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message 1: by David, Teacher (new)

David Patterson (MrPatterson) | 79 comments Mod
This week we have a few questions for you about how you read, when you read, where you read, and what you read.

First, what's your favorite way to read a book, on paper or electronically? Why do you feel this way?

Second, when do you generally read? Do you read on a schedule, or at the same time every day, or do you read at different times? Do you read before bed (this is the most popular time to read books in the United States, by the way)?

Third, where do you generally read? Is it the same place every day, or mostly every day, or do you switch it up? Is it at home, or do you read other places? Where do you find you're most comfortable reading?

Finally, what is your favorite kind of book or reading material to read? Is this a recent change, or have you felt this way for a long while? Do you think your reading habits have changed since you've become a sophomore, and how do you think they'll change as you become a junior and senior?

message 2: by Drew (new)

Drew | 16 comments My favorite way is electronically because I can read books that I can't find on book stores also I can't ruin the book by ripping a page or spilling something on the book. I usually read after school and before bed. I read mostly at home at my desk and on my bed. I've liked manga and comics since I was little. My reading habits haven't changed for a long time but I might be reading chapter books more as I become a junior and senior.

message 3: by Charisma (new)

Charisma Ayers | 18 comments favorite way to read a book, is not on paper but electronically. If i have to actually read the book. Ill read before bed. I also read in the bed as my favorite place.. or laying down. My favorite type of reading material is horror. I have always felt this way, its the same for movies. I dont ill change as i become a junior and senior.

message 4: by Eric (new)

Eric Rodriguez | 20 comments I like to read books on paper because it is easier. I don't like reading electronic books because after awhile when I stare at a screen, it starts to hurt my eyes regardless of how bright the screen is. Paper books are just traditional and are easier to maintain. I read whenever i have the time to, but usually right after I get home and i don't have strict schedule for it. I read in the hall way outside my apartment because it's normally noisy inside. I like books where it has back to back events happening, like when there are constant events occurring another after another with a just a good general story. My reading habits have remained the same for a while, but I do get more engaged in my reading and I try more. That is where, when, what and how I reed.

message 5: by Jake (new)

Jake Dropkin | 14 comments I like to read books electronically. I normally read when im in the mood to which isnt often but i started to read a lot lately. I always read in my room because its my room and its quiet. I love to read horror because i always loved horror my whole life whether its movies or books.

message 6: by Sojourner (new)

Sojourner | 23 comments My favorite way to read books is on paper. I feel it is better because nothing could ever go wrong, like reading electronically things could shut down or break and freeze. I read at night during the week and in the morning during the weekend. I read at different times after school throughout the week. I usually read at the same place on the couch or my bed, I feel most comfortable at these places. My favorite reading material is horror, and nothing has ever changed.

message 7: by Kea (new)

Kea Adams-edwards | 9 comments I dont really have a favorite way to read either or is fine but sometimes electronically is better because you can read books that you might not find in stores. I normally read when i have nothing else to do and i dont wanna read tv but usually i do read before bed. I sometimes read on the train or at home. My favorite kind of book are drama books just because its so interesting to understand what other people problems are in your own perspective. I also like books that are filled with suspense because they keep you turning the pages. I dont think my taste in reading will change because im very picky when it comes to reading.

message 8: by Shianne (new)

Shianne Perez | 15 comments My favorite way to read is on paper because I can see my progress while I read . I dont generally have a favorite time to read but I read whenever my book is interesting . I read wherever its quiet & wherever I can think about what i've read . My favorite type of book is generally something I could relate to or something that can make me feel what the character is feeling .

message 9: by Jahmar (new)

Jahmar | 14 comments my favorite way to read probably on paper because it is easier for me to concentrate and my favorite time to read is when im bored or have nothing to do. My favorite type of book is action,ADVENTURE,SPORTS.

message 10: by Chasalyn (new)

Chasalyn Salce | 9 comments i like to read in my room when its quite and i like to read books about things that real like rap and death

message 11: by Samantha (new)

Samantha | 15 comments I really don't have a certain way of reading because if a book interest me, i'm not gonna say "oh, this is on paper i don't wanna read it." I read all the time no matter where i am. I dont really like to say that i would read at a certain time because my schedules always change. I read before bed and when i wake up, because when i stop at a page its so interesting that i have to finish reading. I've been one to read chapter books ever since 6th grade because the harder the book is the more experienced i become when reading.

message 12: by Dameon (new)

Dameon Lawlor | 17 comments I like to read anywhere it's quite and I can lay down because I feel cromfterbal and good. I don't read on a schedule I just read at times I feel like reading and I read in my house every single day. Normally fiction and action and adventure because these thing instrest me in read the book.

message 13: by Travis (new)

Travis | 7 comments My favorite way to read is on paper because I can actually turn the pages and it will work in direct sunlight. I usually read before bed because it calms me down and gets me to think before I sleep. Also on weekends I try to read at my local library if I have time. otherwise I read in my room. I usually prefer noir and suspense stories because It keeps a bleak view of the world while still achieving a realistic storyline and society. I think my reading habits change very slowly as I change my point of view of life so I can continue to relate to the story to an extent.

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