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Share your quotes

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Not my daughter you B***

harry potter and the deathly hollows

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T.J. | 39 comments "My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations."

The Fault in Our Stars

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Arwen Life is shit and then you die


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such is life
ned kelly

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Arwen life is poo, be tough
Japanese teacher

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Hafsah | 2 comments true nobody but this only goes for sometimes,not all the times!what about u,all the time deprssed?

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Atifa | 51 comments even the sun sets in paradise
-Adam Levine

prayer is better than sleep
-Azaan Call

▂▃▅▇█۩✡۩̮✾ԲคՆՆ૯Ո คՈ૭૯Ն✾۩✡۩█▇▅▃▂ (-percabethforever-) Angels fly because they take themselves so lightly.

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Even strength bows to wisdom

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Even strength bows to wisdom

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: D said by annabeth

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Arwen You can't have your dessert if you don't eat your meat
- Pink Floyd

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Cat  (cat335) | 138 comments "Books, Cats, Life is good."

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Do what is right not what is easy

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Arwen "come on Hazel Grace, take a risk"

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