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In the Shadow of the Earth (The Gods In Hiding, #1)
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In the Shadow of the Earth (The Gods In Hiding, #1) by J.P. Borders J.P. Borders
Genre: Contemporary Fantasy
Page Count: 299

Book Description:
Science meets magic, and the true nature of reality is revealed!

Professor Jim Canter was tormented by memories of his devastating failure as a physicist. The experiment that should have proven his radical, world-changing theory had instead ended in universal accusations of fraud and deceit.

Clinging hopelessly to the remnants of his shattered career, he is forced to consider an incredible idea proposed by a mysterious new graduate student. Mika convinces him to try a final experiment, one that could show an unprecedented link between reality and the human mind, opening the door to possibilities beyond anything Jim had ever imagined.

The outcome leads them both into a terrifying confrontation with an organization of ancient, undead creatures dedicated to keeping these secrets for themselves, and who may present an even greater threat to all of mankind. Along the way Jim learns the incredible truth about Mika’s past, and realizes that his discovery has proven the existence of powers beyond any rational scientific explanation.

Now they must race against time to find a way to protect themselves from an enemy that cannot be seen or touched, one that has been preparing for untold thousands of years. It will take all of their scientific and technological skills to survive in a battle that reaches from our world into virtual reality, and which will bring to light Jim’s own inexplicable abilities.

Humanity has been essentially unchanged for the last 200,000 years, physically and intellectually. But we only have evidence of civilization arising within the last 15,000 years. Is it really possibly that no development occurred during this time? The Gods in Hiding will ultimately answer this question!

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