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message 1: by readeraz (new)

readeraz (zoethereader) | 14 comments Divergent! I also LOVE TMI, but Divergent is just amazing! <3

message 2: by Teresa (new)

Teresa | 241 comments The Mortal Instruments/Infernal Devices. I just LOVE it. I'm almost done reading the first Book. And I'm LOVING it.

message 3: by readeraz (new)

readeraz (zoethereader) | 14 comments I have read all of the books in both TMI/TID, and all of the books in the Divergent trilogy and Divergent I think is better written with more character development! But I definitely love TMI/TID still

message 4: by Brooke (new)

Brooke  (brookeluvsbooks) I'm in the middle of City of Bones and so far I like Divergent better but City of Bones is really good so far. :]

message 5: by Madi (new)

Madi (madmonkeybooks) Divergent is so much better than City of Bones!

message 6: by Teresa (last edited Dec 13, 2013 08:48AM) (new)

Teresa | 241 comments Agree 100%. City of Bones is MUCH BETTER than Divergent.

message 7: by Caru (new)

Caru Divergent is SO MUCH MORE BETTER THAN CITY OF BONES!I'm reading CoB and it's okay so far

message 8: by Teresa (new)

Teresa | 241 comments You're Welcome! Because Lizzy, it is true, CoB is better. Not saying that Divergent isn't good. It is.

message 9: by readeraz (new)

readeraz (zoethereader) | 14 comments Madi wrote: "Divergent is so much better than City of Bones!"

Thank you!!! Divergent is so much better, I loved city if bones and stuff but there was so much more to Divergent, and Tris is so much better than Clary...

message 10: by nindizzle (last edited Apr 27, 2014 05:16AM) (new)

nindizzle | 1 comments Well, I have only read the the first Divergent book yet and am currently reading Insurgent, which is pretty good so far. I've read all the mortal instruments books that've been released so far and though I can already say that I do love the Divergent series I think TMI is better, even if it's just a tad, as are the Infernal Devices

message 11: by April (new)

April | 46 comments I can't judge 'cause I hadn't read Divergent or seen the movie. Nor have I read my Infernal Devices books. I have so many, just hadn't gotten to 'em yet. But I love City of Bones 'specially Jace.

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