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What's a good book to read?

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AgCl preferably a stand alone one, and nothing too sappy.

Line What kind of a book are you looking for?
One just like HP, or...?

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AgCl Hmmm...anything goes i guess, i don't really have a specific genre in mind...

Line Hmm... I love 'Let the Right One in' By Lindquist I think his name is.
It's a different kind of vampire book set in Sweden, and it's main focus isn't on the vamp persay...
It's also been made into a movie twice: First the original swedish film, and then a Hollywood version later...

'The Host' by Stephenie Meyer is my favorite book at the moment. Don't let the author scare you away from it. It's really great and thoughtthrough, and raises questions about humanitys selfishness...

I mostly read series, so that are the only two good books I can remember off the top of my head...

sam_i_be My favourite book of all time is Code Name Verity, closely followed by Fairytales for Wilde Girls. It really depends on your reading tastes, but I recommend those books to anyone I can. I ABSOLUTELY ADORE THEM. Code Name Verity technically has a sequelish thing (Rose Under Fire) but it's definitely optional, you don't have to read it to enjoy Code Name Verity. The only thing that really makes it a sequel is that part of Rose's cast first appear in Code Name Verity.

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Ella Well, HP is a book that's on such a high level, there really isn't much like it... And if there is, they're usually not that good. If you want a YA dystopian book, I'd go for the Hunger Games or Divergent (not everyone likes it, but it's one of my faves). There is a series that's called Septimus Heap, and the first book is called Magyk. The Giver is also really good... Oh, and the Mortal Instruments series, the first book was made into a movie already. Also, if you like Margaret P. Haddix, the book Running Out of Time is cool. Those are just a few I remember reading :)

Sophie The Skulduggery Pleasant series is awesome as long as you don't mind a fair amount of violence. It is at least equal to Harry Potter, there is humour and wit throughout the series as well as magic! And the author has created a world and characters full of depth and imagination who only improve with every offering.

William Enders game!

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