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message 1: by S.R. (new)

S.R. Hughes (thesrhughes) | 9 comments No Reflection

Nicole's life is falling apart.

She's taking triple her prescribed dosage of anti-anxiety meds, on the cusp of losing her job, lost and alone in the biggest city in America-- and she just watched a woman die.

Now being pulled into a world of horrors, dragged through the gritty underbelly of New York City, with only a small group of motley investigators to help her, Nicole has to stop a vanity-obsessed murderer before she becomes one of his tortured victims.

Hello! I'm offering up 10 copies of my book for review, in either .PDF or .Mobi formats. "No Reflection" is the first book in The Furies, a dark urban fantasy/horror series based in New York City. It's been blessed by some very positive reviews on as well as a couple on Goodreads; the sites I'm most interested in seeing your phenomenal reviews posted. Although if anyone happens to run a blog, that would also be incredible.

Here are a few excerpts from some of our reviews, if you're feeling dubious about the book:

"An action-packed, paranormal thriller teetering on the brink of
madness." -- Clarion Foreword

" of the few books that truly focused (like a laser beam...) on the grotesque nature of all things evil." -- ACReads

"I become so horrified that I wanted throw the book out the window to erase the grotesque images imprinted on my mind." -- an Amazon reader!

I should note that when posting reviews on you should begin by pointing out that "I received this book from the author for an honest review."-- this will help avoid the deletion of your post from the site, which makes everyone happier :)

If you would be interested in receiving a copy, please indicate so here, or by messaging me, and I will send you one post-haste!

Thank you all so very much.

message 2: by Frank (new)

Frank Spinney | 44 comments I would love to review your book, you wouldn't by any chance have it in print form?

message 3: by S.R. (new)

S.R. Hughes (thesrhughes) | 9 comments I have some old print copies, if you want them-- and can probably get some up-to-date ones (there was a round of revisions post-publication sadly) with relative haste!

message 4: by Frank (new)

Frank Spinney | 44 comments That would be awesome,

message 5: by Frank (new)

Frank Spinney | 44 comments Just let me know what you need from me. Thanks Spenser.

message 6: by S.R. (new)

S.R. Hughes (thesrhughes) | 9 comments As soon as I get the new shift in I'll be able to send one out to you-- I will probably need an address or something to ship it to, however.

Let me know, and thanks again! I'm not sure why it's taking so long to get here...

message 7: by Frank (new)

Frank Spinney | 44 comments Thanks Spencer, my address is

Frank Spinney
153 Park St Apt 6
Orono, Maine 04473

I eagerly await your book.

message 8: by S.R. (new)

S.R. Hughes (thesrhughes) | 9 comments I've just mailed it!
It will hopefully be there shortly :)

message 9: by Frank (new)

Frank Spinney | 44 comments Thanks Spencer, I will read it over Christmas break, and post a review

message 10: by Jackie (new)

Jackie Bessford | 13 comments Hi, would love to read your book

message 11: by S.R. (new)

S.R. Hughes (thesrhughes) | 9 comments Hey Jackie! I would love to have you read my book-- what format would you prefer it in? Let me know and I'll get it to you as soon as possible :D


message 12: by Jackie (new)

Jackie Bessford | 13 comments Would like to download it onto kindle please

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