Fifty Shades Freed (Fifty Shades, #3) Fifty Shades Freed question

did the relationship take a step back
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hello. i have a quick question for you
did anybody else feel this book was a step back in there relationship ?
where did all the romance, growth and maturity that christian gained in darker go.
he seemed to slowly slip back into his dom role and ana became his submissive (sort of) in the end of the book.
for me going into the red room of pain again in freed was a mistake there relationship had moved on from that. we barley saw it in book 2 and i felt the story was stronger without it
what are your thoughts

p.s thank you for all the comments so far
very interesting to read other peoples pov

I don't know if it was a step back as it was just a differing depression. I mean, personally, I don't believe in steps back or forward. Sure, there is growth but I think that people in relationships have to sink into whatever roles they need to in order to make it work. I just feel as if Christian thought that what he needed to do at the moment was to slip back into what he was because it worked for them at one time. I think you have to try to do what works and, like Kat siad, the normalcy of life does happen.

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I wouldn't say it was a step seemed like the progression of a relationship. Unfortunately, the romance doesn't always remain a top priority, especially with all that was going on in their life like Jack Hyde and Ray's accident. Life happens and it can't be hearts and flowers all the time! ;-) LOL

@ Michael--> sounds interesting! When I finish what I'm reading now I will certainly check it out!

I think that their relationship shpuld be the way was in the beggining of the first book. I mean for real I would not believe and that's bullshit "baby" living in YOUR HOUSE,I MEAN I FUCK DON'T KNOW YOU MAN"". No way.

Yes, a step back, but remember, the courtship was finished, literally, as they were now married.

Add to that the stress/normalcy of life.

Add to THAT all the crap Jack Hyde was doing.

This was a whirlwind romance from the start. Things are bound to slow down and slip into a niche.

As for a baby, that's the natural order. A little early in the relationship, but that's nature!

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