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One Sure Thing (Mamma Lou MatchMaker, #3)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. about a grandmother who thinks she has a gift of match making. She is determined to find a women for her grandson who refuses to settle down. [s]

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Melissa | 3 comments Okay so I read this book about three years ago and I can't remember the author or title. The book is about a grandmother who thinks she has a gift of match making. She is determined to find a women for her grandson who refuses to settle down. She over hears a conversation in the bathroom at the opera between two women, one named Hope. She later learns that the women is a doctor and puts her plan in action.

She pretends she's sick and goes to the emergency room where the women works. She is secretly consuming nuts which she is allergic to. Her grandson arrives and goes off on the doctor, because he is a plastic surgeon and demands his grandmother be transferred to his hospital.

Dr. Hope ( don't remember her last name) and the grandson fall in love. Her sister and his friend Dennis fall in love aswell. Can someone please help me figure out what book this is!?!?

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SparksofEmber | 946 comments This needs to go in "unsolved". Possibly solved is for threads that were abandoned but a book was suggested that really fits and everyone agrees that was probably it.

Was it a new book when you read it? Is it a romance (aka bodice ripper) or a clean-type romance?

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Melissa | 3 comments Im fairly sure it was not a new book when I read it in 2010. It was a clean type romance. There was sex scenes but nothing close to 50 shades of Grey scenes.

The story plot was both romantic and a but mystery, as it wasn't reveled the grandmother was really faking being sick (by consuming nuts) to get Dr.Hope and her grandson (who is a plastic surgeon) together. Hope is a tuff character, who has had a hard life with an anusive father. She was actually thrown through a window, that's how she got the scar on her forehead. She is also not liked by her boss at the hospital, or the bosses son Wessley, which she dated and he broke up with her at his fathers request.

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SparksofEmber | 946 comments Well, I was going to say this still needs to be moved to "unsolved" but I think I may have just found it for you. If I did, shelve the book and then move the topic down to solved, okay?

This book seems to fit perfectly: One Sure Thing. description

This is what a reviewer posted on Amazon - "Louise Gates, matriarch of the Gates family and known to all who love her as Mamma Lou sets her sights on marrying off her remaining grandson, Dr. Raymond Gates, jr., renowned plastic surgeon. But who would be a perfect match for Raymond who is a determined bachelor and has warned his overzealous grandmother to keep her matchmaking skills to herself? Keeping her eyes and ears open, the resourceful Mamma Lou overhears a conversation in the ladies' room when she's attending the theater. Finally, there's 'hope' for Raymond! Throwing her plan into action, Mamma Lou turns up in the emergency room of Golden Heart Medical Center where Dr. Hope Adams is the physician in charge. Raymond races to his grandmother's side and clashes with Hope when he throws his weight around. His reputation as a brilliant surgeon precedes him, but Hope is not impressed. She doesn't let him push her around, and Raymond appreciates that. They are instantly attracted to one another however, due to some horrible things in her past, Hope cannot bring herself to trust any man let alone one as seemingly perfect as Raymond. With the help of Mamma Lou and Hope's sister, Faith, eventually Raymond and Hope come to realize that the ONE SURE THING they have between them is true love."

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Melissa | 3 comments Thank you so very much! I was literally racking my brain for days about this book because I really enjoyed it and wanted to read it again. I couldnt have figured it out without you! Thanks

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SparksofEmber | 946 comments No problem! :)

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