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This is where most attacks and thieving at night happens. It's not safe now, not anymore. The sewers are lined with flea-infested rats, the servants of the Nyern Clan.

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Josiane Claremont | 35 comments Antebellum sat here and watched the people pass by, running from the disease. Their tall shadows and long cloaks trailed after them. Antebellum leaned back against the wall.

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Eleana looked around in desperation. She had to find a way back home- now that Valery had left her to go and possibly kill that Nyern man. Biting her lip, Eleana tried to find her way through London- but she had no idea how far she was from the Lenida territory.

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Josiane Claremont | 35 comments Antebellum noticed a presence wandering the street in front of her.

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Josiane Claremont | 35 comments Antebellum could feel the girl's panic from a distance. She she stopped and leaned against a wall to observe. Was she friend or foe?

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Eleana let her eyes rove over the complicated alleyways of London in the twelfth century. She swallowed nervously. The uneven cobblestones of London lined every street, making everything look identical. Far off, in the distance, the rattling of a human carriage could be heard as it passed over the streets. The usual human din was there, alright, it was nothing special. But, despite her abilities as a witch, and the daughter of the Lenida clan leader, her orientation skills (which were limited already) were most certainly not helping her find her way home. Jasmine's cerulean eyes glinted worriedly in the dim sunlight of the late afternoon from where they rested under the cowl of her long, black cloak. She bit her lip in anxiety.

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