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message 1: by W (new)

W (Thereader1) | 10 comments Everyone has a personal preference when it comes to reading, i enjoy both a physical book and e-book. With an e-book, you get it immediately and you can start reading, on the other hand, a physical book to hold is awesome as you turn the pages.Which do you prefer? Found this funny blog about e-books.

message 2: by Carolien (new)

Carolien (carolien_s) There was quite a discussion in the Ancient and Medieval Historical Fiction on this topic a few weeks ago and the group set up a poll to check what format people preferred. Paperback was still the favourite followed by e-books. I read both formats, mostly paperback at home and my iPad for traveling and reading while waiting in queues!

message 3: by Karena (new)

Karena (karenafagan) I actually found that I read more (which I really didn't think was possible) now that I have my ipad. Books are acquired quicker, not having to go physically to the bookstore, library or even wait for the mail. I can download books instantly. I can do searches in my books if I don't understand something that's mentioned. My ipad mini is lighter than a hardback and there's none of that panic when you're traveling or out that you don't want to finish your book too quickly because you'll have nothing else to read (that may be just me though).

I have had this discussion so many times. For me, I'm a reader. I don't care what form the story takes. The words are my passion, not really the form. Now saying that, there is nothing like having a shelf (or multiple shelves) of books in your house or visiting a bookstore or library. Those places have always been sanctuaries for me.

My name is Karena and I am a story junkie. :)

message 4: by Malcolm (new)

Malcolm Massiah | 11 comments I still have a preference for paperbacks especially Penguin and Oxford World's Classics, as I enjoy the annotated notes, which makes looking things up easier.

However, ebooks (I have a Kindle) are ok for out of print books which I would never find in paperback, so that is good.

I enjoy them both. And now that I'm an adult, I don't really need the annotated notes any more.

message 5: by Melanti (new)

Melanti I like e-books best. I read a lot when I'm not at home, so like Karena, I like not having to worry about whether or not I'm going to finish my book and if I have to bring another book with me.

But I'll read anything - I usually get whatever version is cheapest.

With classics, the only author I really NEED annotations for is Shakespeare, but with the group reads, sometimes the intros/forwards/annotations include interesting tidbits to add to discussions, and those generally aren't part of the free classic e-books.

Oddly enough, now that I've gotten used to my Kindle, I read a lot more trade size paperbacks than mass market sized paperbacks. It used to be the reverse - almost all MMPB and very few trades. I've actually forgotten how to hold a MMPB open with one hand and turn the pages with the same hand. Horrible!

message 6: by Pam (new)

Pam I don't care how I read a book (I do own a Kindle), as long as I always have a book available to read.

message 7: by Colleen (new)

Colleen I like the exposure to more books that you get with audios, e books, physical books, playaways from the library etc. I can easily use my iPad to read at a function vs a physical book, as I don't look that much more antisocial. Who isn't checking their electronic device these days?

message 8: by Karena (new)

Karena (karenafagan) Colleen wrote: "I like the exposure to more books that you get with audios, e books, physical books, playaways from the library etc. I can easily use my iPad to read at a function vs a physical book, as I don't lo..."

Ha! This is so true, Colleen!

message 9: by Malcolm (new)

Malcolm Massiah | 11 comments I'd like say that you don't have the inconvenience of recharging your batteries with paperbacks. So that is a great advantage in their favour when reading away from home.

message 10: by Melanti (last edited Nov 20, 2013 02:47PM) (new)

Melanti I can see the battery argument with audio books, cell phones, and tablets. But it's really not a consideration with the e-ink devices. Those have batteries that last for weeks.

Recharging a battery in the middle of a book really isn't as much of an issue as people make it out to be. Even after the "low battery" sign comes on, you still have a few hours before it actually goes dead.

I routinely take my Kindle with me on camping trips where I have no electricity for a week at a time and have never ran out of power.

(True story: I first heard of the Kindle months before Oprah made it popular when it was featured in a magazine article on lightweight backpacking gear...)

message 11: by Malcolm (new)

Malcolm Massiah | 11 comments Paperbacks over hard covers. The price of hard covers particularly first editions is a joke.

I prefer to wait a few months or 12 until the paperback comes out.

message 12: by Frederick (new)

Frederick Anderson (fredander) | 65 comments I get little time to actually sit and read these days, so the tablet is essential. My books are on there with all the other stuff I have to do and I can just flick over to them when I have ten minutes in the train or the car somewhere. I can't remember when I sat down and actually read a printed book!

message 13: by Andrew (new)

Andrew (andrew619) | 183 comments I agree with the idea that e-books are more handy, immediately available, ideal for travel, like books from library or bookstore without the action to exit from the house. If a book is only a vehicle for a story, this is correct, at least for me. But on the other hand, I like look at my shelves and note every book, with his format and colors, hardcover but also paperback, in a complete series one beside the others.
So, now almost every book I read is on my Kindle, but when I must buy a book I still have some doubts if take the physical or ebook version, and not only for the price.

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