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message 1: by Angela (new)

Angela (angellicia) | 8 comments Hello there, fellow book lovers!

I am interested in becoming a beta reader, yet have no clue as to where to begin! I could use some advice, suggestions, ideas...whatever will help.

I am a single, disabled mother of two so I am at home all the time. I am a life-long reader and a college graduate so I'm not new or inexperienced in the field of reading or grammar. I have a Nook so I'm accustomed to reading in a digital format. I believe all of these qualities would be very beneficial to being a beta reader!

I've looked through the posts in the group looking for BR's but I worry about offering myself for the position without knowing exactly what would be expected from me. So, please help me get to where I can help you!

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from folks!


message 2: by Hayley (new)

Hayley Lawson | 5 comments Hi Angela,

Im looking for someone to read my novel, its 60,000 words. A youth adult novel.

I would like you to read it and let me know what you think, what you like, what you don't like and be honest.

Bit about the book (:

When fourteen-year-old Jada wakes up in a hospital, the last thing she thinks is that her life has completely changed forever. But when the very real civil war forces her to flee from every open space, she must use the firearm skills her father taught her to reunite with him and protect herself.

Armed with a single gun and a key to an unknown locker, Jada crosses Syria on a journey with a group of children called the Fearless Freedom Fighters. With the leader, Zak, they mount a plan to rescue their fathers while they try to cope with the merciless murders of their families. As Jada and Zak lead the group together, love blossoms, but with soldiers hot on their tail, they need to stay vigilant in the face of war.

JADA’S BLOOD deals with the very real crisis of the ongoing Syrian Civil War through the eyes of young children as they try to stay strong despite the overwhelming presence of death. The novel provides a number of perspectives from young characters as they deal with the deaths of their families, the destruction of their villages and their ongoing need to survive.

thank you

message 3: by Emily (new)

Emily | 80 comments Yeah beta reading is basically you read the book and be honest with the author on what you think works and what doesn't work. You don't have to offer your editing advice like if there are typos or grammar errors but you can if you want to. But it is really very simple if you like to read and pick apart books then you will be an excellent beta reader.

message 4: by Harry (new)

Harry Nelson | 26 comments Hi Angela,
I've never been a Beta Reader until last week. I offered to read one chapter of someone elses book if they would read one of mine. The favor wasn't returned but that didn't matter. I read the chapter and gave my honest thoughts. (the book was pretty good). I just asked the author to email a copy of his chapter and then I read it.

message 5: by Marcy (new)

Marcy (marshein) Angela--I think most people want, first of all, a pair of eyes to read their work and give them an honest reaction. Did you like it? Did it grab you? Did you think it was funny/sad/scary? Is there anything you would change? If you catch any mistakes--like me calling MacDonald's "Mickey D" in a story way before anyone said that--you tell the writer. It's not that hard, and I find it rewarding. I haven't done it on GR yet because I'm overwhelmed right now, but I plan to.

Sometimes people also want some real editing suggestions. Personally, that isn't what I want in a new work, which is why I'm guessing not that many people here are looking for that.

message 6: by Serena (new)

Serena (serena_poetree) Hi Angela,

I just started beta reading a few months ago, and found this article particularly helpful:

As a beta reader, you basically write a very detailed review without worrying about spoilers, because rather than readers, your target audience is the author. Many authors appreciate it when you point out any grammatical/spelling errors that you notice, but you are not generally expected to do so. Hope this helps!

Serena (poetree)

♥Booklish Reviews♥ (booklish) | 15 comments Hayley wrote: "Hi Angela,

Im looking for someone to read my novel, its 60,000 words. A youth adult novel.

I would like you to read it and let me know what you think, what you like, what you don't like and be ho..."

I am interested in this! Let me know if I can help!

message 8: by MaryAnn (new)

MaryAnn Clarke (maclarkescott) | 7 comments Hi Angela
Just yesterday Jami Gold wrote a great post about beta readers. Google her to read it. If you are interested I have a couple of romantic women's fiction/ new adult manuscripts I could send.

message 9: by Janet (new)

Janet Piper | 24 comments Hi Angela,

I really just want someone to tell me if my book is hard to understand. It is based in France during the Renaissance. There are 2 books in the series. The first is done - 75,000 words, I'm just finishing the edit on the second, 80,000 words. I can email them to your nook if you would like to read them. THanks.


message 10: by Trisha (new)

Trisha | 38 comments Hi Angela,
Are you still interested in being a beta reader. If you are, I'd love to send you a synopsis of my novel. You can decide if it's something you'd be interested in reading. I look forward to hearing back from you.

message 11: by Josephine (new)

Josephine O'Brien | 33 comments Shared Skies (Book One) by Josephine O'Brien

Hi there Angela, you may be fed up reads by now, but I am looking for reader/ reviewer for Shared Skies. A parallel world YA fantasy. If this interests you, I would love to send it on to you.

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