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-Enter Bryony-

Bryony walked into the library and the smell of dust and books filled her nose. She let out a sigh as a wave of calm washed over her. Feeling very relieved to get away from everyone, Bryony walked through the walls of books, running a finger over each of the dusty spines until she came across a book that caught her eye. She pulled it off of the shelf and continued looking for books.

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As soon as Bryony realized that it was time to get to class, she quickly gathered up her large pile of books and ran over to the oak desk in which Madame Pint sat. She checked out her many books and stuffed them into her book bag. Her worn and old book bag was slowly falling apart because of the many class books that she had inside, adding onto that, the many books that she just read for the fun of it and the books that helped her with studying. She had O.W.L's this year, so you can imagine how many more books she had. Bryony scurried out of the library and to her first class, History of Magic.

-Exit Bryony to History of Magic-

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