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message 1: by Katie (new)

Katie Leone (katie-leone) Title: Unreachable


Number of copies available (Edit this as you give out copies): 30

Formats available: Eppub Mobi Doc RTF

Word count or pages: 186,000

Blurb: They say no student is beyond reach - he's out to prove them wrong.
Janice Rosenthal is entering her eighth year of teaching, but it might be her last. Never before has she had a student as unruly and insubordinate as this one. Andrew Bryant is the terror of seventh grade, a student known for driving teachers to the edge of retirement, and he is in her class.

How can Janice--and the rest of her students--make it through the school year with such a disruptive force in the classroom? Her only hope is to try to break through the orphan's defenses, to pierce a wall that no other teacher has ever scratched.

When she discovers Andrew's secret, two lives will be changed forever.

This is a Transgender coming of age story

**any content warnings: Some strong language in a few places early on


message 2: by Kaje (new)

Kaje Harper | 16732 comments Sounds great - and nice and long for a YA book, giving you time to dig into a complex topic. I wish I had time to read/review but I don't right now. I hope you get other takers though.

message 3: by Josée (new)

Josée (josee-ireadalot) | 45 comments I'd love to read it Katie, and I'll give you an honest review. The subject is interesting. Let me know!

message 4: by Tara (new)

Tara Spears | 85 comments Katie sent you a msg.

message 5: by E. (new)

E. Summers (esummers) | 57 comments Hi, Katie.

I'm reading Children of the Knight at the moment, but I'd love to read this and review when I'm done. Just wanted to let you know that I'm very interested, but I need to finish and review the other book first.


message 6: by Lori (new)

Lori (lorix) | 59 comments I'd be very interested in reading and reviewing if there are still copies available, it sounds like a fascinating book.

message 7: by Teresa (new)

Teresa | 171 comments I would love to read and review this for you.


message 8: by Katie (new)

Katie Leone (katie-leone) Teresa wrote: "I would love to read and review this for you.


Great, give me the contact info and what format you would like it.

message 9: by Tiffany (new)

Tiffany | 3 comments I would love to review this book for you, as a future educator your book spikes my interest

message 10: by Katie (new)

Katie Leone (katie-leone) send me contact info

message 11: by Peter (new)

Peter Finucane-Terlop (Yifferboi) | 2 comments I'd love to read and review this book. I have a blog I can post a review on, as well.

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