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Give us an awkward introduction of yourself so that we can awkwardly welcome you to the group. ^^

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- Awkward Introduction -

Hello, my name is McKenna. ^^ There isn't many interesting things about me, but I'll bore you with the facts anyway. I'm a reader, reading is my passion. Books suck me into another world, time, and planet. I feel as though I am the character, looking at their point of view, seeing the things that they are seeing, experiencing the things that they experience and feeling their feelings. Books are my way to escape reality and take a break from everything for a while. I guess that it is just one of the introverted parts about me.
Writing is the second of my greatest passions. Like reading, writing takes me into another world. I am my characters, seeing, feeling, and experiencing the things that they do. Each one of my characters matter so much to me and my writing is my world.
The internet many times distract me from the things that I love most, but I love it all the same. What would I ever do without Goodreads? Or Wattpad? Pinterest?
My family and God matter a lot to me. Without them, I would cripple and die. They mean the very most to me, even my books and writing. I know that when I die, I will live safely up with God and that's what keeps me going. That is what makes me do the good things and bad things. Because I know this in my heart and mind, I dare to do slightly dangerous things and fear isn't constantly inside of me.
I love art, even though I'm absolutely dreadful at it. xD
Cats are my love and long lasting companions.
I'm a klutz.
I'm kind of a cook.
I suffer from Wanderlust.

That's me pretty much. Thank you for reading my awkward introduction!

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Hello. Unlike dearest McKenna up there, I'm not one for lengthy, eloquent introductions. I'm more of the "hi my name my age gotta go see ya" type of human being.
Tessa. Sixteen years of age from Wisconsin. Reader and writer. You can call me Tess or even just T if it suits you better.

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Megan Hi, I'm Megan.

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Greetings, Megan.

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Bekah Hello, I am Beck. I am an enormous nerd who would sit here and list all her fandoms but fears boring you and leaving out one that is important equally to the others. Pottermore sorted me as 50% Gryffindor and 50% Ravenclaw. I was sorted however into Gryffindor. I have a strong love for reading (and writing. check out my wattpad :) ) and was born with a reading list I would ever finish. So yah, anything else is probably not interesting. Bye!

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Hello, Megan, Tess, and Beck!

Tessa, I just copied and pasted my introduction from my profile. xD

Megan, I saw that you sent me a friend request and I ignored because I had no clue who you were. Now I do so I will ask you to forgive me and I'll send a friend request back to you. >.<

Beck, that's neat that you are fifty-fifty with Ravenclaw and Gryffindor. ^^

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L Hi, I am Lucinda.

Firstly I would like to thank McKenna for the invite to this wonderful group.

I first read Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone when I was 8 years old, and instantly I fell in love with an extraordinarily imaginative world by an amazing author. For many years I truly believed that Hogwarts and JK Rowling’s creation was ‘real’ (yes, literally) and that on my 11th Birthday I would be receiving my acceptance letter by Owl through the post box.
Sadly my letter never arrived (it got lost in the mail!) but my love for this fictional world remained. My mother used to get me the new Harry Potter book as quickly as she could purchase it and bring it onto the hospital ward for me to read (& then re-read), which was my highlight over the years. I was SO upset when the Deathly Hallows was published and the end to Harry’s story came…not fair! I still really miss the excitement and buzz of getting hold of the next HP book and finding out what would happen in Harry’s next year at Hogwarts. I have since re-read the entire series (from book 1 to 7) in total 7 times over, and so my paperback copies are rather tattered and worn but well-loved. It is a series and a magical creation that I shall treasure forever…

JK Rowling is also an inspiration as a writer; hence I have plucked up the courage to write my own novel of epic/ high fantasy genre. I am currently working on book 1 (of a planned series) that I intend to eventually get published!!

As well as writing my own novel which takes up a lot of time, I am also an English literature student and keen reader. Fantasy is the main genre that I read, along with some YA and historical etc. I am a HUGE follower of JRR Tolkien and his works and a member of Oxford’s Tolkien Society. The Lord of the Rings is a book that I would equally regard as highly as I do Harry Potter book 1.

I am 22 years old. A bookworm. Writer. Dog owner. Keen equestrian enthusiast and horse rider. Stress-head. Sensitive. Caring. Loving. Clean freak and fan of British television series like ATLANTIS, Doctor Who and Torchwood. I have a vivid imagination that sometimes runs away with me and an obsession with buying books!

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You're very welcome. ;) Welcome to the group!

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L McKenna wrote: "You're very welcome. ;) Welcome to the group!"

Thank you for having me.

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tori Hello people of Hogwarts!!! I'm Tori, the socially Awkward Potato [which is why I spend all my time online...] I have a slight obsession with the Harry Potter series, as well as The Infernal Devices, The Mortal Instruments, Divergent, and The Hunger Games.

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Hello, Tori! Thank you for joining! Welcome to the group. :)

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Hey! I'm Shahdia. A billion years ago there were dinosaurs. One day they all died. Several (billion) years later, I was born. The end of my life story.

Because who said your story starts when you're born?

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