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Should The Mortal Instruments Be Told In Clary's Point of View?

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Miranda | 23 comments Mod
I think that the book was good from Clary's point of view, but Cassandra Clare made a short story about Clary and Jace's first kiss, through Jace's eyes. It was more descriptive because Jace has been a shadow hunter longer, therefore it tells the story better. What are your ideas or thoughts on this?

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Eri (musicspeaksforemotionsunsaid) | 1 comments THANK U!!! Omg i totally agree but then i thought how would this make sense if it was told from Jace? Maybe Cassie should books from Jaces POV O.O

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

No! I think it should be varied on whose point of view its in. We would then not know how the other characters feel and react.

Claire (cbert101) | 3 comments No! I think it should be varied.

Miranda | 23 comments Mod
Claire and Mariah,how come? Give us a reason please

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Miranda wrote: "Claire and Mariah,how come? Give us a reason please"
In City of Fallen Angels we would not have known that Jace was kidnapped by Sebastian until book 5 if it had not been in Jace's point of view. Also, if not for the other characters telling the story throughout the series we would not know a lot of very important information. Ex. Simon in book 2, Jace in book 4, Alec in book 5, etc.

Miranda | 23 comments Mod
Oh. Hey Mariah, would you mind requesting this group to some of your TMI loving friends? Theenks

Sara Shaw | 2 comments Totally. Clary's point of view would be interesting

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