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message 1: by Lauren (new)

Lauren (piczohun) Mine was SNSD and they're still my favorite ^.^

message 2: by Abandoned (new)

Abandoned Account (xxjeaneaxx) 2ne1. I love them to death. ♥

message 3: by Anaika (new)

Anaika First wasn't a Kpop group it was BoA when she came out with her English track for her American debut. I looked up her Korean songs after. After that SNSD was the next so I guess that was my first kpop group but, not my first interaction. I have to say I would consider myself a sone but not a hardcore sone.

message 4: by Anaika (new)

Anaika *SONE

message 5: by Beth, mod ✿ (new)

Beth (bethandluna) | 664 comments Super Junior. I just happened across one of their songs.

message 6: by Anaika (new)

Anaika Beth wrote: "Super Junior. I just happened across one of their songs."

Super Junior was my second hehe;)

message 7: by Cielu, Mod Cielu ♥ (new)

Cielu | 468 comments super junior a girl in my class introduced them. to bad she left by the time I got into them :-(

message 8: by [deleted user] (new)

The first band i listened to was beast and 2ne1 but i started kpop b/c of SHINee. SHINee is my first band :)

message 9: by Abandoned (new)

Abandoned Account (xxjeaneaxx) @Reena
That happened to me too. I didn't REALLY get into them until my younger sister became obsessed with Taemin. Good times... good times...

message 10: by Kinsey (new)

Kinsey (kconklin) | 170 comments I honestly don't remember. I think probably SS501 technically because I was looking up Kim Hyun-joong. I had just watched my very first Kdrama Boys Over Flowers. And then I watched tons and tons of boybands and music videos. But SHINee always and continues to capture my attention and love the most <3. And technically they sing on Boys Over Flowers anyways soooo. Yeah. SHINee lol.

message 11: by Abandoned (new)

Abandoned Account (xxjeaneaxx) I didn't realize it was them singing until almost a year after I watched it. I assumed most of the songs were by SS501 and T-max (I honestly can't remember their name) Heh heh oops.

message 12: by christinE (new)

christinE (Christine6454) | 5 comments SHINee <3

SEMI PRECIOUS JADE (wingsoffreedom) | 70 comments SHINee and SNSD. Still love them both

message 14: by Hachton (new)

Hachton | 98 comments SHINee

message 15: by Nette (new)

Nette | 346 comments The very first kpop song I ever heard was Gee by SNSD XD One of my friends was a huge kpop fan so she kind of roped me in. So now I am stuck in this black hole XD lol

message 16: by Sarah (new)

Sarah (godisgoodallthetime-) The first Kpop song was probably Because I'm Stupid by SS501( boys over flowers:)

message 17: by Lauren (new)

Lauren (piczohun) My first song was Twinkle by TTS because bubzbeauty on YouTube did a makeup tutorial on it. Then I found Gee :D

message 18: by Dey (new)

Dey (dey_s) My first korean group was clazziquai x)
and my first kpop group was super junior ^_^

message 19: by Kelisha (new)

Kelisha (thuggoddess) My very first KPop group was DBSK and the song was Mirotic. Its still one of my favorite songs. And I still love and support them all; DBSK & JYJ =).

message 20: by Sarah (new)

Sarah (godisgoodallthetime-) Khawla wrote: "Ukiss as a group, Minho (shinee) as an individual, and teen top was the first group I memorize individually!! And tbh, I really hated kpop until late last year.."

I love your pic!

message 21: by Soon-yiHearto (new)

Soon-yiHearto | 67 comments Gee by SNSD and Haru Haru by Big Bang

message 22: by Alia (new)

Alia Z | 1 comments Girls' Generation

message 23: by Kenza (new)

Kenza (lasuperberebelle) | 17 comments My first KPop group was 2NE1. It was last year, I saw the video when they were performing Lonely and I am The Best in Singapor for MAMA 2011. Since then Ive never seen a KPOP girl group bring the crowd into a roar like 2ne1 does.

message 24: by Amina (new)

Amina SS501

message 25: by Nahomi (new)

Nahomi  | 6 comments the first song i listened was sorry sorry by super junior, then i started to watch a lot of k-dramas and for some reason i watched sesame player with mblaq. So mblaq is the first group i started to follow.

message 26: by Lena♫ (new)

Lena♫ | 29 comments The first Kpop group that I listened to was Girls' Generation aka SNSD.

message 27: by Beth, mod ✿ (new)

Beth (bethandluna) | 664 comments It took me a while before I could get into them. I just didn't like their music when I first heard them.

message 28: by Cielu, Mod Cielu ♥ (new)

Cielu | 468 comments really? I feel like the old snsd was a lot better then it is now. I feel like sm in general has been coming out with terrible songs

message 29: by Lena♫ (new)

Lena♫ | 29 comments Yup! I must agree with you. Most of the old songs are much better than the new ones. I like a song with a catchy beat to it.

message 30: by Beth, mod ✿ (new)

Beth (bethandluna) | 664 comments I agree with you. It's just that a little over a year ago, I didn't like them. When I listened to the same songs a few months ago, I liked them much more. I'm not talking about their new songs. I've been pretty disappointed in SM lately.

message 31: by ☾Tracy☆ (new)

☾Tracy☆ (kimix3_ily_freedom) My 1st group was INFINITE♥♥♥!~ It's funny 'cause I started to watch K-Dramas first, and then I got into K-Pop... *cough* I'm still new *cough*

message 32: by jayzchanelle (new)

jayzchanelle | 174 comments ☾Kimix3☆ ∞ℑℕϟℙℑℝℑℐ∞ wrote: "My 1st group was INFINITE♥♥♥!~ It's funny 'cause I started to watch K-Dramas first, and then I got into K-Pop... *cough* I'm still new *cough*"

Same! I used to have KBS World so I watched dramas there, but then I started watching dramas online and saw a commercial about 2NE1 and got into K-Pop from there.

message 33: by ☾Tracy☆ (new)

☾Tracy☆ (kimix3_ily_freedom) Lol, KBS♥!~ :D I only watch online, 'cause I don't have any programs. . . But, my sister is like a huge K-Pop fan (her fav. is EXO), and I guess she introduced me to dramas and then I started to go on my own, and K-Pop came. c:
*inspirit forever*

message 34: by Marie (new)

Marie (heymarie) | 3 comments EXO <3 I fell in love instantly.

message 35: by Arwen (new)

Arwen | 608 comments Girls generation -Gee

message 36: by Syafiqah (new)

Syafiqah Rashid (fyfyfyqa) | 5 comments DBSK.

message 37: by Cady (new)

Cady | 3 comments Girls' Generation - Gee

message 38: by Afrah (new)

Afrah (afrah_hi) Big Bang
Haru Haru specifically

message 39: by Arwen (new)

Arwen | 608 comments Afrah wrote: "Big Bang
Haru Haru specifically"

aww love that song

message 40: by Fariha (new)

Fariha Hossain (fsha209) | 5 comments Bigbang....Haru haru & Lies

message 41: by Shelina (new)

Shelina (sherumi275) | 1 comments I first listened to songs by BoA after liking the ending songs she did for the anime Inuyasha. I then discovered the world of KPOP and my first group was Shinhwa! :D They're pretty ancient though so I doubt anyone here will know about them. My favourite group at the moment is BigBang :)

message 42: by Arwen (new)

Arwen | 608 comments Fariha wrote: "Bigbang....Haru haru & Lies"

nooo haru haru made me cry

message 43: by Kinsey (new)

Kinsey (kconklin) | 170 comments Shelina I love Shinhwa! They were one of the first I got into also. I can't wait for them to have another comeback.

message 44: by Bahar (new)

Bahar | 12 comments A friend made me listen to Lonely by 2ne1. I loved the song, and then as I was looking up Korean songs by myself, I came across SuperJunior. I'd go around singing Mr. Simple all day, even though I didn't know a word of Korean back then. Though I listen to a lot of groups now (CNBLUE the most these days), SuperJunior have always been my top favourite. :)

message 45: by Ikram (new)

Ikram (ikki_94) Super Junior - Mr Simple

message 46: by Kay (new)

Kay Causer (kaycauser) | 2 comments BigBang - Haru Haru
If I had never listened to that song...

message 47: by Occupation: Singer (In-Training) (last edited Sep 22, 2014 09:20PM) (new)

Occupation: Singer (In-Training) (kpop_panda) | 7 comments top 6:
Girls Generation-Gee (know the dance)
Super Junior-Bonamana (I thought they were hot)
2ne1-I am The Best (NAEGA JEIL CHALAGA)
BigBang-Fantastic Baby (BOOM SHAKALACKA)
B.A.P-Warrior(I like the blonde one, if you get what I mean)
KPOP fan since 2012...

Occupation: Singer (In-Training) (kpop_panda) | 7 comments Arwen wrote: "Fariha wrote: "Bigbang....Haru haru & Lies"

nooo haru haru made me cry"


message 49: by Ella (new)

Ella | 487 comments Mine was Girls Generation and EXO. (This is pretty recent).

message 50: by Maria (new)

Maria (mariahkeepscool) | 19 comments Well I listened to the Heartstrings OST album then EXO...
Love them both!!

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