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A dark forest on the outskirts of London that marks a section of the neutral spot.
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Eleana Jasmine Lackland had strayed away from her clan… again. She knew her dad would probably hit the roof when he found out she'd come this far, but she didn't really care. Sighing, she looked around at the trees the sunlight barely just filtering in through the foliage beneath the dense canopy of trees.

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alessia (classick) "I wonder, what matters has the daughter of my leader here," Valery Sif Era wondered out loud, smiling as she appeared behind Eleana from the shadows of the trees. She cocked her head, like she usually did when asking a question. She walked up to stand at Eleana's side, standing a head taller.

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Eleana spun around. "V-V-Valery?" She asked, unsure of herself. She looked up at the older witch, a faint anger beginning to rise. If Valery told her father… She tensed her jaw, and then looked down, her azure eyes scanning the ground.

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alessia (classick) "Don't worry, Eleana," Valery said, smiling, "I have not informed your father." She turned away, beginning to walk away from the daughter of the Lenida leaders with a shrug. "I will not be returning to their presence for some time," she said, "You will be telling your father that." Valery twirled around gracefully to face Eleana and leaned against the tree behind her, toying with the lower branches. This was where she first met the Nyern leaders' youngest son, Alexander. Her chest tightened at the thought. "There will be a war, Lenida Half-Blood. You best be ready by then." He was right.

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Eleana let out a sigh of relief, but wasn't one to let someone like Valery go so easily with words like those. She nodded and said, "Why? Why are you going? I'll miss you, you know." Valery, to Eleana, had always been a supportive member of the clan, that seemed to be able to read Eleana's emotions like a book.

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alessia (classick) Valery smiled gently and said simply, "I have things to do, like..." She gestured to their right, where a destroyed town stood to a distance. "I need to pause and think," she said. But under her words the true meaning laid, The dreams are back. I need to calm myself. Lately, she wasn't having a lot of sleep since she was too afraid to. Dreams of fire and death were flooding her slumber, Alexander's evil laughs, his smirk, the warning, the deaths...

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"I- I see." Eleana nodded. "Stop and think…" She said, frowning slightly. "Sometimes I ought to do so as well." She sighed. "But I have too little free time." Because of my father, she thought but refrained from saying so. She looked down, thinking. As the day of Cairn's death, the 13th of November neared, he was resurfacing to her mind. She would never forget him… and neither would Jamie. And she knew that.

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alessia (classick) "Come," Valery said, pushing herself off the tree and waved at Eleana to follow her. "Make time for yourself, Eleana, because without yourself, you are nothing and no one can help you," Valery said, she didn't know if she was making sense to the younger witch, but she knew Eleana would grow to understand. Some people might have more money that others, and others might have more property that some, but one thing everyone had that was equal was time. And in the time given to every individual, they had to learn to make themselves and be themselves.

Eleana wasn't making herself a lot and she was being what her father told her to be, not herself, Valery knew that. And she also knew Eleana was missing the Cairn. One of Lenida's best warriors. "It's alright to lose yourself within yourself, let your memories wash you clean." was what Ebony told Valery during these times. But Ebony wasn't here anymore, she was back in the Wales. "Follow me, Eleana," she said. She wanted to help Eleana, and at the same time, maybe she could help herself.

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Eleana looked at Valery. "You're serious?" She asked the older witch, unsure whether Valery was pulling a trick or not. But no- she wasn't the type of witch to do that sort of thing... Right? Elena's blue eyes drifted to the folige behind Balery. A faraway look and unsure gaze of someone who didn't know whether they were slipping or had a firm hold greeted the dark leaves of the background. Eleana didn't know what to say. Would she be a hindrance for Valery? Annoying? She knew all too well what could happen when you were traveling with friends....

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alessia (classick) "I am," Valery said, "Oh, come on, Eleana. What is there to be afraid of?" She smiled a little at the witch before her, she knew Eleana was a bit pessimistic and always suspected the worst, "Nothing will go wrong, I promise." She held out an outstretched hand, a gesture of reassurance and offer.

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Eleana narrowed her eyes, then slowly took Valery's hand. Oh, there is too much for me to say of that could possibly go wrong, she thought as she bit her lip. A few problems already stood in her way: There's father, mother, my older siblings, what I've experienced with Cairn, and Jamie… oh, Jamie…. She looked back up at Valery and gave her what she hoped was a reassuring smiled. "Alright."

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alessia (classick) {I have no idea what I'm doing, I'll warn you ahead.}

Valery smiled and took her hand. She was sure she could discuss this with Eleana's father, and Eleana need not worry. She led Eleana through the forest, navigating herself around expertly. She had made herself accustomed to the woods and she had memorized the directions, besides, her sense of direction was as clear as crystal and as plain as day. She walked towards the city of London.

She knew witches would be arrested if exposed so when they broke through the edge of the forest, she hit straight for a big crowd and snagged two coats from out of the mass. She slipped one to Eleana, "Wear it, make sure you don't look like one." One, she was afraid of saying the word 'witch' here. As much as she hated to admit it, she was afraid of what the humans could do to them.

Even as a witch, she knew where the famous human locations were. She led Eleana as fearlessly as possible towards the heart of the city. Yє Oℓє Aℓє Iηη, here they came.

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Eleana put on the coat, looking at the garment strangely. It was far too big for her- there was no mistaking that, but it would help her blend in... Or so she greatly hoped. She wasn't afraid of the mortals, but she had seen terrible, terrible thngs...

Sticking close to the older witch as they walked, Eleana's eyes grew wider as they swept over the mortals' ways of life. The streets were busy, and there was no greenery... How very peculiar. At last they reached some building which looked like a pub- and smelled strongly of it as well. Spirits mingled with sweat. How very... Charmingly invinting.

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