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Here is the template. I trust you all know how to bold and underline, and italicise. Please follow the basics of the template.
Hybrids are half witch half human. There are a limited number.

||✦|| Name ||✦||
[Full name]

{First Name}
{Middle Name}
{Last Name}

||✦|| Basic Details ||✦||
[Relationship Status]

Birth Details
{Date of Birth}
{Time of Birth}
{Place of Birth}

RANK✦ ...
Species✦ (Witch, obviously)

||✦|| Physical Appearance ||✦||
[Face Claim:]

[Appearance](Real people please!)
<.img src="..."/.>


{Hair Colour}
{Skin tone}
{General Dressing style}

||✦|| Personality Traits ||✦||




✦[Personality] At LEAST five sentences.

||✦|| HIstoric Overview ||✦||

[Early Life]
[Adolescence](Only if needed)
[Adulthood](Only if needed)

AT LEAST 10 long sentences in total for history!

{Siblings (If any)}




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alessia (classick) {Valery Sif Era - completed - is also a hybrid, but she's taken her side with the Lenida. https://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/... }

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still approved!

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awkward potato This template is brought to you by→ܫ←αωкωαr∂ ρστατσ {gryƒƒiท∂σr нσυsє}. (view spoiler)

[Part One]

(╥~First Name~╥) Caindale
《Of English origin and means "from the clear river valley"》
(╥~Middle Name~╥) Raedclyf
《Of English origin and means "from the red cliff"》
(╥~Last Name~╥) Allsop
《Of English origin and means "Ælli's valley".》
(╥~Nick Name~╥)
《He goes by Dale, the end of his Christian name because it was something his father started.... And here we are.》

[¤*“That which does not kill us makes us stronger.”
― Friedrich Nietzsche*¤]

∮Basic Details∮
(╥~Gender~╥) Male
Derived from xy chromosome
(╥~Age~╥) 23 years
Location of Birth:》 Outskirts of London
Date of Birth:》 December 11th
Time of Birth:》 Around 9:00 a.m., but one cannot be certain
(╥~Astrological Affinity~╥)
《♐Here we have the philosopher among the zodiac signs and meanings. Like the Scorpio, they have great ability for focus, and can be very intense. However, they must channel their energy or they will waste time and wear themselves out going in too many directions at once. They are not very patient and expect quick results. However, when encountered with failure they make extreme comeback's often against incredible odds. They make loyal friends and lovers, but they do not handle commitment well as they refuse to be tied down while chasing philosophical pursuits.
(╥~Species~╥) Hybrid
Allegiance: 》 None
Rank:》 He is just a citizen-almost like a mortal... y'know, with immunity to the disease and the ability to create small amounts of magic...

[¤*“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.”
― Albert Einstein*¤]

∮Physical Apparition∮
(╥~Face Claim~╥) Danny Schwarz
(╥~Optical Assistance~╥)

(view spoiler)
(╥~Anatomy Details~╥)
Hair Details: Dale has a head of thick dark brown waves that fall into his eyes if he doesn't use a simple spell to keep it up.
Eye Details: Dale's eyes are a soft green that hold a touch of sadness on them, masked by their bright curiosity. His eyes are framed by dark eyelashes and many have said his eyes tell his secrets.
Body Details: Dale is not by any means "small" or "thin". He has chiseled muscles, and has height-he stands at 6 feet and 1 inch. Dale weighs roughly 167 pounds of pure muscle-his hard work of heavy lifting keeping him in shape.
Markings, Scars: Has a small scar on the inside of his wrist resembling an oddly shaped star.
Clothing Details: Being a common citizen, Dale dresses in very simple clothing that is often much too cold consisting of a loose white shirt, dark, loose pant, and worn leather shoes.

[¤*“All I ever wanted was to reach out and touch another human being not just with my hands but with my heart.”
― Tahereh Mafi*¤]

Dale knows no boundaries when he has found something hopelessly intriguing. He has a desire to know and understand the world around him, which his perhaps the reason why he needs to know about his powers. Dale is not found of mysteries as the tend to make him mad and frustrated to know the answer. Dale asks a lot of question, so don't be surprised if even asks you why your favorite color is so.
Dale has never known his family, and has never had any close relationships with anyone. He is often trapped within the walls of his mind, with no-one talk to, and no-one to love. Dale wants friendship, but is rather awkward around others-he is quiet and kept, unless he wants to know something.
Dale is strong physically, but not mentally. He works hard for the body he has, but his mind is chipped and cracked-not totally sane. Dale can swiftly lift heavy loads, and isn't bad athletically wise, but he lacks a proper mindset, meaning he has tendencies to black out and can fall in and out o depression.
Despite his mental stability (or lack thereof), Dale is very attuned and watchful of his environment. Dale can sense the mood around him, and can also detect small, barely perceptible movements and interactions. He can easily tell if any part of his environment has changed, and can also notice slight differences in those around him. Dale can also see a lie written plainly on people's faces.

(╥~Derives Pleasure From~╥)
The fact that he is immune to the plague
How he can create magic-though it is horribly dangerous

(╥~Bears Malice Toward~╥)
People who question his stability, and himself in general
The stupid plague that drifts around, even though he cannot get it
The answers he can't uncover

Agateophobia-the fear of going insane

[¤*“There's a fine line between genius and insanity. I have erased this line.”
― Oscar Levant*¤]

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[Part Two]

(╥~Pre-teen/Teen years~╥)

Gif Here
[¤* Corresponding quote here*¤]

Father∫Full Name∫Age
Mother∫Full Name∫Age
Brother/Sister∫Full Name∫Age
∫Full Name∫Age
∫Full Name∫Age

Gif Here
[¤* Corresponding quote here*¤]

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