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Fire After Dark (After Dark, #1)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Erotic romance in London - peeking through another's flat [s]

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Thea Kane | 4 comments I read (I think it was a trilogy) recently about a woman who graduates and she's very shy, she moves to London from the English countryside and stays at a friend's flat to take care of her cat. A handsome man has the flat on the same floor facing hers, and she watches him and fantasizes about him.

Eventually they meet of course and hook up, then she works in an art gallery and gets hired by a Russian mobster type to lay out paintings in his apartment and to buy some artwork as well. In researching a painting, she travels with her boss (and mentor) and finds a unique painting in an abbey, which they reluctantly buy for the client. In the end, it's a fake, her boyfriend is loosely involved and trying to break away.

Her boyfriend buys a flat on another floor for the two of them to play and fantasize about. I cannot think of the title for the life of me! Please help!

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Was there a lot of sex? Was it trashy erotica? Mass market erotica/romance? Or was it more literary?

Nicky (niickkyyy) | 5 comments It's the After Dark series by Sadie Matthews.. The first book is Fire After Dark, the second is Secrets After Dark and the third is Promises After Dark.. :)

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Reviews of the books confirm plot points and Thea shelved the three books of the trilogy on Nov. 19, 2013 so I think we can assume this is solved.

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