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message 1: by Karolina (new)

Karolina | 172 comments Mod
Do you have any pates? Or would you want to have any? What are your favourites? Maybe they don't even exist or they are very rare like pandas? :)

message 2: by Chelsea (new)

Chelsea (crystal_dark) | 270 comments I do not have any pets at the moment although I used to have a cat that lived at my Dad's stable as well as several fish over the years. I love cats and occasionally feed stray cats when they come by. My brother has 2 cats so I just visit his.

xXQueenofHeartsXx | 31 comments I have 2 cats,1 dog,2 birds, a Tortoise named agent T. My cats names are eve(aka psycho), and gloria. My dogs name is Hana, and my 2 birds names are sakura and blue.

message 4: by Nikita (new)

Nikita I have two cats. I would love to have a dog like a german shepard.

message 5: by ληgєłα (new)

ληgєłα  (angelacousins) | 250 comments I have a cat. She's black, fluffy and cute, although, she can be a little vicious sometimes...

TooLazyToLogIn  (WhyAreYouLookingAtTheURL) | 161 comments I have two birds and two cats. (I know, not the best combination XD) The two cats are quite funny when sleeping, they usually go to sleep in awkward positions. The birds are just plain awesome, ive teached them to do a couple of tricks.

message 7: by ληgєłα (new)

ληgєłα  (angelacousins) | 250 comments One time a pigeon flew into the window of my house and broke its neck and died... then my cat ate it...

TooLazyToLogIn  (WhyAreYouLookingAtTheURL) | 161 comments ...I find that disturbing...

message 9: by ληgєłα (new)

ληgєłα  (angelacousins) | 250 comments Do you want to know the most disturbing thing about the whole matter? I watched the whole thing, and didn't stop my cat...

TooLazyToLogIn  (WhyAreYouLookingAtTheURL) | 161 comments I would have thrown up by that point

message 11: by ληgєłα (new)

ληgєłα  (angelacousins) | 250 comments Well... I didn't actually watch the whole thing, just to the point of her ripping feathers out, and yes she actually ate them too which I thought was weird. She also starting eating baby blue tongue lizards, but has recently stopped.

message 12: by ληgєłα (new)

ληgєłα  (angelacousins) | 250 comments Anyone want to know how to pat a cat right?

Ha ha ha, funny isn't it... god I'm bored right now :(

message 13: by ληgєłα (new)

ληgєłα  (angelacousins) | 250 comments I even forgot to add the ? mark...

message 14: by Sam (new)

Sam (spamm) | 6 comments I have 2cats :3 a rabbit and many fishes. I would love more animals though :)

message 15: by ληgєłα (new)

ληgєłα  (angelacousins) | 250 comments Awww, one time I had a goldfish and I fed it a spider, then it died several weeks later... :(

message 16: by Raven (new)

Raven (howlisawesome) | 19 comments I have one dog: a pekenise named Margo, a fish named Drako, a hermit crab named Argo, a rabbit named Snuggle Bunny a.k.a Snugs, and 4 chickens: Shirley, Glinda, Frizzles, and Tracey. I ♥ my pets

message 17: by Mai Tsukiko (new)

Mai Tsukiko | 5 comments I have a light coloured cat and she always cuddles with me when I sleep and meows a lot :3 (one time she even fell asleep on my head and when I woke up I was literally laughing so hard because there was a cat on my head a cat)

message 18: by Tink86 (new)

Tink86 | 93 comments I have no pets but I would love a cat, unfortunately I am allergic to cats dogs and horses even if I just visit a cat I am a mess afterwards.

message 19: by Dominic (last edited Apr 02, 2014 08:40AM) (new)

Dominic Samatar (DOMINICSAMATARGMAILcom) | 38 comments i have a cat named moshimonster and she is so cool .

message 20: by Karolina (new)

Karolina | 172 comments Mod
Usually, I just call my cat ''a cat'' or ''mr cat'', even though she's a girl... so yeah... she pretty much doesn't have a name. And so she always likes to sleep on my butt... This is a weird cat.

message 21: by Maggie (last edited May 08, 2014 03:36PM) (new)

Maggie I have a chihuahua named Mikey after the late Michael Jackson! He is the cutest thing ever!

message 22: by Morgan (Morg) (new)

Morgan (Morg) I have three beagles in my house. Mine is a girl named Bailey but I call her Bear. She's my baby <3 haha

message 23: by InuLover (new)

InuLover (sango) | 45 comments I have a jack russel terrier named Lola. she is energetic, jealous and adoable.

message 24: by Atm (new)

Atm (aryes) | 13 comments I have 3 cats one is positive, neutral and negative! It makes me laugh! XD They are all adorable and my babies (I am not a crazy cat lady, I swears! XD)

message 25: by Tink86 (new)

Tink86 | 93 comments Lucky you, I love cats but I'm allergic. However, I just got a springer spaniel a month ago. She's adorable

message 26: by Ash (new)

Ash | 271 comments I have a rescue dog named Lexi & she is truly my four-leg child. She is getting pretty old & it is breaking my heart. :( Animals are truly gifts from God.

message 27: by Lexi (new)

Lexi | 40 comments I'm sorry to hear that :(

I've always wanted a dog, but I ended up with two mischievous cats instead. They are so cute ^._.^

message 28: by Ash (new)

Ash | 271 comments Aw, thanks Lexi. (Obvously I love your name, lol) I have had quite a few cats as pets before, they can be hilarious.

message 29: by Lexi (last edited Oct 05, 2014 11:19PM) (new)

Lexi | 40 comments Ash wrote: "Aw, thanks Lexi. (Obvously I love your name, lol) I have had quite a few cats as pets before, they can be hilarious."

No problem, lol. :) I'll have to agree with your earlier comment about 'Animals being a gift from God', because without my two cats I'd be so lonely lol (sad alert). I'm an only child so :P

message 30: by Ash (new)

Ash | 271 comments Aw, they really do help w/so much. They have done studies that prove just petting an animalcan lower your blood pressure, help w/depression, all kinds of things. They are w/o a doubt a gift,even if they can be little brats sometimes too, lol.

message 31: by Kaila (new)

Kaila B | 27 comments My cat is evil and i'm her henchwoman

message 32: by Ash (new)

Ash | 271 comments That is hilarious Kaila, & having owned several cats I completely believe you.

message 33: by grant (new)

grant wilcock (grantj400) | 133 comments i wish life was like final fantasy so i can possibly ride a dragon with armor on it. i would hold a spear and shield so i would be a dragon lord

message 34: by Ash (new)

Ash | 271 comments Yeah Grant, that would be beyond incredible.

message 35: by k.c.(Kthinker) (new)

k.c.(Kthinker) | 13 comments I have a Samoyed named Merry she is really energetic she turns two on April fourteenth my family is going to get another dog for her to play with because we can not keep up with her I mean seriously she could pull Santa's slay and still have snuff energy to run two million miles

message 36: by Ash (new)

Ash | 271 comments K.c., I love that breed. They are absolutely gorgeous. I had relatives who had them for years, so I know about the energy, it's crazy. I wish I had energy like that.

message 37: by k.c.(Kthinker) (new)

k.c.(Kthinker) | 13 comments yah me to

message 38: by Lára (new)

Lára  | 184 comments I have a pet mouse, a rabbit, two budgies, canary and aquatic snails. :) but would really like to have a frog once again, they're my favourite animals.

message 39: by [deleted user] (new)

I have lots of fish... 2 pacman frogs, cats, dogs and chickens. At one time lizards oh and hermit crabs.

message 40: by Maxwell (new)

Maxwell (630802) | 59 comments I want a flying cat like happy from fairy tail!
But, I just have a hamster

message 41: by Maxwell (new)

Maxwell (630802) | 59 comments Oh! No a pet otter!!!!!! Perfect!!!!!!

message 42: by k.c.(Kthinker) (new)

k.c.(Kthinker) | 13 comments I want a pet monkey I think that would be cool

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