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Naomi | 26 comments Today's blog stop is at Musings and Ramblings:
and features both an interview and review:

From the review:

“What I really liked about this book, is that the author didn't just take the book into the realm of fluffy feel good reads and drop it off. There were several spots in the story where the issues brought up were thought provoking and really made you consider how you would react in a particular situation. Yes, there were some over the top, fantastical stunts, but the core of this book was about facing down your demons and finding your own moral compass. I started this book thinking it would be a quick, feel good read and ended up questioning and re-examining my own principles. If faced with these situations, how would I handle them? Basically, it was like heading out for a burger and fries and getting a 7 course steak dinner instead.

“Another really amazing thing to me were the physics explanations for the "magic" that was happening. It was done with enough technicalities to be understood by our geek Greg, but also simple enough that I could almost follow along. For me this was another one of those stop and consider moments. It is obvious that the author really put a lot of thought and planning into making the rules of their world "work". I rarely hand out 5 stars, but this one just really impressed me. I really hope the Ms. Stone continues this work into a series.”

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Naomi | 26 comments 'Wonder Guy' Tour today: Welcome to My World of Dreams: The Author's View: pics inside my writing space Including a short post on writing (and reading) as sources of stability in a world of changes.

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