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message 1: by GEM (new)

GEM | 28 comments I came across a list of Arabic edition romance books written under the author name Lilian Peak (, who has no information attached to her profile.

However, I believe that these books should be attributed to the author Lilian Peake (, a romance writer for Mills & Boon. Certainly, one of the books (This Moment In Time) is on both author's lists, and if you enlarge the cover, it's definitely Peake with an 'e'.

I thought I'd better run this past you, to decide the best course of action.

message 2: by Nurul (new)

Nurul Hanifah | 60 comments #1 done.
If you could point out which book belongs to which in its English edition, that'd be great.

message 3: by GEM (new)

GEM | 28 comments I'm just going through the list now, identifying and combining the Arabic/English editions - is this ok?

message 4: by AmandaEmma (last edited Nov 18, 2013 07:48AM) (new)

AmandaEmma (frklitteratur) | 49 comments "Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass an American Slave"

is by Frederick Douglass, but the author is written as "himself" and not "frederick Douglass"

So can you change "himself" to "Frederick Douglass"?

message 5: by GEM (new)

GEM | 28 comments I've managed to identify and combine most of these Arabic/English books, but am stuck on two:

Anyone have any ideas?

In addition, Man Out of Reach displays the Arabic version as default ( I know only authors can set the default book, but this lady has sadly passed away. Does it just get left in this case?

message 6: by Nurul (new)

Nurul Hanifah | 60 comments #4 done

message 7: by Nurul (new)

Nurul Hanifah | 60 comments Unfortunately, I read neither Arabic nor Persian, so I can't help. And yes, only the authors can set default books. Perhaps you can ask super librarian for help.

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