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message 1: by Deano (new)

Deano | 104 comments Hi all
If anyone has a iphone on here they know what I'm talking about.
If you try to download a book on the app it will only download part as Apple have put a restriction on anything over 50mb.
Now although this is a apple restriction, I also know that the app itself could be altered so that it could download more.
I have seen this I other apps where a full film could be downloaded.
I can not download from wifi at home as I only have a mobile and my mobile internet.
Now please before I get stupid trolls telling me that a android is better, please don't bother as I'm not interested in have a android!!!!
This is a question to audible to try and sort this problem.
And if anyone else agrees please say so, to try and get this resolved.

message 2: by Deano (new)

Deano | 104 comments You are right Jo
But it annoys me that I'm limited on something I pay to be unlimited for.
A simple on off switch in app would do

message 3: by Dee (last edited Nov 17, 2013 06:56AM) (new)

Dee (austhokie) | 1541 comments I'm curious if it's an apple imposed limit what can the app folks do...I mean most books are already broken up into multiple parts, many of which are smaller than 50mb because of that

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

I had an iPod Touch for 2.5 years and never had download problems with the Audible app. Sorry I can't be of assistance :)

message 5: by Dee (new)

Dee (austhokie) | 1541 comments I have an iPhone and a touch as well but I do all my downloading via so-go so I've never run into the issue

message 6: by Deano (new)

Deano | 104 comments 50mb is about 1hr in good quality and 2hrs in low
So no they are not in parts under 50mb
As I stated before this is possible in side the app as the restrictions Apple impose are connected to their App Store and iTunes
Not other sites

message 7: by Dee (new)

Dee (austhokie) | 1541 comments and you're sure its not a UK thing that limits file sizes? because I know in the US pretty much all cell phone service providers have gone to limited download sizes via cell phone plans because of the cost

message 8: by Deano (new)

Deano | 104 comments Na if you look up iphone 50mb download limit
Loads of people moan about it in USA
But I know it's unnecessary for an in app download.
You don't all have unlimited data over there??

message 9: by Sandra (last edited Nov 17, 2013 07:27AM) (new)

Sandra  (sleo) | 575 comments I have an iphone and know of no such limit. But for books you have to have a wifi connection. This is never a problem for me, as I have it at home and at work and there are plenty of restaurants and stores that have free wifi. And yes, I have unlimited data.

message 10: by HJ (new)

HJ I'm in the UK using an iPhone 4 with Audible app. The first post confused me because the only problem I have with downloading audiobooks to my phone is lack of space because of everything else I already have on my phone. So I checked the FAQ in the Audible app.

The 50MB download limit is for iPhones connected to a carrier network. Files larger than that can be downloaded over Wi-Fi - and I always do my downloading over Wi-Fi which is why I never encountered the restriction.

message 11: by Deano (new)

Deano | 104 comments Lol by saying you for books you have to have a wifi connection says there is a limit!!
It's not that you don't have unlimited data
It's that it will not let you download more than 50mb over 3G and you have to download the rest on a wifi.
If that's not a limit what is it???

message 12: by Deano (new)

Deano | 104 comments Not sure how that confused you
But as I said I don't have wifi so it was obviously a limit over 3G
Guess I should have spelt it out

message 13: by Sandra (new)

Sandra  (sleo) | 575 comments Deano wrote: "Not sure how that confused you
But as I said I don't have wifi so it was obviously a limit over 3G
Guess I should have spelt it out

Don't they have free wifi in Britain? Seems like every other store or public place has it here.

message 14: by Deano (new)

Deano | 104 comments Yes they do but not in my house the don't!!!
My point was I pay for unlimited 3G
Then get told I have to use wifi to download something

message 15: by Travis (new)

Travis (travistousant) | 543 comments My wife's iPhone 5 is the same way either use WiFi or have to download parts of books as you read them. Her boss gave her the WiFi password so she can download at work because we never figured out a real solution to it.

message 16: by Regina (new)

Regina (reginar) | 163 comments I am guessing Apple instituted that measure as a compromise or a contracting issue with the cell phone companies.

I just plan ahead and download my books at home or at work. I also always have a few audio books on my itunes, that I have transferred via USB. Not perfect, just a work around and I find I am never without multiple audio books.

message 17: by Deano (new)

Deano | 104 comments It just annoys me that I can download from iplayer and watch a whole film on net flix but not download a book.
Your right I could download on PC and put it on my phone. But then I can't use things like narration speed on the app.
Why should you have to pay for phone line and wifi when I can do everything else on the iphone.

message 18: by Regina (new)

Regina (reginar) | 163 comments That isn't what I said I do. I never said I transfer audible books via USB. I said I transfer audio books via USB. I get audio books from the library too and transfer those via USB. I listen to way too many audio books to be buying all of them.

Lots of things annoy me in life, but since I never feel the limitation on this issue it doesn't bother me. If you don't have wifi at home or at work, I can see why this limitation would be inconvenient though.

message 19: by Deano (new)

Deano | 104 comments Obviously it's not something that bothers alpt of people.
But for me it's an restriction that is wrong.
If you pay for unlimited data then the choice should be mine if I want to download without wifi?
I guess a lot of people are happy to pay for unlimited data on the cell
And then pay for unlimited data at home too with another phone.
Well I've been out and downloaded the rest of my book now so for the time being I will have to keep on doing this.
But maybe AUDIBLE will answer soon as it's the ask audible bit

message 20: by Dee (new)

Dee (austhokie) | 1541 comments I think likely because wi-fi in the home is a pretty standard occurance in the US...its a simple adjustment to add the wi-fi enabled modem to go with your home internet, so its not like we are paying for extra phon lines, its just tied into home access

Nichole ~Bookaholic~ (nicholebookaholic) | 12 comments Just out of curiosity why is it an Audible issue and not an issue for your service provider to sort out?

message 22: by Regina (new)

Regina (reginar) | 163 comments It is a block by Apple, right? That is the error message I receive I think.

message 23: by Deano (new)

Deano | 104 comments Over here we pay for phone line, then internet on top.
Where u live the internet is so poor that I just use my 3G.
With that I have tethering and can do anything I could with home wifi (except the stuff I am moaning about lol)
I can watch a tv show streaming to my tv. Download a film to watch later.
So I decided why am I paying for a home phone when I don't use it!
Maybe it's different in the USA but over here the phone line and internet are two things you have to pay for.
I have this all in a cell package
Why should you pay for the same thing twice?

message 24: by Deano (new)

Deano | 104 comments It is a block that Apple puts on it's iTunes and App Store yes
But like I said other apps like bbc iplayer will ask me if I'm using 3G do I want to continue to download a tv show over 3G
So it is something that audible can adjust

message 25: by Dee (new)

Dee (austhokie) | 1541 comments so you have home wifi but you can't download either? that seems even weird than the 3G restriction which is in place because wifi is often quicker/cheaper

message 26: by Deano (new)

Deano | 104 comments No dee
I stopped my home wifi as it was too slow and I never used my home phone.
So I only use my cell and 3G for everything that I said previously.

message 27: by Deano (new)

Deano | 104 comments "the 3G restriction which is in place because wifi is often quicker/cheaper"

It's not cheaper if already pay for unlimited data.
And it's defanatly not faster as my wifi used to be under 1meg!!! My phone gives me 18meg

message 28: by Dee (new)

Dee (austhokie) | 1541 comments OFTEN not always OFTEN because 3G requires satellite connection which can be hit and miss, whereas WiFi is from a hard connection...but whatever...

maybe its a UK thing because what you are describing is often different to the US - I don't have to pay for a phone to have WiFi - I have internet in my home without a landline; I pay for a cell phone, that has both 3G and wifi capability, but I use 3G for it; my itouch is only WIFI which is what I use for my audible app

message 29: by Deano (new)

Deano | 104 comments Your right dee 3G has it limits
But unless you are in a cable area in the uk then you have to have a phone line.
Which is around £8pcm then broadband is around £20 - £30 PCM depending on download limit
So that's about $61 per month on home phone and internet.
My mobile is £35 for unlimited data and phone calls and texts
That's around $56 per month
So that's why I dropped the home phone and broadband as I would be paying £65 ($104) for the two.

message 30: by Dee (last edited Nov 17, 2013 05:08PM) (new)

Dee (austhokie) | 1541 comments but overdrive books are broken up into multiple parts - most I get are 7-13ish chapters depending on the length of the book - which would keep them to under th 50mb limit

message 31: by Deano (new)

Deano | 104 comments Joy
find a game in the App Store for free
Look at the size and make sure it's big
and try to download over 3G
It will come up with please connect to wifi

message 32: by Audible Support (new)

Audible Support (audible_com) | 260 comments Hey all,

Thanks for bringing this up, Deano.

Audible employs Apple's download limit. In the past, users were limited to downloading 20mb of the audiobook while using Data. When it increased to 50mb, we increased the download limit to 50mb.

We understand this may be an inconvenience especially if you are on the road or in a location without Wifi. The best thing to do is to plan ahead (like Regina) if you can and download your titles when you're in a Wifi zone.

Once this limit increases, you can bet our app will reflect that.


message 33: by Deano (new)

Deano | 104 comments Can you say why you have it?
Or why you don't have the option to turn it off or override it.
When 3G first came out it was expensive to download via 3G
Now this is no longer the case for most people.
Also you only do it on the apple app
As if I had another phone system I can download the whole book via 3G.
I can't see the sense behind it.

message 34: by Kimberly (new)

Kimberly (poweki) | 136 comments I just got a pop-up on my phone in the Audible App which says there is no longer a download limit.

Audible clearly listens to you!

: )

message 35: by Regina (new)

Regina (reginar) | 163 comments Wow!!

message 36: by Deano (new)

Deano | 104 comments Double wow
Didn't think they would sort it that fast
Thank you very much

message 37: by Grumpus, Hearing aide (new)

Grumpus | 473 comments Thank you once again Audible for listening to and responding to the group's suggestions. This is exactly how I hoped this relationship would work. I guess you could say we are happily married!

message 38: by Audible Support (new)

Audible Support (audible_com) | 260 comments You are very welcome!

Great timing, right? With the newest iOS update, the 50 MB cellular download limit has been removed. You should now be able to download your audiobooks either via Wi-Fi or Cellular connection, regardless of the size!

We're happy to be involved in Goodreads convo and look forward to jumping in when we're needed.

Happy listening!

message 39: by [deleted user] (new)

Although it wasn't an issue for me (especially since I misunderstood Deano's concern!) warm thanks and regards from me too. It is always a pleasure to do business with Audible :)

message 40: by Bill (new)

Bill Staney (billstaney) | 1 comments wrote: "You are very welcome!

Great timing, right? With the newest iOS update, the 50 MB cellular download limit has been removed. You should now be able to download your audiobooks either via Wi-Fi or C..."

Thanks for the quick app update to remove the cap!

message 41: by Sandra (new)

Sandra Heinzman (vasandra) | 16 comments I use the Audible app on my iPhone 4 all the time! I usually download 2 parts at a time only, so I don't use up all my phone's memory. Then I delete the finished part immediately.

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