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message 1: by Naoise (new)

Naoise | 2 comments There are very few topics here and no discussion at all about Sociolinguistics, Psycholinguistics, Neurolinguistics, Historical Linguistics, Cognitive Linguistics, Anthropological Linguistics, Computational Linguistics, Phonetics/ Phonology, Semiotics, Biolinguistics etc.
Although there is a topic here about Forensic Linguistics.

So, I want to ask you what are your field(s) of choice and favorite topics.
Introduce yourself and talk your researches as you wish.

message 2: by Traveller (new)

Traveller (moontravlr) | 2 comments Heh, Naoise, I saw the group on your profile and thought, aha, another linguistics group! --maybe there's more going on than the one I already belong to ...

But the other group is a lot livelier with a lot more going on.

If you look at these posts, they all seem to be quite old.
We could post here, and hope someone responds, but if you're interested, I'll mention the other group as well. It's here:

I guess my own interests would lie with sociolinguistics, semiotics and narratology.

message 3: by Naoise (new)

Naoise | 2 comments I am a member of that group too!
Thanks for answering.

I am more interested in biological misteries in Linguistics (Cognitive, Biolinguistics) and some studies of Historical Linguistics.
No surprises as I always loved Biology and History.

message 4: by Traveller (new)

Traveller (moontravlr) | 2 comments Besides English, Biology and History have been my strongest and most beloved subjects too. I guess I've just never looked into the varieties of linguistics deeply enough. I think I should. :)

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