPAM sections for that.

*Talk to EVERYONE*

Please do not exclude anyone from the group and strive to talk to everyone. It’s not fun to be left out in
anything. If you have something private going on that is an A & B conversation then please C your way out of this group because no one needs to be excluded.

*Leaving the Group*

If you have to leave permanently or even temporarily, please notify a Mod before doing so as it is rather rude to the people you were rping with to just vanish without warning. We would like a reason for your absence and a time frame of which you will be gone if it is temporarily so we can go ahead and send out the message to those you were rping with...do not us OOC to do this.

message 2: by Jacob (new)

Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 217 comments Mod
In character ( IC Rules )

*Be Original*

I do not need to read character applications about a girl or boy who is secretly a party animal or shy wallflower or anything. I want to see fresh ideas, new things. Characters with flaws and great bios, not Mary Sues and Gary Stus.

*Everyone is human*

Don't make anyone mythological or anything fantasy every character made will be a human, sorry.

*All FaceClaims (FCs) will be viewed by the Mods*

If we do not think the FC fits this roleplay we will ask you to change him or her and give you a reason to why her or she does not fit. As in it appears too old or too young or something of the sort...

message 3: by Jacob (new)

Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 217 comments Mod
Out of character ( OOC Rules )

*Respect your fellow players and the Mods*

The rule, ‘treat others how you’d want to be treated’ comes into gear here. No hating, no drama basically. The hope for this group is to be as tight knit as you’re comfortable with. With drama in the air roleplaying isn’t as fun as it can be. Drama within characters is fine, but drama with the players isn’t. Respect each other, and if someone arises do not hesitate to tell one of the Mods about it. As they will refer the issue to me and I will sort things out as I see fit.

*Please ask before you do something drastic to the group*

Please let me the HeadMod and the people involved in the plot know what you’re going to do if it’s big. We all have our different views on how big a plotline is and if you’re not sure just let us know just in case.I cannot stress enough how important it is to talk to everyone you roleplay with. People who usually aren’t spoken to leave the roleplay in days because honestly where is the fun in empty starters and topics? Try to get to know everyone and let them feel at home here.

*Proper spelling and grammar*

Sure it’s okay to have the occasional typo but if it gets to the point where I can’t understand anything then no that’s not acceptable. Please try your best to maintain good spelling and punctuation with your post and chats. You may not be the best writer but there’s always room to improve.

*This is an ‘M’ rated roleplay*

Meaning there will be themes that might be triggering [speaking of which, please tag these posts]. There will be cursing, drugs, drinking, and sex [which has to be under read mores]. If any of that bothers you then maybe this roleplay isn’t for you.

message 4: by Jacob (new)

Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 217 comments Mod
And lastly, have fun!

The main point of this roleplay is to have a lot of fun, meet new people, and just simply enjoy the joys of high school [ha]. Participate in events, talk to people. Don’t worry about every thing too much and just relax and have fun.

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