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Selene {нєιя σf ℓυиα} (ohthefeelsofbooks) | 115 comments Mod
*Please fill out all the blanks and put the type of character at the very top, preferably bolded.

Type of character you can be (Please put which your character is at the top or in the history):
A Selected Girl (Max. 35)
Prince (Max. 1)
Maid (Max. 105 [depending on how many selection girls there are, only three per girl and you may create multiple maids, as long as they are maids to the same girl])

Please create your selected girl with the form below:

Family members:

Please create the Prince with the form below:

Family members:

Please create a maid with the form below:


message 2: by Bekah (new)

Bekah | 85 comments ::Name:: Danica Baker

::Age:: 18


::Caste:: 6

::Personality:: Danica is a hard-core realist who sees the world as it is. Everything is either black or white. Being orphaned at a young age she has been in and out of care of other people. She is very secluded and slow to trust. She would prefer to be left alone but wants to speak out to help others and change the world. She refuses to believe any fairy tale. She has been left and unloved alone. She has had to be tougher than nails to survive and knows how it feels to sleep alone, crying yourself to sleep every night. She has had all the reality she can handle and sooner or later, she's going to crack.

::History:: Born into the third caste Danica had a good life at a young age. But not for long. Her father died as a guard and her mother left her abandoned on the side of the road. She didn't even bother to put her into foster care. Seeing the child as nothing she was changed to a six and lived with any homes that would accept her. She suffered from being abused by the other children. They would hit her and call her names like weirdo and freak. She grew used to it and worked hard to be able to care for herself. She would play an old beat-up violin she found in the dumpster of a home belonging to a two. She taught herself to play and would earn coins in the busy streets. This way she earned more than just a regular meager income.

::Family members::

~Helping people
~Changing things for the better

~The castes
~Rude people
~Being social
~Someone not caring

~Making things happen
~Public speaking
~Knowledge of how to fight

~Talking face to face
~Sugar coating things
~Being "normal"

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Selene {нєιя σf ℓυиα} (ohthefeelsofbooks) | 115 comments Mod
Approved! We just have to wait for more people :3

message 4: by Paulina (last edited Feb 25, 2014 08:07PM) (new)

Paulina Name : Emily Miller ( selected girl )

Age: 17

Appearance : A brunette girl with honey eyes

Caste : 4

Personality : Emily Miller is a strong person but also insecure . She protects herself from being harmed and she trusts just a few people . She knows how to talk in front of an audience and how to behave . In the other side , she is funny , likes to talk and have fun . She is interested in other people , specially children . Emily is sweet but a little stubborn too . Sometimes she overreacts but knows how to control herself almost all the time .

History : Born into the fourth caste , Emily was raised in a little house with two sisters , her dad and her mother . They hardly ever have economical problems , but when it happens , they have to make some sacrifices . When she was young , Emily studied in a public school . Her dad taught her how to play the piano , and she knows English and Spanish . She has few friends and is always with her sisters . Right know she is working on a factory to help her family . She loves reading books and teaching to children , unfortunately for her , she is a four so she can't do it .

Family Members :

Katherine Miller : her mother
James Miller : her father
Alice Miller : her older sister , Alice is 19
Summer Miller : her younger sister , Summer is 15

Likes :

the Nature

Dislikes :

Hypocritical people
people that wastes food/water/clothes

Weaknesses :

Talking about herself
Gets scared easily
She is not good at sports ( except swimming )

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Selene {нєιя σf ℓυиα} (ohthefeelsofbooks) | 115 comments Mod
Approved! I'm on my iPod right now, so I can't edit the character list, but I'll do it in the morning!

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Za-za | 171 comments The Prince

Name: Dante Bluejae Aaron Angelo (Some of his close friends call him 'Jay').

Age: 19


Dante is pretty reserved and calculative. He knows his royal duties, but he isn't very interested in finding a girl and settling down. He is constantly reminded, however, that he must remedy that very, very soon. Around his friends he loves to joke around, and he doesn't like them to treat him like royalty. He loves to chill out and party as much as the next teenage boy. He just knows that nothing can last. He always is on alert, he'll never let his guard down. Never. He is sort of like a secret genius, and even when he is joking around, he is always thinking. His mind never stops, but he wouldn't have it any other way. It's his greatest weapon. One, however, would never know any of this if they just saw him on TV. That's when it's game time, and he lays on the charm. He is seen as polite and laid-back, but he is really a guarded guy who only lets loose around those he knows and loves. They see him for the person he is - a prankster, a flirt, and a charming guy. He might never let down his guard, but if you get to know him, you might see who he really is.

At the young age of four, Dante was attacked by an organized group of masked people. The guards got to him before too much damage was inflicted or before they finished what they came to do. He escaped with just a scar on his back, but it was enough to drive the king to temporary madness. From that moment on, Dante learned early on how to fight. Now, at 19, he is one of the best fighters in all of Ilea, but the King still makes him practice harder. His standards for Dante are nothing other than the impossible best, and Dante always tries to meet his father's high standards - no matter how impossible they may be. At 19, he isn't ready to settle down. He isn't sure about the future. But he needs to be. Because he is the prince, he will have to do what he doesn't know if he's ready for and marry. Hopefully the Selection will provide a match that may be suitable... Or will it?

Family members:
Queen - Victoria Sterling
Cousins - Mariana (18), Silvia (19), Nicholas (24), Aleydis (27), Edward (28), Dorian (28).

~Living life
~Honest fighting
~Hanging out with his friends

~Awkward social situations
~People who aren't loyal
~Being weak

~Playing the piano

~Awkward social interaction
~Letting down his guard
~Warming up to anyone other than his family and close friends.

Other: Let me know if there is anything that you'd like me to change! :)

message 7: by Za-za (new)

Za-za | 171 comments Paulina wrote: "I think the same :) !!!"

Awesome! Ian Somerhalder it is! :D

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mels (padmeskywalkers) Name: Celina Hendrix

Age: 17

Caste: 4. Her parents own a hotel, and she helps out.


Personality: Celina is shy at first, but once you get to know her, she's very sweet, kind, and caring. She smiles a lot. She's fairly smart, as well.

History: Her parents own a hotel, and she helps at the front desk, and occasionally acts as a maid or waitress when they're short handed. She doesn't mind all that much when she has to.

Family members:
Father, 40
Mother, 35
Brother, 20
Brother, 18

~The rain
~To smile
~The sun on her face
~Someone who can make her laugh

~Rude people

She's an avid reader, and is pretty smart. She knows how to give orders, from helping to run a hotel. She's very kind, and wins people's trust easily.

Her shyness gets the better of her a lot, and she gets afraid to voice her opinion.

Other: ...Yep.

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Selene {нєιя σf ℓυиα} (ohthefeelsofbooks) | 115 comments Mod
She is a selected girl, correct?
(I just don't want to assume wrong)

Jack Frost, Jaquelyn, Jackie:  {The empress of winter; The lonely white wolf } (elchornoboy) | 715 comments ((queen)

Name: Victoria Maribeth Sterling Angelo
Age: 30
Personality: she is a big nerd, but she is also very brave and kind.
Appereance: She is 4'9, long jet black hair, baby blue eyes.

Victoria was born in the castle. Since age five she was always smart. Her mother told her to take on royal duties when she was twelve. She told her mother no and would rather use her mind. Now that she is thirty she is a big nerd. She has never told anyone, not even her family.

Family members:
Son- Dante Bluejae Aaron Angelo (19)
Cousins - Mariana (18), Silvia (19), Nicholas (24), Aleydis (27), Edward (28), Dorian (28).

- Has an excellent friendship with her family

- Her duties

- Her duties as Queen
- Her knowledge
-her relationship with her family

- Her son or any of her family getting hurt.


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mels (padmeskywalkers) Name: Sophia Day

Age: 18

Caste: 3



Sophia's SUPER awkward when she doesn't know what's going on.

Oftentimes she'll just stand there, nodding, like she know's what you're talking about.

She'll also spontaneously burst out into laughter.

She loves to joke around, have fun, and do stuff with her life.

History: Her parents are lawyers and want for her to do the same, if she doesn't win the Selection.

Family members: Parents. She's an only child.


~Boring stuff
~Sitting still

She's good at communicating, and having fun.

She's terrible at paperwork, and everything to do with work.

Other: Selected.

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Selene {нєιя σf ℓυиα} (ohthefeelsofbooks) | 115 comments Mod
Sophia is approved.
Since the Prince and Queen will be approved (as long as they're completed) I'm going to add them to the character list as well.
Quick question, which last name are you guys going to use? Angelo or Sterling?

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Selene {нєιя σf ℓυиα} (ohthefeelsofbooks) | 115 comments Mod
Name: Charlotte Grace

Age: 16


Personality: Charlotte is very caring. She can also be very trustworthy and takes her job seriously. She is always trying to be helpful. She is very shy and quiet person and is a bit socially awkward.

History: Charlotte has no recollection as to what caste she was born into. She was left by her parents. She was raised with a hard life as an Eight before a six saw her work ethic and put in a request to have her work in the castle. She was very delighted and is very proud to be there now.

Her job
Feeling needed
taking care of people

When people don't follow the rules
Rude people
Feeling unneeded


Small talk
Abandonment issues

Other: Maid for Emily Miller

((Trying to make one maid for each girl for now. With school and homework, it might take a while.))

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Selene {нєιя σf ℓυиα} (ohthefeelsofbooks) | 115 comments Mod
Name: Mackenzie (Mack) Jacobs

Age: 20

Personality: Mackenzie is a very opinionated person. Although she mostly keeps to herself because she knows some of the things she thinks could get her into serious trouble. Even with the things she doesn't say, Mack is a chatterbox. She knows how to carry on a conversation smoothly. She is very trustworthy and seems quite loyal to her country.


History: Mackenzie was born into service at the Castle. However, while she was a child she was quite happy with loving parents. When she got older and started working however, she hardly had enough time to spend time with her parents and they were killed during a rebel attack. She misses them dearly and began to hate the Castes because if they had been in a different Caste, they would have been herded into a safe room first, or not have even been in the Castle. However, she can't deny that the King and Queen treat the maids well.

Being social
Helping others

Disrespectful people

Being trustworthy
Her job
Being soothing

Trusting others
Tad bit bossy

Other: Maid for Danika Baker

Jack Frost, Jaquelyn, Jackie:  {The empress of winter; The lonely white wolf } (elchornoboy) | 715 comments Elizabeth (Silena) (Khione) wrote: "Sophia is approved.
Since the Prince and Queen will be approved (as long as they're completed) I'm going to add them to the character list as well.
Quick question, which last name are you guys go..."

We will use Angelo.

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