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who is helping gideon
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somebody protected Gideon by putting Nathan's bracelet on that dead guy who was gonna sell Eva into the sex trade.
so who was it?
who knows the truth and what do they want from Gideon in return?

I really think that its Ava's dad. The detective asked Ava out of the blue the last time they talked, what her father thought of Gideon. That was strange since they were talking about the details of the saphire bracelet. Ava's dad was also unaccounted for when he was on his way back to see her. She didn't hear from him for a long time before he showed up.

Serioulsy I would give my money on Angus bc he knows a lot about Gideon,but for true I have nooo ideia,could be another person. i really believe that person is helping Gideon in a strange way or protecting Eva and him,will be more logic. But continuos a mystery to me.

I also think this is the father of Eva.
he granted the request Wedding of gideon
the fact that he felt helpless about what happened to Eva.
he is in the police,...

I have first thought it might be Corrine. She was with Gideon just before he kills Nathan, so might be she followed him and to keep him out of jail and owe him a favor she could have ordered a hit on the other guy.

I also have an unnecessary hunch that Gideon's dad is alive(miracle, I know!!)and helping him behind the scenes. I think, I should stop running my imagination.

deleted user oh yeah gideon's dad is totally alive ...more
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Maria Gotsis I have had the same hunch from the beginning!
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