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Alecia Engelmeyer (aleciaengelmeyer) | 2 comments So i'm obviously joining this a bit late, however I am new to Goodreads and I came across this group and I thought it was a fantastic idea, so I had to join today and start my thoughts. I have been working on something since Dec. 08 and have yet to really know which direction to go towards. But a year ago I studied abroad and had the most amazing experience and some crazy things happened. I wanted to write a story about traveling and students and the whole experience that so many young people go through. This might be a good place to start collecting and collaborating ideas. I welcome any suggestions. Thanks- Alecia

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Hey nice to meet you Alecia! I hope that you find that this group has lots of help so you can continue on with your stories. If you need any help with your story, then let us know, and i'm sure we can help!

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Jenn (mssjenn) Hi Alecia! nice to meet you. i start this today too.
i hope to read some of your writing soon.

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Alecia Engelmeyer (aleciaengelmeyer) | 2 comments June 15, 2009
I don't remember how I met Niclas, it probably was a point in a night when I had already drank two bottles of wine and the whole group was on our way to 'the Austrailian' bar down by the river. Knowing myself and the courage I get in that state, I probably struck up a conversation, admired his Swedish accent and blonde locks and that was that.

After whenever that night was, we were instant friends. He was one of those guys I danced with at every bar we ended up at together and made out when we weren't dancing. It never became more than that and was never awkward because of it when we were sober. I loved his smile, it was always on and was truely contageous. He had this way of making me laugh to the point of clenching my stomach in pain. He usually said something funny in English and with his accent, everything sounded funny. I sometimes would talk to him about my unknown future and my financial wories and he would grab my face with his clammy hands and say,
"roll with it girl, be happy"
That was his answer to everything, and even to this day, I will say it to myself and pretend that it's his voice.

We never did a whole lot of small talk. I didn't know for the longest time how old he was or if he was from Norway, Sweden or Germany, all I know is he had a great accent, spoke great English (thank God!) and could talk for hours on end about topics that I was passionate about. Turns out he was 18, two years younger than me, from Stockholm, Sweden and started drinking when he was 12.

When you are hardly proficient in another language, like I am in French, it is excruciating to try to speak in that language with someone with an entirely different dialect. I could only understand Americans who tried to speak French, and the southern French natives. I could not understand people from any other place in France or people from other countries who spoke to me in French.

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Jenn (mssjenn) That's really good! i like it

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Kenzie | 1305 comments Mod
Neat-o, Alecia. Welcome to the group! :D

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oooh that's good!

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