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The City is an city that lies about thirty minutes from the college. The only way to enter the city is via the train station that was specially made to escort students and staff members back and forward.

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Elvira Nightstone drove the dodge viper into the city. She had the radio up on high, playing Dreams by Rouge. Her long black hair was flowing backward as the wind came in from the window, which she had all the way down. She wore some shades to keep the orange sunset light out of her eyes. She was humming to the song as she keep her eyes on the lookout for a special person in particular.

She drove the car. Her thoughts wandering back to what any demon could want with a small college like the College of Magic. (Small to Elvira because she was use to other places) She found the the area where she was looking for.

Elvira came to a stop near an small dark tunnel on the outskirts of Boone. She pulled to a stop in front of the entry. "Now to look for the criminal in question" She unbelt herself and she pushed her shades on top of her head. She next proceeded to get out of the car, closing the door behind her.

(Hope you don't mind me adding a few places to the city)

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Elvira walked toward the tunnel entry. The first thing she noticed about the place was the unpleasant odor. "Ugh, why do all criminals travel to the most foulest place ever to do their dealing." She started to descend down into the tunnel "He better be in here or I'm the one who's going to go on a killing spree from this stench" The tunnel was dark and rocky-lick. The light from outside shined inside.
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Elvira retrieved an small laser light from her side pocket as the darkness wrapped around and cover her body. After so long, Elvira begin to come up upon a large metal door. She rolled her eyes in a silent annoyance that she would have to do this the hard way. Why do they have to test me? He knows how I am"

Approaching she door, she knocked on the door twice. After a second, an small window toward the middle of the door or at the waist of Elvira opened up. Two large, inhuman eyes peered out.

"Oo lala, who do we have here?" A rasp, cracking voice asked with a small hide of interest in his voice. Elvira rolled her eyes again. Bending down, she quickly reached in and grabbed the neck of the creature before he even got a chance to move.

"Listen here you fifly piece of a creep. I want in or I will politly squeeze the living hell out of you"She wasn't in the mood to play a nice girl at the moment due to needing to locate the person she sought. Elvira voice was very sweet but the words weren't as the creature eyes widen with fear. He knew she was serious because she was already squeezing his neck, even before she started to speak. He made some hand movements and the door clicked. Elvira let the creature go and she opened the door and walked inside.

She did not fear anything for she was use to this kind of activity-as she had formal given it up for a while. Stepping in, she came into another larger room.

The room opened up into a bar area. Many different creatures and beings were drinking, laughing, talking, playing pool, arguing, or fight among themselves. Three was a large bar area across from where Elvira stood at the door and several pool table off the her right. On the left were gambling tables or fighting arenas. The room was pretty noisy until, Elvira stepped inside. Everyone had turned to face her.

Elvira was use to the attention. She already had her potions and hidden weapons ready if anyone of them tried anything on her. She steps down the few steps that landed her right down to the platform of the secret bar. In a loud, clear voice she announced. "I'm looking for Dewey Cobbler"

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Dewey Cobbler was an Strix man who could care less about who was looking for him, especially Elvira Nightstones. He knew what she wanted, and he really didn't feel like dealing with the shrew woman. He stood at the base of one of the fight arena watching two trolls punch each other, the fight had not stopped when the witch walked in. He had a cup of ale in one hand and his hawl-like eyes set on the fight.

Elvira frowned when no one said anything. She stops after walking a few steps into the place to look around. It was then where she spotted the person whom she sought. She turned and headed in his direction. Judging by that damn blank look on his face-the ass saw me. She hated dealing with the strong silent types like Dewey Cobble because men like him always got her blood to boiling. The room slowly returned to normal, some keeping their eyes on her and others not caring.

Once Elvira approached him, Dewey took a drink from his cup. He shifted his eyes to Elvira than back to the arena to show that he acknowledge her presence.

"I need information, and you're the man that has what I wish to know" Elvira asked him directly deciding that at a time like this the direct approach was necessary despite the many ears and eyes that watched her.

"And I need flesh in my mouth" Dewey remark dryly. He took another drink. His eyes twinkle a little when he saw the troll he was betting on had just punched the other-a hard blow. Elvira frowned at his comment. "Draven Stanwood, what do you know about him?"

Dewey glanced at her quickly before another blow was thrown by the opponent. "I know that he is a classic man with bloody eyes and a fat wallet"

Elvira took a step closer to him, and set her eyes on the fight. "How much are you betting on this round?" She knew just how to get his attention. Men like Dewey was always more interested in whatever they set their eyes on, and right now it was this fight or whatever the prize was.

"Why?" Dewey asked in a dry voice. Elvira ignores the question and walked toward the ring. Stepping into the ring, despite the many yells and shouts, Elvira walked over and took both trolls by their horns and pushed them backward, causing them to crash into the side of the arena. Turning to Dewey, she says in a loud voice. "I'll take on anyone for whatever the gamble is" Dewey didn't say a word nor did he move.

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A huge troll creature steps into the ring to replaced the other smaller two Elvira had pushed into the sides of the rings. The troll was large and tall. He had a foul smell that made trash smelled better. He roared with the call of his next fight after he stepped into the ring.

Frowning, Elvira already was considering how she would bring down the creature without getting herself hurt. Walking to the side of the creature, she kept her eyes on the troll for any quick movement. The troll roared at her seeing her moved. Elvira stops. "So you don't like to slow dance. Alright I'm flexible enough to wild dance.Come on big guy" Elvira motioned the troll to come at her. As the huge creature charges toward her with the intend to crush her with it's huge hands, Elvira took a big breathe than quickly moved to the side causing the troll to ram into the cage. However this did not stop the troll, for he swings his large arm at Elvira from the side, causing her to go flying into the cage wall behind the troll.

The crowd erupts in fits and screams of cheering. Dewey watches on with silent. Finishing drinking his drink, he places the cup of the head of some goblin that happen to be walking by. Then he returns his eyes back to the ring. Again she will get herself killled like this. What do she wants to know about Draven Stanwood and for whom is she getting this information for?

I did not see that one coming. "That's no way to treat a lady, jerk" Elvira pushes herself up from the wall. She could feel the blow from being hit, but she ignores it. Determination shined in her eyes. She ran toward the troll. As the troll ready to crush her between it's hands, Elvira jumps up and high kicks the troll in the face, causing him to fly backward. She than took out a small bottle that held a white liquid inside. The crowd begins to chant 'fight' Dewey narrowed his eyes to see the color of the liquid. The troll begins to get up, but Elvira walks around to it's side. Swinging her leg around his neck, she hits him again to make him fall back down. Yanking his mouth open, Elvira poured the potion down it's mouth. "That's payback from hitting a lady jerk" Her voice was ice as she stood up from him. Turning around and walking away, she did not look back as the troll struggled to stand up only to collapse later. s he fell on the ground, bubbles came from his mouth as the potion started to eat away at his tongue.

"Give me my prize. The gamble is at a end" Elvira looks at the small rat-like ring manager. The crowd was still howling shouts of complains or cheers. The small man was looking at the fallen troll not believing that a woman took him down. In a ratty shakey voice, the ring man spoke. "I'm ~Sorry but we don't seem to have the required ~prize you speak of" Frowning,Elvira grabs the man by his shirt pulling him to her. "What?!" She glares into the man's eyes as if she was capable of burning him from the inside out.

"Give it to her unless you want to end up like your friend."Dewey walked around the ring over to where Elvira was. Approaching them he stop, he turned his head to the ring seeing several men had entered to remove the fallen troll. "She isn't one to take kindly to lies. I suggest you hand it over or else you would be eaten from the inside out"

The man shakes under Elvira's grip. Reaching into his pocket he pulls out a small rock in the shape of a triangle that was red as a Rudy. Elvira looked at the item as he handed to her. "What is this?" She reached for it, but the rock was taken away by Dewey. Dropping the man, she looks at Dewey with the obvious question written all over her face.

"Ask no questions you don't want a answer to. As for this well it's exchange for the information on your guy. Come along, you're taken me with you." Dewey turns and walks away. Rolling her eyes, Elvira jumps down from the ring falling into steps behind Dewey.

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They walked out of the underground hangout and back up to the entry where Elvira had parked. "Tell me what you know about Draven Stanwood" She walked passed Dewey and over to the driver's seat of the car.

"Draven Stanwood is a man who holds great influence over the a few dark lords. That's why he is has what he has. Personally, I don't get involved with someone like him. He a bit over my powers and statue. " Dewey places a hand on the car hood. "Who are you getting this information for?"

"A good friend. What's his weakness-his motivation? " Elvira opens the door keeping her eyes on Dewey. She wondered why a person with so much power wanted to come here of all places.

"Some say he doesn't have any weakness, but I say his lack of control in his demon form is his weakness. I also say he has a weakness mentally, but I never been close enough to him to ready know."Removing his hand, he took a step back. "As for his motive, it's simple. He wants destruction and power"

"What -changed your mind about coming? "She raised a eyebrow with a smile on her face as she gets into the car. "Thanks, I guess that's it" She started her car and pulled out. "Just in case you run by anything else" She held up the rock which she had pitpocket off him a few minutes before she got into her car "Let me know what come across if you get my meaning"Winking at Dewey started face, she took off.

Dewey frowned and sighed after Elvira left. "That shrewd woman just loves to keep mey hands filled. How did I ever crossed path with her"He groaned at the extra work he had coming his way as he watch the vehicle speeding away.

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An dark purple void of negative energy rips through the space near the city of Boone. An black boot steps out from the hole, and later an complete body in the shape of an male appears out from the hole. Nathanial Melanchthon, an dark wizard who barely knew how to control his unstable sorcerer abilities, stands on the soft green grass, which belonged to the outskirt of Boone. Looking around, he cusses. This isn't the place. I'm suppose to be at the college by now. Axel I'll going to cut off your eyes the next time I see you." He started to walk toward the city as his mind thought back to that day in which Axel, his soon-to-be-provider of bodyguard had offered him a deal.

Axel was speaking to him over a pot of special chanted water. He was holding up his index finger and grinning with that con smile of his. Nathanial always hated the purple hair of the orgo but then again, that was how the creature was born and Nath had not wished to anger the guy by insulting him-at the risk of getting nothing. Axel words when as this:

"You're get your guard, so long as you pass my test and help me recruit more guards since you killed the last hundred I had. I have this friend, by the name of Elvira, and she is an instructor over at the College of Magic. You will go there and recruit members for me, while gaining control of yourself. You see this will be like anger management. Gather me about a hundred people and behave yourself than I'll negotiate with you again. Understand?"

Nathaniel could have strangled Axel right through the pot. Nevertheless, he agreed to play along for the time being. By now he had may his way into Boone. He headed to the train station, the one that would take him to the College.

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(Wow my first post in a loooooong while, and this one may come off as dark and confusion. O well, I feel like being dark and Demo and Garrett interaction is the perfect place for this disorganized thoughts)

You're trying to save me. You call me crazy. It's not fair.

You're friends with a monster, Kareena,Lilith.

Being thrown from the shadow that was once his, Garrett sat on the cold ground behind some garage can near an restaurant in Boone. He was looking straight ahead as if he himself had placed outside in the trash. "Demo final stopped" He chuckles. Thoughts of haunting memories flashes before his mind's eyes.

Images of ghostly faces of innocent people, people whom names he can recall as easy as remembering his own name. Is this guilt I feel? "I wish it was because right now I feel almost happy to remember those days. An unasked grin slowly forms of Garrett's face. Reaching behind his back, he pulled out the blade. Demo's hand knife. "So this is mine too. I am Demo" Turning the metal piece over, he notices the finer details of the knife. Looking closer, the blade had three faded dots along the center line of the blade. "The things my hands have done with this knife. I enjoyed them...I must be sick" With a quick flip of the waist, Garrett had the knife pointed downward. Holding out his hand, he quickly slides the blade across his waist. Wincing at the rush of pain, Garrett frowns. In a matter of minutes, his freshly cut wasn't there. "This thing can never cut me, so why do I always feel the pain as if I had been cut?"

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Lilith began to feel unsure what she wanted to do with the guy. She had him stop for a moment. She used her luring eyes and voice to get him to follow her again. She began to walk out from the alley and walk down the street. She lured him close to her and kept him under her control. She also wanted to run into Garrett again but she felt as if she wouldnt be able to find it or it was just a lost cause. She turned her back to the guy for a moment and brought up one of her dark shadows. It was all smokey a black like her little mini shadow demon. This one was much larger. He was seven foot tall and three inches. It was very beefy. It almost looked like a smoke like version of the hulk. The shadow demon followed behind the guy. Lilith would turn around glancing at the guy every few seconds blowing him a kiss here and there along with feeling her sides and breasts to taunt him. She wanted to keep the guy aroused for what ever desire she had for later.
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After a few minutes, Garrett shakey pulls himself up, using the wall as support. Moving his hand, which held the blade to behind him, he paused as an realization hits him. Bring the blade to eye level, he frowns. Slapping the wall, an black hole the size of an car tire opens. "Get out of my life" He mutters before throwing the knife into the darkness. Removing his hand, he stumbled forward, as if he was in a drunken stat. After a few steps, he straightens himself and focuses his mind to walk slightly normal again. Making his way to the end of the alley, the street lights hits him in the face, causing him to cover his eyes. After a moment, he turns his head finding himself looking into the pretty face of Lilith. Swallowing slightly hard, he looks forward. A nervous feeling crawling over his body at the sight of club style Lilith. "Hi" Shifting his eyes back to her, he frowns with seeing the guy behind her, pulling two pieces together. "Sorry for walking out like that. I hope you have fun tonight, Lilith"

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Lilith turned back to look at the guy to do what she has been then turned back around. When she turned back around, she was surprised to who she saw. She did not think she would see him or even come across him again unless she was at the school. "Garrett!" She gasped in a whisper. She looked back at the guy standing there staring looking like a lifeless zombie and the huge shadow demon hovering over the guy. She looked back forward to Garrett. She was speechless. She wasnt sure what to say. Garrett came in and out from the other being within him. She wasnt sure what she liked more. The sweetness of Garrett, or the demonic, feisty being that clearly wanted her dead. She also had a mind like those two personalities, but she was one person. Not two in one. He obviously fought this thing that wanted to be in control. She wanted to speak out and ask him to stay, but she also felt that she shouldnt. For one, he seemed to be in love with another girl and two, the possible danger she could be in that attracted her so. All she could do was stand in silence. When she finally managed to speak, her voice was soft. "What are you doing in the alley?" She asked curiously, trying to ignore the presence of the guy behind her.

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"I was.." Garrett, being quick to answer, paused. He couldn't tell her that he was thrashed from the Shadow World by whatever force deemed him unworthy of being there. Shifting his gaze to the side, he tried for a better excuse. "I was hanging out behind there. You know out of boredom." Returning his gaze to her, the left corner of his lip twisted up into a smile. Great. Now she thinks you are a creep or stalkish figure. Nice choice of words Garrett. His alter who snapped back, an proud smirk lining his face. "I didn't know you liked clubbing so much?" Garrett had had no memory of the events following her clubbing night, due to Demo influence over the not. "I don't want to keep you and friend..." He frowns slightly. "I better go" Taking a second look, he notices the shadow behind the guy. "How do you-" He whispered as he wonders how she was able to control a shadow so easily. "Nevermind, I guess I'll see you around?" He started to walk around her.

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Lilith listened to him. She heard his voice shift from high to low. She looked at him curiously as one brow narrowed low and the other followed half way. "I like to get out once in a while but usually alone. I was only there because of a friend whom i lost in the crowd. You like hanging around stinky trash cans? You hiding form some one unwanted? Or is that someone me? I can leave?" Her voice was stern and low. She looked back behind her as Garrett looked past her to the shadow demon, then she looked back to him. "How do i what?" she asked.

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(Sorry, I got off, but I'm back now)

"I wasn't hidden from you" Garrett spoke quickly in some small attempt to correct her judgment. "I wouldn't hide from you, even if you told me too" However, Garrett lips turned upward into a smile. Demo laughs. "To bad I would. Actually hiding in her shadow would be perfect to take her down. That stupid imitation of an shadow has been bothering me since I laid eyes on it. Garrett shifted his eyes from Lilith, a wariness entering his eyes. "Sorry about that. It's wasn't nothing. I can ask you later. Besides, I don't think I'm..feeling well. " In this instant, Garrett eyes flashed black for a second. Walking pass Lilith, Garrett unwillingly stops by her shadow. Looking at the shadow creature, Garrett eyes flashes black. Around the corners of eyes, small black cracks appeared. "What a pitiful thing?" The deep set voice of Demo spoke, causing Garrett eyes to widen in shock. Quickly turning to Lilith, an apologetic look crossed his face. "Sorry, I didn't mean it the way that sounded."

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Lilith looked at him with a glare. She began to become tense and slightly insecure about herself. She also began to feel less of herself for letting herself become more attracted to some one that either wanted nothing to do with, or the heart was already taken. She disliked the snarky comment that the other being made. "Quite frankly, your opinion on my abilities do not matter to me. Thinking less of another doesn't make you better. If anything all it does is make you look lesser yourself. Besides, you have no knowledge of what I'm capable of doing and I am quite positive you will never know nor take the time to find out. Plus, I know the comment wasn't yours Garrett. I'm positive it was the sad thing that likes to control you. Which I find sad. If he is so strong and powerful, why must he mooch off a body? His snarky comment shows that he isn't powerful enough to create his own so he feeds off another. And it appears he obviously wants to destroy the being inside but is it aware he can not do so without destroying himself? Does it know he is slowly becoming apart of you as you are him? If he wanted full control, he should have done it since the beginning. He is too much apart of you now to detach itself. The number one rule in controlling shadows or being one, do NOT stay in another's body for too long, you become apart of them yourself." She gave a smiling glare. It was demonic and devilish. She knee the laws of shadows and how to work them. Her mini Shadow demon has developed his own little personality itself from her controlling it so much. If it desired, it controlled enough beings to developed the ability to create its own imp body but chooses not to. That's how it worked. Gai. the strength and power slowly from many other to gain the ability to create your own body. You do. it feed off of one single body. You become apart of them. It is possible to destroy the extra being that is feeding off the body, but it also destroys a little of the person too. But the being can not destroy its living sorce of power. He will kill himself too. Lilith let go of her shadow demon with a small gesture of her head. She also order the guy to disappear from her sight before turning around and begun to walk away.

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Demo looked at Lilith out the corner of his host body. An satisfaction spreading over him, in some attempt to gain an fight out of her. His wish had been granted a few seconds later with her words of anger. However, his smirk never remained as Lilith progressed about his inability to materialize into his formal self, gaining control over Garrett, and revealing part of his intentions to his host. He couldn't believe she had a very good understanding of his mind nor did he like it. He saw Garrett moved ahead to catch up with Lilth. He needed a way out-a way to question her motives without Garrett awareness.

Lilith, wait" Garrett ran in front of Lilith holding his hands out in front of her. "Do go, please" Cutting off her path, Garrett was a bit quick to speak. "Demo isn't like that. He's my friend, my only true friend. He wanted to help and protect me from bad things. And he even gave me powers to kill those who gutted me, and people I care about" At the late statement, an distant memory reminded him everyone he cared for had either betrayed him or turned their back on him. Blinking the memory away, he went on. "Demo, I'm allowing him to use my body so I can keep his powers. That's all. How did you know about him?" The answer came to his mind quickly. "He meet you. " Garrett next dropped his gaze to the ground. "If I destroy him..I lose everything. I can't deal with that." Easing his gaze, an distant stare rested in his eyes. "I could ceases to be or may to stop that, I should take everyone with me..." Garrett chuckled darkly before his gaze switched back to an causal one. "I'm sorry he offended you. I can't control him when he has something to say. But well, I don't want to lose this small friendship..." He trails off.

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She stopped when her named was called out for. she went to turn to look to Garrett when he jumped in front of her instead. She was slightly surprised but that quickly went away. Lilith looked at him with a little bit of disappointment that he really thought that the shadow in him was his friend. "You must not have done your research on shadow demons and shadow magic. Dont think im rude for saying this but you are a bit naive thinking he is your friend. Shadow demons do not be-friend the body or bodies they are taking over. They only desire power and a body of their own." She paused for a slight second knowing the other being was there. So his name is Demo huh? Well Im learning more and more about you and the other part that is within you. "A smart shadow demon would have used many beings, not just one for the fact of being forever stuck with a second soul. He is more than able to die, but his host can not without killing itself. A smart shadow would have known that. And he wants to call my demon pitty." She giggled in a scoffing way at the comment he made of her shadow demon. "I can see you dont want to lose a friend but i can assure you he means no friendship with his host. This ability he has granted you was not a gift. More like being used. Dont think less of yourself. I assure you that you are not. If anything, you are more and the other within you knows it and hates it because without you, he is nothing but a memory." She smirked evilly knowing Demo would be listening. "Yes ive met him, i can hear the difference in the tones of your voice. He also thinks little of me for he has no knowledge of what i know and can possibly do. He thinks threatening and talking little of me really affects me but it doesnt. I have more important things to worry about than the little shadow within you. I can see you dont want to get rid of your abilities, but there is a way to be rid of the shadow within you but still be able to keep those abilities you came to enjoy. All you need to do, is do your research." She winked at Garrett. Lilith knew her words of truth would drive Demo mad but to her, she kind of liked the idea. She still was unsure which she was attracted to more but she did feel that Garrett deserved the right to know that he doesnt have to put up with Demo's devilish nonsense any longer. She can see that Garrett is sweet and didnt enjoy what Demo liked. Or at least thats what she got from Garrett.

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Garrett processes what Lilith told him. Demo, on the other hand, was steady growing annoyed with the shadow user. I can't believe you are really listening to her. Demo tells Garrett, his voice sounding rather bored. Do be careful, Garrett. She could be fooling you just like the others. What the shadow being did know was that he didn't need some girl to damage the relationship he held with Garrett. For him, it was rather important to maintain his bond with the host. Demo had no agenda to allow this feisty woman to destroy all his work before he had a chance to find her. "Not a gift" Garrett, ignoring Demo for the moment, ponder in confusion. He was very sure about his powers being one of the best things that happened to him. She thinks she knows everything. How annoying. Demo glares in response to Lilith`s comment about him not understanding Garrett potential. As the girl begin to speak more, Demo grew more agitated, while Garrett listens intently. With her last remark, Demo had had enough of the girl`s `helpfulness`. Forcing himself, he retook control of Garrett, causing Garrett to grap both sides of his head as a sharp pain coursed through his head. Eyes black an the color, and an darker complexion, complete with an glaring face, Demo stares back at Lilith. "You have no idea how I hate you. You're tempering with a force you don't want to, girl. Stop telling the boy your useless knowledge. " With that, Demo opened a dark hole and out Pop the blade. A smile lines his face. "He really thinks he can get rid of me by throwing this thing away" He chuckled darkly. "It's really too bad. His soul is mine, did you know? The things you do to an small infant whom loss everything from say one" Turning the blade, he examined it before returning his gaze to her. "You really should fear me...why don't you? Everyone does?" A question the darker being couldn't understand fully about Lilith.

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Lilith just smiled devilishly at Demo. She listened to what he had to say knowing he was going to make his remark. "Others fear you because they do not understand how the shadows work. And you know very well no matter what you do, you can not be rid of your host without destroying yourself. But i know you realize he will eventually discover he can be rid of you and still maintain everything you have show him or the way you like to put it, gave to him. I do know very well you despise me and would desire to kill me but you do also know i can easily stop you from even getting close. I know you are aware of this. You have had first hand of it at the club. I wasnt even aiming for you either. You arent in my interest." Lilith knew denying Demo would bother him. He showed he was attention hungry. Especially if it was others fearing him. But she knew he had a sense she was becoming attracted to him and she had to throw him off. She knew hearing that she was not interested and preffered another, it would bother him and throw him off. At least, she hoped.

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An flicker of anger flashed across his face with her suppose dislike of him. "Really?" Lowering the blade to his side, he gives Lilith an look of disbelief. "You're not attractive to me. I'm not sorry for disagreeing with you. Because" His blacken eyes trailed over her, taking in her appearance once again.The corner of the left side of his mouth twisting up into a smirk. "I couldn't tell with the way you seduced me in that club. And you did aim for me. I'm very sure. " The smirk disappeared as Demo approached Lilith, stopping just inches for her. "Stop interfering with Garrett world. He is content to have me take care of him. Even if it's an illusion." He glares once again at Lilith. "You have no idea what we are nor do I intend for you to find out. "

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Lilith did very well in hiding her attraction for them both. Especially when he decided to get close. "Nope. I was not aiming for you. I was actually quite surprised to even see you there and the club. I thought you didnt know how to go out and have fun. I have no intentions in being around you nor being involved with you. And as far as i can see, you are the one following me and interfering in my world." Lilith smirk then turned around to start walking away. She then stopped after taking a few steps and looked over her shoulder. "Oh, and you have no idea what i am and nor do i intend for you to even care of finding out. You quite frankly are Not worth my time nor am i worth yours. Have a nice day." She turned back around and continued to walk. Her heart pounded fast within her chest but she kept a strong exterior.

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(Can he dropped her into his world?)

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His eyes twitched with the raising anger building with him. He couldn't believe his own ears. "You can't turn your back on me, Lilith" Garrett shadow shots forward, wrapping around Lilith shadow. Images of Diana, the light woman he felt in love with, flashes before his mind. Her words of no echoing in his mind like distant sounds. "I really hate being told no" His shadow, a hand, wrapped itself around Lilith arm. Demo approached her, stopping just behind her. He brushes the old memories away. "Garrett was special. That's why I choose him because of his special aspect. I still stand by my words that you would have made a very good vessel. It's really too bad that I can't jump into you. I would have seduced you first, than took control of your will"

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Lilith was walking away with thoughts in her mind that he would not care and leave her be. But stopped surprised that he was persistent in keeping her there and continuing the conversation. When she felt a her being stopped all of a sudden, she turned to look at him slightly aggravated. Her brows scrunched down in a scowl. "Blah blah blah...Vessel vessel vessel. Im starting to question you. You talk of no interest but you constantly holding onto me and keeping me here is making me believe you are attracted to me." She gave a curious look. One brow raised in curiosity while the other stayed in a scowl. "You are acting as if you want me."

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"And if I do?" The darker boy stated in an emotionless tongue. "You couldn't stop nor flee from me. To want something unattainable has always been my weakness. Garrett shares my weakness. " He approaches her, stopping just short of a comfortable position. "I'm attractive to you. It's stronger though. More than that fairy girl, Draven was only using to control me. I would actually-" Raising his right pale hand, he lightly brushes across Lilith cheek. (Not sure if you want something to happen here) "Like to see if we're compatible"

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Iesha (In east shade house at...) wrote: "(Really, too bad Demo has an different notice >~> should I post for Naseem?)"

((Sure. I think Dragon may have disappeared on us once again. She wasn't on all weekend.))

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(His attraction)

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Lilith was caught off guard by his words. I was actually right? Or is he messing with me? Unattainable is his weakness? What does that mean? Am I unattainable? She nearly flinched when he reached out toward her but she stood her ground and waited to see what he would do. She was surprised that it was aggressive, it was gentle. Was it too good to be true? She thought maybe to test it to see. She then heard the word compatible. "Compatible?" She didn't realize she spoke out loud until she heard herself repeat it. "Compatible? Am I sensing a sensitive side?" She smirked evilishly. "Are you really attracted or is it another dark game of yours where only you know how to play it?" She looked curiously at him again. She then noticed he was standing closer. She couldn't help but step closer too, testing him, and observing of what his next move would be. She down and around. "Do you got a knife hiding some where in arms reach you're gonna pull out on me again?" She whispered seductively. Her s's began to hiss like a snake.

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She should be uncertain about my words..At least, I think she is. Lilith, who exactly are you? Under the assumption that Draven sent Lilith here to reel him back under control, Demo smile lessened with her teasing. "I never have an sensitive side. This is me being nice. But if you must know, this is a little of both-attraction and a dark game. Want to play with?" His voice holding a hint of amusement. With her single step forward, he drops his hand from her cheek. Her question intention of turning him on when unnoticed with the mention of his blade. A slight frown brought an uncertain look to his face. Raising a hand out, he prepared himself to reach into the shadow for his trusty knife. "Would you like me to use a blade? If cutting is your thing, I don't mine. Most of my victims hate cutting." Serious now, his first thoughts of trying to identify Lilith disappears with the mention of cutting.

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When he admitted to attraction and a game, her mind let the confession of attraction slip through one ear and out the other. Her thoughts focused on the dark game part of his statement. "So it is a game. Figured as much." She tried to hold back a sigh the best she could as she took a step back. "Everything is a game with you isn't it?" She spoke softly. A small sound of disappointment in her voice. "I asked about the knife because you seem to love to point one at me a lot. I guess I was a little surprised you haven't yet." She smirked trying to keep her devilish smile, though it wasn't as strong as usual. "You do make it hard to believe you when you mention possibly being compatible. I also quite frankly don't understand what you are talking of unattainable. I'm not sure what you are speaking of with that." She began to think even more. She thought about the last part of his comment. About him cutting her. She looked at him with amusement and curiosity in her eyes and small smile. She stepped close to him again and whispered in his ear. (assuming if he let her get that close) "And what is it to you of what I like? It is just a game for you isn't it?" She took a step back to be able to look in his eyes.

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Remaining still as she spoke near his ear, Demo states straight ahead. Her whisper sending an warm sensation throughout his body. The feeling bring back unwanted memories of a certain person, he hated. As she took a step back, Demo chuckles lowly. His laugh dark and unstable. Like a bullet, he grabbed hold of Lilith wrist. "You think you can lure me to you with that sweet voice of yours" With one jerk, he pulled Lilith too him. Spinning her around, he held her left wrist over her stomach and he held her right wrist beneath her other, causing her to have to lean back against him. With his head resting lightly on her shoulder, he spoke. His voice holding a slightly edge. "You think you can stop me from doing as I wish. Stop my pleasure. You're wrong" He whispers the last. An remember flashes before his mind. A memory so old that he was surprised he remembered it. (Memory is in spoiler) "You're never be strong enough for me" A lie, but one that he hoped she would fall for.

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She gasped at the quick swift movement of him spinning her and practically pinning her. Her heart raced and goosebumps formed all over her body. She tried hard to fight the excitement that flowed through her. "You really think I have a simple clue to what you so called desire to do or so called keep you from doing what you please. And oh I'm sorry, I forgot. You go after girls you fail to keep a hold of because of your poisonous attitude toward them and your constant threats." She mocked purposely at the girls that fled the very sight of him. "If I'm getting in the way of chasing your tail, why do you keep me here? Oh wait, that's right, I'm forgetting. I'm suppose to scream in fear." She began to to mockingly imitate a frightened woman. "Ah! Oh please don't hurt me! I'm just a sad waist of time. Please don't hurt me!" She tried to not chuckle at herself. She attempted to pull her hands free of his grip. She could feel his warm breath down her neck and shoulder. She hoped he wouldn't make any other exciting bold moves. His head was right at the spot of her sweet spot. The thought frightened her. As she tried to free her wrists from his grip, it was a little anxious.

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(I'm glad you like it.^~^ The memory is of Demo and Diana. I forgot to add that part. )

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Demo could feel her reaction under his grip. The same as a certain someone. Smirking, he already had a plan for Lilith. A plan that would have worked back than against that woman. This time her cleverness would not get through to him. Another thought also occurred to him: Lilith may be Diana`s vessel. It's been weeks now since Garrett had sense the light goddess. That told him that she was hiding somewhere. "You're right. I do chase the unattainable. You're going to become one of them." Just as he lowered his lips to kiss her skin while he prepared to draw her into the Shadow World, something she said stopped him. The mockery in her voice, the way she seem to put on a act, even now...she wasn't Diane. "You're not her" He chuckles lightly. Diana, he knew personality, wasn't the type to conceal her fear or desire. No, she was direct about everything, even rejecting him."Here I was thinking you may actually be Diana`s vessel..." He loosened his grip on her. His interest lost. "You're not her" A small sadness colored his tone. As the shadow being becomes just a slightly bit depressed, an inner barrier is weaken within the subconscious world of Garrett. Within a half a second, a change takes place. The hands around Lilith`s wrists tightened. The eyes narrowed just a fracture. Releasing her bottom wrist, Garrett* brings his hand up. Wrapping it around her neck, he strokes the skin beneath his fingers. "Women like you are the ones that confuses me the most. " Lowering his head, he rests against her shoulder. His head leaning against Lilith`s. "Why are you so confusing? It makes me angry" His voice lacking emotions.

(*The Garrett Lilith is interacting with now is a true Garrett. Having a split personality, Garrett has a true him and the nice him(The one that likes Kareena). I decided to give Lilith a peek into the darkness Garrett has without Demo influence. ^~^ )

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Lilith tried to control her breathing as Demo grew close to her neck. She turned her head slightly away but turned it right back. She crunched her shoulder in to attempt to block him slowly as he inched close. When he stopped and moved away, she relaxed her shoulder. She listened closely to his small disappointment. "Oh boo hoo hoo. I'm not her. Boo hoo. I could have told you that. Who ever this girl is you constantly speak of. She doesn't want you, she found some one better and gentler." Her face cringed at the word gentler. It tasted foul in her mouth. She didn't like gentle too much. At least not all the time. There are times it is needed but if all the time, then where is the fun. When she felt the grip loosen, she thought he was letting go. As she went to pull her hands free, they were suddenly gripped tight again. She was confused until he spoke again. Garrett? No, that can't be. Is it? The voice sounded dark. Similar to Demos but it sounded like Garrett. She grew confused. She flinched slightly when she felt his hand on her neck and his finger stroke her skin. She paused, she had no clue what to think. Was it Garrett? Or did he have another being within him? "I'm confusing?" This was all she could manage to say. Her heart raced continuously. She did what she could to control her breathing. She fought to keep from panting from excitement. "I'm confusing? Look who has room to talk." She then remembered the guy she had under her control from earlier. Her brows scrunched to a scowl. "You want to talk about angry? You kept me from a great deal of fun I could be doing right now." She scoffed at the idea. She was looking forward to her meaningless night of fun.

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"That guy wasn't your type. He wouldn't have made a good toy for Demo,if he were a woman" A chuckle, a normal one, came from Garrett lips. He sighs low. Lilith`s scent reminding him of some scent he couldn't placed."I'm more your type" Releasing her from his grip, he wrapped his arms around her shoulders, just below her neck. Hugging her back against him. Turning his head, he studies the side of her face. "You like me" Releasing his hold, he moves in front of her. Dangling his hands around her neck, he leans forward. His face just inches from hers. "I want to see it again. That pictures of me. Show me"

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Lilith studied Garretts every move. "And you would know my type?" She asked after his first statement. "What makes you think you're my type?" She asked with a curious look on her face. "Plus, how positive are you that I'm into you?" She crossed her arms as he leaned on her. This was a new side of Garrett. It was bolder and more up front. He was more....unpredictable. It was not helping her case. She fought hard to keep her anxious nerves hidden and we'll under control. She gently reached up and grabbed his wrists. She calmly moved them off her shoulders and placed them on himself near his collar bone. She wasn't sure what his intentions were now leading but the continuous closeness was sending her on a craze. "So, I'm curious actually. What makes you think that the guy was not for me? Let alone why would Demo even be the slightest bit interested if he was our type I guess you would say?"

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"The club-you got my attention on purpose. " Being this close to people, Garrett could when someone lies. Lilith, however, was putting on a good poker face. He was both fascinated and annoyed. Nevertheless, he could get rid of the drawing he had seen earlier or the fact that even now, she seem to be on edge whenever he was around. "I'm 90 percent positive that you like me..or do you just like my body" The statement deprived of any seductive air. When he was just getting comfortable with leaning on her, he feels her moving under his arms.Frowning a little, he allowed Lilith to move his hands to his chest. Having enjoyed the closeness of another, Garrett glanced down for a few seconds before his gaze returned to Lilith. Disappointed by the move, he moves his hands from his chest, and captured her hands. He swings her hand as he states at her. "How would I know what turns Demo on. He pretty much does what he wants. " Evasive, he states. Not wanting to discuss Demo at the moment, he was slightly annoyed that she had a interest in this `friend`."What I do know is that he's not your type. Call it an inter wisdom or a sneaky guess. I don't think you go for guys like that unless they are part of some higher plot of your. Which brings me back to you liking me. Were you trying to get my attention?"

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Lilith looked at him with slight amusement in her eyes. She smiled softly. "The club? It wasn't my intention to attract you. I had no idea you were there until I saw you approaching me. I guess you would say.....I went with the flow. Testing to see if it was one of yours....or I should say one of his little tricks. But quickly I noticed I ended up luring you. Question is, why were you even there? Thought you didn't go to fun places like that?" She gave him a smart ass look, a smile with one brow stretched as tall as it could reach. "And what does it matter about my Interests or not? Are you chasing the quote on quote....unattainable too? Why so eager with me? And why the sad look when I moved your hands?"

(not sure what you mean by swings her hands. not registering in my head sadly)

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(He's holding her hands and swing them a little)

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"You ask to many questions. I thought you were more of an action type of girl" Releasing her hands, he returned them to hanging over shoulders. "I rather do than talk. Makes things go so much faster" Locking his hands behind her head, he pulls her closer to him. Studying her face, his own slightly annoyed. "I was there to pick a fight with Jasper. Draven wanted me to put a strain on his relationship with some girl. In other words, I was there as his pawn." Garrett eyes drops to her chest. "Your friend helped you picked out a interesting outfit. I like it." Abruptly, Garrett steps back releasing Lilith. "Let's play my game. You closes your eyes until I say open them. Deal?" Wave a hand, he opens a dark hole in front of them. The Shadow World resembling the real world on the other side.

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Lilith listed to him speak before she put in her thoughts. She raised a brow in confusion when he spoke of a man named Draven. She wasn't sure what that whole deal was about. With her confusion, she whispered. "Draven? Pawn?" She felt maybe that is what Demo was talking about. Lilith agreed to herself with Garrett on the part that she is one to take action rather than talk. She continued to listen. She wasn't resistant though when he pulled her close again. She fought hard to not just lean in and steal a kiss. She had a strong urge to kiss Garrett but she also felt the urge to kiss Demo just to pass him off just like Demo kissed her to mess with her when he entered her room by mistake. She thought to herself of that other night. She remembered of her being topless only because she didn't feel like wearing anything before he showed. She also had music blasting. When he looked down at her outfit, it brought her thoughts back to the present. "This is actually mine. She had no part in this. And if I choose not to close my eyes? What are you just going to do about it?" She stepped closer to him, urging him. Tempting him to do something.

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"I should have killed her when I had the chance. For making me remember such memories."

"Lilith, is cute, but Kareena is my heart."

"Will you forget that bobhead fairy! She doesn't want you-never will!!! "

A smile touches Garrett lips. Normally, he remained mute to both sides of him. In fact, this has been his first time, since he was five years old appearing in public. The only reason he had decide to appear was to meet Lilith. Half vampire, half snake, he was told. Nothing really striking about her except for her pretty eyes, he thought. "I wonder- you prefer Demo to me? Or the good me? "His head tilted to the side. His words became a low whisper. "Which Garrett entices you to perform like the real you?" His mouth meets Lilith. His hand dropped along her side, pulling her to him before wrapping around her waist.

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Lilith watched him. She stared into his eyes deeply. She studied his eyes. There looked as if a lot of commotion was going on in his head, but it seemed calm rather than intense. When he asked her who was she into more, she was quiet. She wasn't sure really. She really like Garretts nice side but as she thought earlier, she liked a frisky and dark mind. It was fun, spontaneous, and well dark, like her. She went to open her mouth to think of something to say when he leaned in and kissed her. She had a small quiet gasp from surprise but she didn't hesitate. She leaned in with him and kiss him back. She lifted her hands and placed one on each side of his face. The tension in her hands made herself obvious. She was anxious. She clearly was holding back her eager tensions. Her hands were gentle but they were filled with tension. She couldn't help herself. She wanted more with the kiss. She started moving her lips in the form to make out as she also inched closer, pretty much as close as possible.

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(I will have this up soon. I need to figure out what I want to do next. I want to do something that would be a merger of Garrett and Demo's personality, but I have no idea what.)

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