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Here is the template. I trust you all know how to bold and underline, and italicise. Please follow the basics of the template.


||✦|| Name ||✦||
[Full name]

{First Name}
{Middle Name}
{Last Name}

||✦|| Basic Details ||✦||
[Relationship Status]

Birth Details
{Date of Birth}
{Time of Birth}
{Place of Birth}

RANK✦ ...
Species✦ (Human, obviously)

DO THEY KNOW OF THE SUPERNATURAL?✦ (If no, no. If yes, must be approved by a mod first)

||✦|| Physical Appearance ||✦||
[Face Claim:]

[Appearance](Real people please!)
<.img src="..."/.>


{Hair Colour}
{Skin tone}
{General Dressing style}

||✦|| Personality Traits ||✦||




✦[Personality] At LEAST five sentences.

||✦|| HIstoric Overview ||✦||

[Early Life]
[Adolescence](Only if needed)
[Adulthood](Only if needed)

AT LEAST 10 long sentences in total for history!

{Siblings (If any)}




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[||✦|| <.b>Name ||✦|| Aiun
[Full name] Aiun Ken Bankei

{First Name} Aiun
{Middle Name} Ken
{Last Name} Bankei

||✦|| Basic Details<./b> ||✦||
[Age] 35
[Gender] Male
[Sexuality] Asexual
[Relationship Status] None

Birth Details Aiun was born on the fifteen of May in a simple monastery in Brighton England
{Date of Birth} 5/15/1313
{Time of Birth} 9:25 PM
{Place of Birth} a monastery in Brighton

RANK✦ monk I guess.
Species✦ Human

✦DO THEY KNOW OF THE SUPERNATURAL?✦ (If no, no. If yes, must be approved by a mod first) he is not

||✦|| Physical Appearance ||✦||
[Face Claim:]

[Appearance](Real people please!)


{Eyes} gray eyes
{Hair Color} brown hair
{Hairstyle} usually windswept
{Skin tone} tan Caucasian
{Imperfections} is a bit too forgiving can get very angry though but quickly cools down
{General Dressing style} long white and blue robes

||✦|| Personality Traits ||✦||

[Fears/Phobias] complete destruction of civilization from the plague.

[Likes] Helping the poor, sick, weak or crippled.

[Dislikes] the selfish, greedy, or over feed one who takes but does not give.

✦[Personality] Aiun is very generous as most monks are as well as religious. He also loves writing poems and just taking walks through the city seeing who he could help. Often he doesn't stay in a city for more then a few months. He likes wandering and spreading good will. He can get angering though like flash paper it lights up quickly but dies soon. He also has a certain hate for the rich.

||✦|| HIstoric Overview ||✦||

[Early Life]<.b> he was born in a monastery in Brighton his mother died giving birth to him and his father grew distant from him.
[Childhood] as he grew up his father continued to keep pushing away form him slowly. So in response Aiun himself also distanced himself.
[Adolescence](Only if needed) When the age of sixteen came around his father cut bond between them completely. He stopped talking to him except for the occasional "hello." Or "good night." And "good morning." Other than that they don't talk. When he was eighteen gathered up a small pack and just left he didn't leave a note or anything he just walked up and left.
[Adulthood](Only if needed) He went to the monks after two years on his own thinking he could find refuge in them and that he did. He found refuge and himself.

[Family] mother: Beatrice, father: Joshua
{Mother} Beatrice {deceased}
{Father} Joshua
{Siblings (If any)} none

[Friends]<./b> he doesn't stay anywhere for long he,likes to wander so none.

[Enemies] again none

[Other] carries a small dagger in his sleeve.

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what happened to your italics and bolds?

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I have no idea everything was properly laid out and then this happened.

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Oh ok well approved!

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Great thanks!

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