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Where does this fit in series chronology?

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Susan Waldron It took me a while to figure out that this is set in the past -- this is set in the past, right? She, Lucy and Marino haven't split off yet to form their own consultancy. Bryce is still her admin. So what two books would this fit between? And is this the first time Patricia Cornwell has written a book out of chronological order?

Susan Waldron But in this book Benton is still working for the FBI... didn't he leave the FBI? From Wikipedia, his "bio": "In Point of Origin he has supposedly retired from the FBI and is working as a private consultant, though in The Scarpetta Factor it is implied that he was still under the FBI's control and was forced into the witness program, then into a retirement that he still resents. In the books following his return, he is a forensic psychologist on staff at McLean in Massachusetts, then also at Bellevue in NYC, while still consulting for the FBI."
In Dust, it appears that he is not consulting, but an employee, as there is conflict with his boss.
And didn't she, Marino and Lucy form their own consultancy in previous books? They all seem to be working for different entities in this. Or did I forget a break-up of their company in a previous book?
(Which is entirely possible, as I've taken to reading these rather hastily, as I find the characters more and more annoying.)

Marion Coro This book is the most recent. I haven't kept up with all of them, but Benton is currently with the FBI in this one. Scarpetta and her associates have gone through many reconfigurations in terms of their affiliations with government entities. So it's entirely possible Benton was away from the FBI for a while and then returned.

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Colleen So true...this is the latest in the Scarpetta series and I felt like she was bringing the story back around as a way to ammend the issues from the last few books....I am looking forward to the next one to see where she takes it.

Rhoda Bean I was a bit disappointed in this book

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Colleen Rhoda,

My girlfriend and I have been disappointed in the last few of her books. I am hoping that she is setting this one up so the next ones can redeem the group! Her first books were nail biters you couldn't put down. The later ones not so much.

Susan Waldron In the last few books, I've been so annoyed with all the characters.... they seem willfully stupid, self-destructive and just plain unpleasant. This one was slightly less annoying (damning with faint praise, I know).

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Colleen So true Susan...I am holding out hope that she will somehow redeem the damage her pen has created! We want the old characters back and the nail biting drama!

Susan Waldron I enjoyed it more when it was a police procedural, emphasizing the forensic detective work, not angst about the relationships.

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Colleen yep...that is how my girlfriend and I feel too.....wish she would go back! The books were a lot more intense and spellbinding then!

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Linda Please help! I am disappointed with Cornwell's recent books, like so many of you. Can some of you PLEASE recommend another author whom you feel is worthy as an alternate? I am hungry for the type of nail-biting books she USED to pen so perfectly! Please tell me someone else out there at least comes close! Thanks in advance 4 your suggestions :-)

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Colleen Yes, he Benton returned to the FBI so the relations are a bit strained. Hence the reason he is so careful. Dust is not out of order, we are just hoping she is going to bring "order" back to the group in the new one due to come out this next week.

Toula Prequel/sequel...I don't bother with such trivialities, I figure we are at the 'mercy' of the author anyway, so I just go with the current storyline. Besides you forget between books who are some of the (minor)characters and their relationship to the hero/heroine. Having said that, I'll pay extra attention to 'who's who' while reading 'Flesh and Blood'.

Andrea Nicole I have read all of her books, and I feel the same way you do..The first books were really good. But the last 2 I didn't think were as good. Maybe my perceptions have changed, but after awhile they seem too paranoid,
Same old issues. Getting tired of Lucy, and Marino they haven't developed for the better.

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