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message 1: by David, Teacher (new)

David Patterson (MrPatterson) | 79 comments Mod
This week we have a few questions for you about how you read, when you read, where you read, and what you read.

First, what's your favorite way to read a book, on paper or electronically? Why do you feel this way?

Second, when do you generally read? Do you read on a schedule, or at the same time every day, or do you read at different times? Do you read before bed (this is the most popular time to read books in the United States, by the way)?

Third, where do you generally read? Is it the same place every day, or mostly every day, or do you switch it up? Is it at home, or do you read other places? Where do you find you're most comfortable reading?

Finally, what is your favorite kind of book or reading material to read? Is this a recent change, or have you felt this way for a long while? Do you think your reading habits have changed since you've become a sophomore, and how do you think they'll change as you become a junior and senior?

message 2: by Amanda (new)

Amanda Feliciano | 4 comments I like to read books both electronically and on paper because even though electronically it is easier, and more convenient for me, I still like to be able to physically see the book and it's quality. I like to read on weekends, usually in the afternoons at different times. I just read whenever I feel like reading. I usually read in my room, just because I prefer laying down when I'm reading a good story or book. I love love reading romantic novels/ fantasies with romance. I've always loved books about love and vampires and things like that. It allows me to escape from the real world, it will always be that way for me even when I become a senior in high school

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

I like to read books on paper because it is always how I have read a book and I have never read a book electronically. I read in the school library because it is really quiet. I do not like reading in class I just can't focus. I also read in my room at home or on the bus. I read in the afternoon around 5-6. I do not have a favorite reading material. I just read any book that interests me.

message 4: by Luke (new)

Luke Marable | 19 comments I prefer to read physical books rather than electronic books because it's just more natural and appealing to me since I have read several hundred books in my lifetime already.
I like to read whenever and wherever I can really. On the subway, car trips, flights, at home. As long as I have a good book.
I don't have a favorite kind of book or genre. As long as the book itself is good.

message 5: by Brian (new)

Brian Rosario | 36 comments I usually read books electronically because i can read and search any book i want. I read on a schedule. On Monday I read an hour and the rest of the days come naturally. I generally read at home because it is quiet. I only read at home. I don't have a favorite book and genre. My reading habits have affected me all my life and will always stay like that.

message 6: by Rocco (new)

Rocco Rinaldi-Rose (roccorr) | 40 comments I have always much preferred to read books on paper, for the simple reason that I enjoy the feeling that paper has beneath the hand and the gaze. I will read whenever I have time to, when I have finished work, or just whenever I feel like it at home. I do read before bed, anywhere from 15 minutes to 3 hours. I will read literally everywhere, to me it does not matter. I find that I like to read best stretched out on the floor. My favorite books currently tend to be scientific literature, and studies of Japanese culture. Over time, I have migrated from mainly fiction to mainly nonfiction and textbooks. However, I am willing to try most books and read voraciously.

message 7: by Tasha (new)

Tasha | 14 comments I prefer reading books on paper rather than reading books electronically because printed copies make me feel some sort of comfort also, because I started reading on a papered copy first before I got into the electronic version so it always stuck to me. Once I get used to something it's hard to convert to something else.

I don't have a time set on when and where I would read something. At times I do plan out when and where I read, it depends on if whatever I'm reading is interesting to me. I do read regularly on my way to a destination, whether it be in a car or public transportation or whatever vehicle. I do read before bed and when I'm waiting for something or someone. Reading gives you something to do.
I find home to be a more suitable place to read because you can be at peace and cozy up to something, there are no rules that apply as to how you want to cozy up.

I read a variety of genres of reading materials. I read magazines,news,novels just to name a few. In my opinion I think that people should read something out of their comfort zone. I'm not saying that this should happen all the times or am I saying that you should pick something boring to read but it would be good to learn more from different topics of reading.
I don't think my reading habits have changed since I've became a sophomore,I can say that there were times in the past where I would take a break from reading and times where I was hooked on books. I feel this year I've been reading more than last year. I plan on covering a broader range of books in my junior and senior years of high school.

message 8: by Joey (new)

Joey Sotomayor | 16 comments My favorite way to read a book is electronically. I say this because I feel as though it is more easier to carry around a nook rather than a book. With a nook you can have a whole library in your fingertips without having to leave and go to an actual library.

I usually read before I go to sleep whether that is thirty minutes to an hour it depends because if I am really sleepy I might not even read that day. If I don't read one day I usually make up for it another day.

I usually read wherever I have my nook with me. I take my nook with me to school so I read during Study Hall and if I am at home i read in my bed.

I stick to reading fiction just because it is a way of escaping the real world and going into a different one. I've always been used to fiction.

message 9: by Shyaka (new)

Shyaka | 11 comments I prefer to read electronically on a tablet or computer because, for one reason it saves paper and if you don't understand a word or phrase you can tap or click on the word and it will give you the definition.
I don't really have a schedule on what time of day I read I will usually just read on the train or when I'm at home or whatever time is convenient for me.
My favorite kind of books are autobiography , nonfiction books really any book about or taking place in modern history

message 10: by Ronan (new)

Ronan | 19 comments I prefer to read books on paper, because I like being able to turn the pages and physically see how far I am in the book. I read at different times, often before bed. I prefer to read laying down, but I can also read sitting up. I prefer reading fiction because I like getting engrossed in a story and getting to know certain characters. I read many different kinds of fiction.

message 11: by Imani (new)

Imani | 25 comments I prefer to read books on paper, because I just like seeing how far until im done, and I like putting my book mark where the chapter ends.
I read at different times, I do read before bed but it depends on the book.
I mainly read at home in a corner of my room in my p.j's.
I like reading fiction, drama books because they keep me engaged and interested.

message 12: by cordelllane (last edited Nov 21, 2013 09:00PM) (new)

cordelllane n summors (summorscl) | 19 comments 1)I prefer reading books on paper rather than reading electronically because of the feel of the paper, it just comfortable.

2)I read at night, about 7-12 pm.I dont have a schedule,but i do read my book before bed evey time.

3)I read in the sam place every day,on my bed so i be read for bed, and it comfortable.

4)My favorite subject has always been fiction, but as i move up a grade i'm starting to give non-fiction a chance again.

message 13: by Max (new)

Max Warner | 19 comments I prefer reading on the internet rather than paper.
I usually read once I get home or after I finish homework.
I read in the comforts of my beautiful home.
I have always been a fan of mystery, but fiction is always entertaining.

message 14: by Michael (new)

Michael Marrero | 15 comments 1. I like to read on paper because I want to see how far I've read and how far I have left to read.

2. I read when ever I have time in school and outside my house.

3. I read when I'm on the train going and coming from school.

4. My favorite type of books are fiction books.

message 15: by Liam (new)

Liam | 27 comments I feel that that books I want to remember, and keep are best as paper, while books I'm only going to read once, are better on a kindle. I think this is because I can remember a story better if it occupies physical space, but I have no clue why.

One of the few benefits from living far away from school is that I have a lot of down time on the commutes. This is when and where I do 95% of my reading. It gives me about two hours a day, which is otherwise wasted.

Right now I am reading mostly classics, this is because I want to be able to understand what reading them was like before they were so well known, and hence why they are. Also because reading for a school or project turns the book into more of a chore then something enjoyable.

message 16: by Monica (new)

Monica | 22 comments My favorite way to read books is on paper. I read on my phone for a while but I get easily distracted and it ends up hurting my eyes, it's convenient but I can only do it for so long. Paperbacks on the other hand are nice and I like flipping pages.

I read in the mornings on the train to school because my train is like 40 minutes and it's a nice way to start out the day and when I'm taking the train back. Occasionally if I'm really into a book I'll read at home.

I mostly read in the train to and from school because it's convenient and I have nothing else to do. But sometimes if I can't sleep or just feel like reading I read in my bed because it's the most comfortable.

My favorite kind of book to read is either fantasy or about teenagers in high school or college because fantasy is fun to feel like your in a different world and the other one is relatable and entertaining.

message 17: by Laszlo (new)

Laszlo | 18 comments My favorite way to read books is on paper. This feels more natural to me and therefore I can better appreciate the book.

message 18: by Laszlo (new)

Laszlo | 18 comments My favorite way to read books is on paper. This feels more natural to me and therefore I can better appreciate the book.

I read during the evening because this is when I am the most relaxed and in the mood to enjoy a book, I usually read for 30 min a night.

My favorite kind of book to read is an action or adventure book, however there is a series of book I have lately been enjoying, called the no.1 ladies detective agentsy, which is a drama/mistary it is very entertaining

message 19: by Willem (new)

Willem | 21 comments I prefer to read books on paper opposed to on an electronic device. I get easily distracted, but they are good ways to store books.

I read on the subway to and from school, but mostly when I'm at home after school or in the morning when I wake up, or before I go to sleep. There's just something about getting so tired that you cant turn the page, letting the words flow over you as you drift off into the inner workings of your mind.... @w@

I usually read on the Subway, but mostly up in my room, on my bed, in a sofa, or some other comfy corner or spot.

My favorite types of books are adventure and action reads. Lots of suspense (but not too much) epic fight scenes, plot twists...etc.
I usually read fantasy, sci-fi, steampunk, alternate history etc. types of books because you can go anywhere you want in writing those types of publications, and it's truly amazing to see what people can imagine and come up with.

message 20: by Nichollas (new)

Nichollas Rampulla | 17 comments My favorite way to read a book is on paper since I personally prefer the actual book in my hands. I read when ever I am able to find time. I try to read during my work shops and try to read before bead but sometimes I get to tiered and can't focus. The places I general read is in all my work shop rooms and in my bed room since they are the only two place I can ever find any piece and quiet. If you want an honest answer my favorite books to read are comic books. Although fiction novels are't that bad if they are based in reality.

message 21: by Julien (new)

Julien | 24 comments My favorite reading place is anywhere, at any time. I read on the subway to school, in cars, sitting down, in my bed, on the couch and sometimes in school. (This pissed off Eugine and Alex a bit) I used to read as much as possible last year, but have stopped doing so because of this thing we're on right now, this Goodreads, and weekly journal. As much as I like reading, which is a lot. I hate being told to read and to describe what I read. I don't like my reading being subjected to a schedule, or to write how it made me feel, and why. I don't look for new books to read because I know I'll have to write about it later, which literally makes me grind my teeth. If anything, I'm fine with the Goodreads, but I don't like the journals. Its unenjoyable to do as its the same thing every week. Ah, but enough about me, now where was I? Oh yes, my favorite type of story is fantasy, particularly one where the protagonist goes to a new world, or where they find a new one in the world they already live in. I have several books on my shelves that I've read, and reread if I ever forget the story. But I prefer reading electronically because I can have several books on one device with less than half the space that they would take up.

message 22: by Akahr (new)

Akahr Bussant | 16 comments My favorite way to read is on paper because you have less distractions then you do electronically. I kind of read on a schedule, I read before I go to sleep, sometimes I fall asleep on my books. I generally read on my bed, its the most comfortable place to read. I like to read fiction because of the stories and the long plots, I don't really like to read and I think that will never change. But I have made a change, but in junior and senior year I don't think I would like to read.

message 23: by Gabe (new)

Gabe | 18 comments My favorite way to read books is on paper because if i use electronic items outside of school i will not focus. Also paper books are orginal. i read on train rides or before i sleep so it is almost like a schedule. I read in my house or on the train. I like all kinds of books. In my later years i'll read a little more hopefully.

message 24: by Alvin (new)

Alvin | 18 comments I prefer to read on a book because that's what Ive been used to doing all my life. I usually read at about 6:00 every single day for my homework. Personally I don't even like to read, but none-less I have to. Every time I sit down to read a book I go in my room because its really quiet in there. Lastly I feel most comfortable in there too because I can read while laying down on my nice comfy bed.

message 25: by Kyla (new)

Kyla Cain | 19 comments My favorite way to read books is electronically because it saves my place automatically.

I read whenever I am bored or see a book that looks interesting.

I usually read in my room at home or I go to the park to read.

I ususally read books that are realistic fiction. My reading habits have changed.

message 26: by Brandyn (new)

Brandyn | 10 comments I like to read on paper, because I feel that reading is a way to get away from technology, and using a Kindle for example is kind of beating the point. I do not read every day, most days I do though. I read whenever I feel like, when I'm curious for what happens next, usually before dinner. I read in my apartment most of the time. The only time I read anywhere else is if I have to go somewhere, and I did not read yet, and there is no time afterward(eg. Doctors appointment). I like to read not specific genres, but actual series' that people have recommended to me, I don't have a preference.

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