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The port alongside the famous and dirtied River Thames. Many bodies are sunk here to decompose underneath the water's surface. A large trading port too, it is where both witch clans get most of their 'supplies'.

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awkward potato Kamila stood a the very edge of the Thames, the filthy water barely reaching the hem of her gown. The air was cool, around her, and surprisingly, there wasn't a lot of activity. Kamila was thankful for that, at least. She hated the Thames-hated the disgusting, rotting smell of it and the way the water was a weird brown color. Kamila shook out her long dark hair and examined the dagger held in her hand. She could go annoy some silly mortals... but, no, her raging headache wouldn't even let that kind of pleasure in. She sighed, and muttered a simple pain relieving spell that worked about as well as the other 50 she had tried. She groaned and sank on the damp ground, not worrying about her fine dress made up of black lace and silk. Kamila looked up and scowled at a mortal couple, and nearly went over to kill them. But she could only groan instead. Her head only got this bad when fate knew something she did not. "Ugh!" She groaned, and rested her forehead on her knees.

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alessia (classick) {Edited, dammit, I was so careless.} "Let me guess. It's the headaches again," Xiore said, shoving his hands into the pockets in his elaborate outfit. He strode from the shadows to the edge of the water, kicking a few stones into the murky water. He watched them sink with sickly pleasure, he wasn't even sure why he liked watching things vanish from the world of existence. He wasn't sure why he loved snuffing out fires and ending lives. He stopped beside Kamila, but because he was afraid of touch, he did not offer to help her up. "Don't ask me how I knew, because when someone sits like that, with their hands on their temples and their eyes squeezed shut, they most probably are suffering from a headache," he said before pausing. "Or maybe constipation too," he chimed, smirking, "Although, I can hardly find a reason why the daughter of the Nyern leaders is doing her business along the Thames." He turned to look down at her and crouched down next to her. He gingerly reached out a long hand and pressed two cold and pale fingers onto her forehead. He muttered a healing spell and his magic flowed into her. It helped a little, causing her pain to ease by a tiny silver, but it was better than nothing. "Better?" he asked gently, dropping his sarcastic attitude he'd been showing off for the moment.

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awkward potato Kamila's head shot up at the sound of Xiore, and she cursed herself as another pain shot through her head. Kamila eyed Xiore, not appreciating his sarcasm, though used to it, as that was how she often spoke to others. She scowled at him when he said his bit about constipation and she stretched her legs out, rubbing her temples. "Thank you, Xiore. You are so very helpful." She muttered before he placed his cold fingers to her forehead. Kamila didn't protest, though. The coolness felt nice on her head, and she could feel magic taking some edge of the pain off. But not nearly enough as she would have liked. She smiled up at him-a small, pinched smile, but a smile nonetheless-and stood. "Much better. Thank you, Xiore." She said, a lighter tone in her voice.

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alessia (classick) "Good, it was worth it," Xiore sighed as he stood, shaking his hand. Shuddering at the thought of touch. He had touched her, and lightly, so he was prepared for fright but it still made him feel all tingly and goosebumps were forming on his pale skin. "What are you doing here, anyway?" he asked, looking down at her again. "I would not have chosen this location out of all the places if I were suffering," he said, his gaze traveling down to the water at his feet. Shivers went down his spine, if Kamila had not been here in pain, almost nothing could have coaxed him into standing here. Even the delight of watching the stones sink could not compensate both his frights. The faint sound of the water lapping over itself at the edge made him shudder and just looking at the body of water made his breathing heavy.

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awkward potato Kamila laughed lightly, but then quickly shut her lips. She knew that Xiore wasn't a fan of dirty things, so to speak, and it was a touching gesture that he actually, well, touched her. His question slightly stumped her-why did she come here? "I honestly don't know Xiore." Kamila said with a shake of her dark hair. "Those damn headaches never let me think straight. And I think they're becoming immune to magic." Kamila shuddered at the horrid though. She didn't think anything was immune to magic-everything was affected by it. Kamila looked at him closely, her eyes narrowing. "Why are you here?" She asked, her lips turned down slightly as she watched him.

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awkward potato ((gotta go, happy nightmares :D))

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alessia (classick) {Happy nightmares!!! *sadistic cackle*}

The thought of not being able to think straight crept Xiore out, he'd always been one to rely on mind-power. If he wasn't able to think straight, he would become vulnerable. Too vulnerable. But then again, everyone turned vulnerable when unable to think, though he did not think telling Kamila that would help. Her next sentence filled him with doubt. "Immune to magic?" Xiore scowled as his eyes narrowed, "That's impossible." He tried to put all the facts into mind and conclude that it must have been something else that was causing the headaches to be 'immune' to magic, but the sight of water kept his mind screaming at him to run away.

Paintings of people drowing flashed across his mind and he forced his gaze onto land, but the sound of the water... Ugh, the water. He shuddered a little more violently and rubbed his left arm with his left hand. His own touch against himself did not bother him much but they still did leave traces of tingles. Then Kamila asked him his own question. Why in the world was he here? The Thames was the only place in London he was frightened of. "I..." he trailed off, trying to trail his way back through his memory.

He remembered himself just wandering along the streets aimlessly, admiring the darkness cloaking the sky. Then he remembered shocking himself when he found his feet leading him to the Thames. No, they weren't leading him there. His was already there. He remembered his fright of water forcing his feet bring himself ramming into a building's wall. Instinctively, like an animal, his will willed the shadows to cloak him and they did, blocking out most of his vision of the murky river. That way he started running, from shadow to shadow, unsure of where he was going until he heard a groan of pain. The shadows retracted then, and he found Kamila sitting on the edge of the river. The sight of a close friend calmed him and seeing her in pain instinctively sent him walking towards her, his sarcastic self back. Knowing that, Xiore admitted the day's events to Kamila. She was one of the few that knew of his serious fear of water and touch. And churches.

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awkward potato Kamila huffed an exasperated sigh and crossed her arms over the low neckline of her bodice, her eyebrows furrowing. "I know, it makes no sense whatsoever, but," She said with a purse of her lips, "I can't think of anything else it may be." She glanced back over at Xiore, who seemed to be trying to figure how he had gotten here. Kamila suppressed a chuckle-she knew that a daydreaming Xiore was a dangerous one. A danger to himself at least...

Kamila glanced over the dark, dirty river, wondering what lived beyond the horrid odor and sickly color. She, unlike Xiore, had loved water, despite the danger it could present. Now, the murky Thames was still, and calm, but it could soon rise into torrent-it all depended on it's mood.

Glancing back over at Xiore, she was glad he seemed to have connected the past few moments with now. But she couldn't blame the guy. Living so long made it difficult to determine some things. Even Kamila had trouble connecting a past decades events-sometimes, it seems impossible. Kamila brought herself out of her head and smiled slightly at Xiore. While she had came here to be alone, she was glad a familiar face was here-it put a nice feeling in her, not being totally by herself.

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alessia (classick) Xiore couldn't help it anymore. Just after he pieced up his memory and tied the strings together, he let out a groan and turned away from the Thames, rubbing his temples and squeezing his eyes shut. Drown, drown, drown, drown, his unconscious mind hissed at him, drown, drown, drown, drown, drown! He shook his head, groaning again. Eighty-two years of living couldn't shut down his instincts, not ever. His instinct was keeping him alive for so long. It gave him his plans and assisted him in combat. But it gave him his fears too, warning him of things Xiore was sure nobody else cared about.

He strode away from the river, the faint sound of the lapping water growing fainter and faint with every step he made. Drown, drown, drown, drow- Xiore's instincts stopped flashing images of the murky water at him. He let out a sigh of relief and opened his eyes. He found himself just inches from a side of a humble cottage. If he'd moved any closer...the scenario of him smacking his head against the side of the cottage brought a smirk to his face, his fears vanishing away in an instant for a moment. He whirled around to face Kamila, who sat a distance away. "Did you witness that?" Xiore asked, grinning as he jabbed his thumb at the house side behind him.

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awkward potato Kamila sighed as Xiore walked away, knowing something dreadful was running through his mind. She began to follow, but stopped herself, wondering if he would prefer to be alone. Shrugging her shoulders, she followed after anyways, pulling her skirts up so the hem was off the ground. She stopped as Xiore froze, raising his eyes. He then turned around, and... smiled at her? Kamila couldn't help but grin back and then jogged over to where he stood. "Witness what?" She asked, "You almost hitting your head upon the cottage?" Kamila teased, a slight laugh escaping her lips. She was pleased that her headache had dissipated almost completely in the matter of a few moments, but she definitely wasn't complaining about it.

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alessia (classick) Xiore laughed and turned to the wall, patting it lightly as he took a step back away from it. "You are my friend now," he said to the bricks, smirking at the dulled red color. He turned back to Kamila and smiled a little, seeing that she looked better. He was glad to have the daughter of the Nyern leaders-

The Nyern leaders, dammit, he thought, sighing. He forgot about the errand he needed to run. The leaders' youngest child requested for some human wine and beer--maybe sprite, too--and Xiore best be retrieving it before Alexander decided he would do it himself by burning another city down.

It didn't mind Xiore that much to have another city down in flames, but the leaders wanted their child out of trouble.

For now.

"I best be off to runs some errands, now," Xiore said, gesturing towards the city off to the distance as he pulled on his cloak's hood. "Your little brother will not be pleased until I return will alcohol." Kamila should not be surprised, for Alexander was around fifty now, he just looked like a little boy.

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awkward potato Kamila let out a grunt. "Alexander, always trying get himself into trouble." She smiled and shook her head, thinking of Alexander's wild personality. "D'you think he'll ever get over himself?" She asked with a chuckle. She loved her younger brother, but he was most notorious for getting himself into things. "Well, I suppose you best be on your way. Don't want any more havoc wrecking London, do we?" She said, a smirk on her lips.

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alessia (classick) {Alexander will be only reference until I get his character done, ha ha. Poor him. xD}

Xiore smirked and laughed a little, imagining Alexander dancing along the flaming rooftops chanting "BURN!!!" at the top of his lungs as he cackled evilly. The wild little witch. "Most likely not anytime soon," Xiore said, shaking his head in mock disapproval. The witch turned fifty not long ago, but he still acted as if he was five. Though, he could take in a lot of alcohol without vomiting.

Oh yes, the alcohol. "True, I shall be leaving to do as he wishes," xiore said, nodding at Kamila in farewell and the shadows at his feet started rising to cloak him in darkness. "Be sinister," he said smirking as he vanished into the shadows completely. The small joke never got old. While the Lenida hunters warned each other to be careful at the moment of farewell, the pair reminded the other to be sinister.

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awkward potato ((lol, :D))

Kamila laughed with Xiore, smiling at the mere thought of Alexander doing anything for himself—without some town burning and mortals screaming. It just wasn't plausible. She brushed her dark locks away from her face and smiled at Xiore. "Always. And you, too, be sinister." She said with a smirk, watching his retreating form. After he was completely covered by the shadows, she turned on her heels and walked in the direction of Nyern territory.

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