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A lively, bustling inn at the heart of London City. Make sure you come in with money in your pockets or you won't be allowed.

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alessia (classick) Valery led Eleana into the inn, opening the doors and stepping into the bustling atmosphere. "Come," she said to Eleana, leading her to the bar, where the inn-keeper stood, sliding glasses and mugs full of rum and beer down the polished, but still stained, counter top. He rarely missed, the stains were caused by drunkards slamming their cups onto the bar. Valery weaved through the yelling mob, her grip on Eleana's hand tightening. It would be dangerous to get lost in this type of crowd.

Finally, she pushed past a dancing couple and arrived in front of two empty seats at the bar. She gestured at Eleana to take one of the stools as she took the other. "What would you like? They have beer, rum..." Valery trailed off, she'd been here thousands of times, getting drunk with her fellow hunters and laughing her worries away. Those where the fearless times. Those times were almost gone. "Oh wait, you might not like those, how about the... Sprites?"

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Eleana felt Valery's hand tighten on hers as she pulled the smaller supernatural being with her through the crowd. Eleana made herself as little as possible as she wove through the mas of mortals, heart pounding.

With a huff she sat down next to Valery, heart still beating fast. "I-I don't know." She replied once she had listened to Valery's suggestions. At the end she had to giggle slightly. "A sprite?" She asked. "A sprite? What's a sprite?"

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alessia (classick) Valery laughed a little, her head titling back slightly. Was it the atmosphere of the inn that made her feel so careless? Valery slapped herself mentally, Wake up, Valery. You can't get reckless. She turned back to Eleana, "Sprites, they are the colored alcohol here. The color reduces the amount of alcohol in the drink, so it is suitable for the ones that cannot drink as much as the others. The next fantastic fact about the drinks are that the colors are beautiful," she said. She had drunk sprites on her way on learning how to drink much without going drunk.

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Sophia walked into the inn. She was dressed in her custom male garb. White socks on her feet which were tucked into lovely chocolate brown boots. Long brown trousers that fit just right and not needing a belt. A crisp white button shirt and a brown jacket, the colour of which matching her pants. She wore her hair pinned up in a beautiful mother of pearl hair clip, this however was hidden under a brown cap. She could've easily passed for a young man had it not been for her breasts and lovely face. She walked in behind the counter and nodded at the barman. She worked there most days when the inn got too busy such as today.

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alessia (classick) "Just try it," Valery told Eleana, winking at the young witch and turning to the young girl behind the bar who was dressed like a man. She waved for the girl to take her order. "One beer and sprite!" she called before turning back to Eleana, "The sprite will be good, trust me." {Look at comment 4 if you don't know what sprite I'm talking about.}

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Sophia heard a customer call in an order. She nodded and went to get a beer. They had great beer from a local brewery. The barman had tried for years to get the recipe out of the owner to no avail. He even offered him a small fortune. Needless to say the brewery master refused. But that doesn't stop good old Martin from trying. Sophia always thought her boss had become a little bit obsessive over the secret of the great London Beer. Considering the man didn't drink any alcohol himself. But Sophia refrained and has just watched the two's antics over the years with fondness. The world wasn't right when those two weren't at it. Sophia figured it also a matter of time before he turned to more nefarious means. She mixed the sprite to be a bold pink. She thought the girl was still too young for anything more bolder. She went over and placed the order in front of the two females.

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alessia (classick) "Thank you," Valery said, nodding at the girl, unknown to the fact that she was also a Lenida witch. Valery nudged the glass of bold pink sprite toward Eleana and told her to drink it as she emptied her own mug of beer into her own mouth. "It helps," Valery said to Eleana, "To relief memories of the dead when not so focused on the reality of the situation." Getting drunk was one way, but it was the only way Valery knew to suppress the aching hurt and the deep longing.

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Sophia merely nodded at the two and went to hear what another customer wanted who was seated by a table at the back. She returned with bright red cheeks. The customer was a local at the bar. He chaperoned the inn almost everyday. Old and a widower. He always flirted like a young man at Sophia, but in a old gentleman way and of course he never really meant it. His was a passtime to make fun of Sophia's wardrobe and to make outrageously naughty yet polite comments. He did it Sophia supposed to stay young. She tolerated it because he was a good tipper, an old friend and once an unlikely hero. He was in fact her favorite customer. His way was with words and not as was often the case, hands.

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Eleana's hand closed around the vibrant pink beverage. She looked at it strangely, then nodded at Valery. "Alright, then. Cheers," she said sullenly. She raised the glass to her lips and took a small sip. It tasked strange, but mortals were strange.

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alessia (classick) Valery smiled thinly and clicked her mug against Eleana's glass before tipping its contents into her mouth, draining it to the last drop. She did not mind the strange taste of the beer, she'd drunk mugs and mugs of it before. She called on the same girl again for another mug full of beer, one was not enough to make Valery the slightest sliver drunk. "If you're drunk now, maybe you should drink more often," Valery said, smirking a little as she shoved her mug away from her. It was no good to get drunk easily. She knew the Nyern tricks, turn the Lenida defenses drunk before attacking. It would take out a quarter of the Lenidas, maybe.

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Sophia noticed the same female ordering another beer. She was slightly impressed that she had finished it so quickly. They were after all generous with their mug sizes. She also hoped the girl didn't become a bad drunk. Keeping her thoughts to herself she took away the girl's empty mug and got her another fresh one topped to the brim with beer. She placed it in front of the girl and went over to another customer. "Shit it's busy today." She thought to herself.

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Eleana took a large swallow and choked on the dryness of the drink. She took deep breath and made a face before swallowing hard. "That is strong," she said and wiped away the tears from her eyes. She set the glass down, inspecting it with her azure eyes.

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Sophia couldn't help but hear the young girl's complaint. She went over and asked softly, "Would you rather have a yellow one? Their the mildest on offer." She looked at the girl with beautiful forrest green eyes. She thought that the girl looked to young to be drinking but as always she kept her thoughts to herself. Besides, she didn't want to get fired or have an argument with a customer.

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Eleana looked at the waitress, then shook her head. "It's alright, but I appreciate your offer." Her blue eyes flitted from the glass to the waitress, and she smiled a bit in reassurance. "I'll be fine. It's just- it's just I've never had something like it before."

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Sophia gave a small smile and nodded her head. She took off and went around the bar to help a young man collect his already wasted father. The man was also a regular and a niuncence. His poor son had to come collect him and half drag him home for all the world to see. She knew that other young men often made fun of him for this. Sophia pittied him but admired his courage to face the gossip and still faithfully get his father back home. She was the only one that ever came over to help get the man on his feet. His son wasn't exactly a man of muscle.
The boy looked up gratefully when she appeared on his father's other side. She returned a small smile and together they managed to heave the man up. Sophia helped them to the door and saw them off. The boy yelled back over his shoulder, "Thanks so much Sophia! See you tomorrow!" Sophia waved at him and returned to the bar. Shaking her head at the sight.

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Eleana drummed her fingers against the glass, and couldn't help but let her thoughts flicker back to… home? Home… what as strange way to put it. SHe knew that although home, was, essentially, to be classified as her family and the Lenida clan, but for her… Well, it was hard to choose between her family and Scotland. She sighed and took another sip of the peculiar beverage.

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Sophia was rather busy. Dashing here and there. She always marveled at how one day the bar of the inn had at most had one customer and then on another it was packed. She actually didn't mind. Running around in the bar was how she kept fit. Martin was mixing away drinks at the bar and so far the crowd was still sober. Sophia wondered how long that would last. Sometimes working at a bar sucked.

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alessia (classick) ѕαяαн {24601 ηαησωяιмσ мσ∂є.} wrote: "Eleana drummed her fingers against the glass, and couldn't help but let her thoughts flicker back to… home? Home… what as strange way to put it. SHe knew that although home, was, essentially, to be..."

Valery took a gulp off her mug, swallowed down the beer with ease. But her eyes were on Eleana, she knew something was bothering her companion. "You are missing Scotland, are you not?" Valery asked gently, worried if Eleana had any plans on leaving London to return back to her true home. Or at least, where she felt she belonged. Valery was much older than Eleana, seventy-two at least. It'd been forty years ever since her town was reduced to mere ashes, but she still had nightmares and sad dreams of her younger, carefree self. She never woke up once after without crying. It ached, seeing her home still a mass of burnt houses and ashen roads. And dreams were a huge fear to her.

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Eleana looked up from the bright pink drink, studying Valery's facial features with care, her azure eyes looking at her. The silence stretched before Eleana sighed and nodded, a hint of defeat to the sigh. She nodded. "Yes, I do. I miss it quite a bit." She frowned slightly before smiling a bit and saying, "how did you know? Or guess?"

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Sophia was back behind the bar, mixing up drinks. It was Martin's turn to run around, waiting at the tables. Sophia noticed that the girl with the pink sprite looked rather sad. Sophia wondered what it was about. But as always she kept her head low and her mouth shut. She was naturally she and her mother's warnings of staying out of sight really hadn't helped much. She glanced up and out the door, it looked like it was going to rain again. Sophia loved the rain.

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Eleana sighed again and leaned backwards in her chair, her blue eyes shining dully in the dim light that illuminated the inn. She wondered suddenly what it would be like to be a mortal… to know that you will die some day, grow up, become aged… And they were so strange...

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Sophia noticed the young lady's antics and went over to her. She asked softly, "Are you alright Miss?". Sophia knew she should mind her own business but she was concerned. After all the girl had looked quite sad earlier. She just wanted to make sure. Perhaps the drink had gone to her head?

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Eleana gave her what she hoped was a reassuring smile. "Oh, yes, I'm alright. Thank you for your concern though." She said. How rather peculiar... What an empathetic person. She looked back at the waitress and smiled once more.

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Sophia gave a small smile and nodded. Headed off towards a table were a customer was waving his arms like mad. She wondered about the girl even more now. She had smiled in a way that seemed to be false, or that she had placed her face in that smile by force. Didn't she know how to smile? Sophia put these thoughts at the back of her mind as the waving customer was shooting off a order that was a mile long.

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alessia (classick) Valery frowned and looked at the waitresses, then back at the witch beside her. She was tense around humans that showed concern for witches, who knew how long that concern would last before changing to hatred for witches. She tried not to connect that much with humans, look where that got her friend Ebony. Ebony was now broken and her brother was one of the most dangerous Nyerns. Valery sighed, she just hoped Eleana would not go any closer to that human. She decided to answer her question, attempting to divert her attention.

"I can guess very well, Eleana. Or maybe it's just the way you broadcast your emotions," she said, smiling a little. Sometimes being honest and predictable was good, but Valery had to learn how to hide her thoughts from her enemies. Eleana had no reason to take Valery as an enemy, though. "Don't worry, Eleana, when this is over, you'll be able to return to Scotland for a vacation," she assured the young one. She wondered if she'd survive till this war was over.

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Eleana frowned ever so slightly, the corners of her mouth curling back down. She watched the rambunctious peopleof the inn mindin their own business- soem were playing an odd game that involved a little checkered board with oddly shaped miniature statues on them, others drinking both their lives and money away... How pitiful, how so very pitiful a mortal could have appeared to Eleana in such a place.

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Eleana looked at Valery. "I suppose I am rather easy to see through, or read, if you will. My Godfather always told me that. He also always told me-" but she cut herself off and waved the memory away. Thinking of him pained her. "Well, when there is a vacation, which I doubt, but I'll keep my fingers crossed."

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Sophia finally finished the waving man's order and headed back into the kitchen area of the bar / inn. She gave the cook the order and went back behind the bar. Getting a big tray out from under the counter. She put five beers, six sprites, 4 shots of vodka, three glasses of rum, seven more glasses of whiskey and four bottles of wine on the tray. Two red and two white. Martin gave her a look and she said softly, "Men's night out". Sofia grabbed the tray and headed back to the man's table. At least she hoped more people would show up. Not only was this costing money but the man would surely get completely sick to the bone if he consumed so much alcohol in one setting.

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alessia (classick) {Sometimes I wished everyone lives in the same time zone...}

"Keep them that way," Valery said gently to Eleana, offering a smile. It was better to be optimistic rather than pessimistic, but it was true, though, the bigger the hopes, the bigger the despair waiting. Her gaze wandered away from the witch's azure eyes and she couldn't help but eye the waitress, waiting for anything to happen and ready to protect Eleana and herself if the waitress was up to anything.

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{I definitely do.}

Eleana couldn't help but smile back. "Thanks, Valery," she said quietly. She watched the waitress load a platter with more strange drinks, and frowned. Alcohol, perhaps? Whoever that customer was, the person who had ordered it, would no doubt get a fuzzy brain for the remainder of their pitifully short lives… That was, if the customer was human...

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Sophia headed back into the kitchen to see how the man's order was getting along. The cook yelled at her and chased her out. She smiled when she came behind the bar again. The cook did that to her and everyone else a thousand times a day. He was a cook dedicated to food. Not disturbance. Sophia had often wondered why old Francois never left for a bigger and better venue. But when asked the frenchman got all narrow eyed and tight lipped. Sophia was busy cleaning glasses when she noticed out of the corner of her eye the older girl with the younger one eyeing her oddly. Sophia wondered what she had done to get such a look. She then chastized herself by thinking that she shouldn't have interferred earlier.

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alessia (classick) Valery was finishing her mug of beer as her eyes scanned the crowded inn, on the alert for danger. The minutes were passing and more humans were filing into the inn, yelling for beers as they roared at each others' jokes. The noise was over the charts and Valery would have cringed if that action wouldn't interfere with her drinking. She put down her empty mug with a small thud and opened her mouth to holler at the waitress for another when her body went rigid.

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alessia (classick) Xiore cringed at the drunkard that was muttering about what he wanted to do with his wife that night. I understand that you wish to do all those things with your wife, but I am sure your wife would not wish for you to be leaning against the door this way, Xiore groaned in his head, slipping his hand behind the man and ripping the door open, wincing as the man's body brushed against the back of his hand before toppling to the ground, still laughing at himself.

Xiore rolled his eyes. Mortals. Then his eyes widened at the large crowd inside the inn. Hell be damned. How was he going to go through this without being touched? Everyone was rubbing against each other, dancing sloppily and hollering at each other, gesturing widely. Xiore's chest tightened as he forced himself to step stiffly into the inn.

Weaving his way through the crowd, Xiore cringed as fearful thoughts consumed his mind as hands, legs and backs brushed against him. Finally, he got his way through the drunken mob and in front of the bar. He slammed his hand onto the counter between two ladies. He hollered at the waitress the whole long list of alcohols Alexander demanded. He winced as he realized the list was longer than he expected.

But one thing was even more unexpected.

The teenage-looking girl to his right snatched the sprite away from the one to his left and dumped it onto Xiore. Water. Xiore yelled out, "What is your-" But he halted when he turned to the girl that poured the sprite over him. Valery Sif Era. "Era?" Xiore breathed, gaping at the witch in front of him. Her eyes were blazing, her golden color gone and replaced by her witch eyes.

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Eleana remained mute, her azure coloured eyes shining with a newly awakened fear. Who was this person? How did he know Valery? And- and what on earth was happening to her friend? Valery looked changed- and the proof was in her eyes… They had lost their usual, warm golden hue, which made Eleana cringe ever so slightly, and made her mind doubt whether she could still trust Valery. Was her friend going mad? No- couldn't be...

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Sophia had stopped her cleaning and was looking at what seemed to be a major taboo. Lovers perhaps? She eyed Martin who was watching the events closely. She wondered fervently what was going on with these girls and now a young man added to the mix. Sophia went back to her cleaning but continued to watch out of the corner of her eye.

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alessia (classick) Valery leaped off her chair and threw a punch at Xiore's head, scowling with hatred. Xiore, who was unprepared for such attack, had his head smashing against the counter, groaning in pain as he straightened up. This caught almost everyone's attention in the inn, the men and women staring at the two.

"Bastard," Valery hissed, glaring at Xiore, her eyes blazing. She must have looked feral with rage, but the world around her was blur, the only focus was Xiore, the groaning Nyern witch in front of her. "How dare you betray us!" The words were filled with anger and pain. She was not a very close friend of Xiore's but she did know Ebony. And she did know of Ebony's broken state.

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Eleana's eyes widened in fear and she scrabbled to her feet, backing off. "V-Valery?" She said cautiously, and reached out to tap her friend's shoulder, but withdrew her hand before she did so. "Valery, what's going on?" She said in anxiety. She wanted to raise the alarm, but she decided it was best not to.

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alessia (classick) {No, it's okay. I do that sometimes, too.}

"Okay, you-" Xiore did the proper thing of censorship before continuing, "I betrayed you bunch of fools because, one, you are fools, two, the wretch killed my father!" He was almost yelling when it came to point two. Valery flinched, but she snapped in a lower tone, "He was Ebony's father too." Xiore growled at the sound of his sister's name and hissed back, "That just makes her act more treacherous." "She had to!" Valery cried, wanting to justify the act of murder her friend had committed, "If not"-she gestured at Eleana and the both of them-"we'd be all dead!"

{Ebony is kind of famous for being one of the best Lenida witches, so Eleana should have heard of her and known of her going rogue. The act of Xiore nearly killing her and him betraying the Lenida is also very widely known among the Lenida. So...she should be able to link it up since she's very smart and sharp.}

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{I have to go now I have a concert but if I don't reply by tomorrow add in another ...}

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alessia (classick) {Okay, have fun! :D}

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Eleana's eyes widened, then narrowed. So this was about Ebony, was it not? A frown lined her brow as her blue eyes acquired a stormy greyish tinge. "That, I must say, is true. Without her we'd all be dead..." She thought for a moment, partially wondering whether suddenly interrupting had been smart, but nevertheless she continued. "However, why she peft the security and well-being of the Lenida Clan remains still an unsolved puzzle to me... In some ways."

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alessia (classick) Xiore whirled around, droplets of the sparkle poured over him spraying themselves onto the counter. He glared at the girl and snapped for her to silence but halted in mid-sentence. Why does her face seem to be ringing a bell? A dangerous one, in fact. He looked into the azure eyes and finally it clicked. She was the daughter of-

A hand gripped his shoulder and pulled him back to face Valery, who was not willing to let him turn his back on her. She shoved him into the counter once again. This time, Xiore landed back-first. He winced, at the touch more than the pain that was spreading through his back. He looked up at Valery. He had enough. You could push the Nyern Elite Hunter for so long. His eyes flashed electric violet like a jolt of violet electricity--which was certainly almost the rarest thing in the world--and they stayed that way, looking coldly-furious.

But Valery wasn't going to whimper under that deadly cold glare whereas a lot of others would. "Eleana's statements are true," she hissed, her blazing eyes on his. "But you don't know what happened to Ebony," she continued, this time speaking to Eleana, "And I doubt even her brother does." Xiore flinched at being addressed as Ebony's brother, but he managed to ask, "What is she now?" He would have been happy with "a dead body", although he did dream of the pleasure he could gain by killing his father's murder. Valery's answer wasn't satisfying enough.

"Rogue? Broken?" Xiore spat at the floor, "I know my sister well enough to know that she'd never break." "You have judged your knowledge wrongly," Valery snapped in reply. Xiore looked up from the floor and narrowed his eyes at Valery. "You are not speaking the truth, are you?" he asked a little softly. There, his hopes on hunting her easily were thrown to the winds. "Do you actually look sorry?" Valery demanded, scowling at Xiore.

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Eleana flinched slightly from the man's glare, but once Valery had him pinned down to the counter, she glared defiantly back. Her eyes widened when she heard the word 'brother', but she didn't say anything. After a long time of looking coldly at the man she said, "Valery, let him go."

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alessia (classick) Valery obeyed unquestioningly and stepped back, allowing Xiore to stand. He scowled at at ground as he stood, brushing himself off. He wanted to tell them they'd pay for what they did today, but he preferred just giving them a silent look, promising revenge. "Leave," Valery snapped, "Or is a fight you want, Xiore?" Her hand went to her recurve bow instantly, and she scowled at his name. She had felt the need to say it, to remind him exactly who he was and why she hated him.

Xiore rolled his eyes at Valery, "I'll take the free ticket out of here." He paused for a second as the sprite streamed slowly down his face. He stuck out the tip of his tongue and raised his eyebrow at the weird taste. "Thank you for the free sprite too," he said, his eyes returning to their dull grey color as he started striding towards the door. At the entrance, he glanced over his shoulder, holding out an empty sack. Instantly, bottles of beer and wine few from the kitchen to their new home in the cozy bag. He shouldered it and the door slammed shut behind him, his voice muffled slightly, "The cash in on the counter."

A second passed in silence and Valery snapped at the end of it. She forgot he had Telekinesis just like her. She brought her fist down onto the counter, causing the coins Xiore promised to jump. She should have killed him right there, but she knew the Elite hunter of the Nyern clan wouldn't let her. He'd probably been in a really good mood, letting her throw a punch and shove him without slicing off an arm of hers in return. She didn't bother guessing the reason of his suppressed joy. She sent the coins jumping again with anther angered thump of her fist. This time, she didn't let them touch the table-top again. She sent them flying in crazy directions with a small telekinetic explosion.

She couldn't stand it anymore. With that thought, she turned and marched off furiously, slamming the door shut behind her too. She stormed her way to her home. Or, at least, the remnants of it.

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Eleana watched in horror as Valery strode out. No... No... "Valery!" She yelled. "VALERY! Come back!" She pleaded. But if her friend heard her, she didn't show any signs of it. Eleana knew it wouldn't be the smartest thing to go out after Valery - the best she could do was wait in this rambunctious inn until the day faded... And then it was bak 'home' for Eleana. Either way, she wanted to stay with Valery, and it hurt seeing her friend in such a huff.

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Sophia had paused midway through cleaning a glass to watch the whole scene unfold. She was shocked but strangely not scared. At the end of it the whole bar was quiet and watching. One could hear a pin drop if need be. Sophia gave a worried glance in Martin's direction who returned a look much the same. When no one made a sound Martin intervened and started clapping. Shouting loudly, "What a performance!" the patrons of the inn not quiet believing their eyes excepted this oddity as truth. They started clapping and cheering. When it was done their collective attentions returned to their tables and drinks. Sophia went and retrieved the waving man's food and returned finsihed cleaning the glasses and went to the kitchen to retrieve the waving man's food. Upon returning she caught an unmistakeably look from Martin. She nodded and headed over to the young girl who had been standing there in shock the whole time. She put a hand lightly on the girls shoulder to get her attention. When the girl turned and looked at Sophia she had a grave expression on her face and said softly, "It's time to leave young miss."

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Eleana's breathing was rapid, scared… terrified. She didn't know what to do. Could she trust the waitress? Did she know who Eleana was. She looked blankly at the waitress, her eyes wide, despite the older girl's tone. As she took a step back, towards the door, Eleana's blue eyes never left the waitress's face. Who was she? No doubt a simple human… and yet...

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Sophia looked on with a worried expression. She took a step forward then stopped. She didn't want to scare the girl. In fact Sophia found that rather funny. She wasn't one to instill fear. Her voice was soft and pleading, "Please miss, don't be afraid. It is best to leave. I was only meaning to take you home, but if not......."

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Eleana nodded. "Th-thank you." She tossed a pouch of coins at the waitress with the words, "for the drinks," and turned on her heel. She was out of the pub in a flash- and found herself in the streets of London. How marvellously superb.

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