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Shanti (candidlyshanti) | 12 comments Mod
If you're looking to network and collaborate with authors, readers, reviewers please list your project synopsis and contact info here.

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M'Hogany M'Hogany (mhogany) | 1 comments I'm actually looking into this and I hope others jump in and throw out ideas

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KLYMAXXX KLYMAXXX | 1 comments Kharisma FB-Author Kharisma Kashmere

Sex. Lies. Betrayal:The Facade
“You love me? Love wouldn’t have me standing here with a black eye and handprints on my neck from you choking me. Love wouldn’t allow you to put your hands on me period, no matter how mad you get! You love the convenience I provide. Here it is you can fuck me, her, and whoever the hell else you screwing. Then come home to a clean house and cooked meal…well guess what, NO MORE!” –Mrs.
“I doubted my marriage from the moment we said I do. The past four years have been hell trying to make us work. Anger and frustration caused me to step out and I won’t lie, it felt amazing. I felt free to do whatever I wanted and that’s exactly what I did. Then somewhere down the line things started levitating beyond my control. What started off as the best one night stand of my life quickly exploded into something I couldn’t categorize. I stopped caring which was something I never thought would happen. Our situation got so bad we were fist fighting on an everyday basis leaving no room for words. Then one night changed everything.” −Mr.
Antonio and Erie Petigrew’s marriage is far from fairytale, but who overstepped their boundaries husband or wife? When one comes up missing the violent history and treacherous secrets of their past will come become the present. From countless infidelity to multiple miscarriages they turn a beautiful union into a hideous showdown between love and currency. And when the smoke clears one spouse will get way more than they bargained for. This isn’t another love triangle where all ends well in this dysfunctional tale of lust. And with a matrimony tangled in an endless maze of sex, lies, and betrayal soon everyone will discover it was all just one big Façade.

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Makenzi Makenzi | 1 comments INTERNAL AFFAIRS: Anyone who works, knows someone that works or has worked in a call center knows there’s always drama. The entire life of the call center revolves, lies, consequences and irate customers. Follow the lives of several individuals from different backgrounds who work in a call center as they deal with Drama! and more Drama!

MAKENZIInternal Affairs

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