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message 1: by Feliks (last edited Nov 15, 2013 01:26PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Feliks (dzerzhinsky) How many thrillers can you name which feature an encounter with deadly, poisonous snakes? Or, other menacing creatures?

In movies, we don't think twice about ferocious beasts confronting Our Hero. But it often makes the difference between tossing a thriller aside as 'silly' vs taking it seriously and finishing it to the end. For some reason, when an author describes nature's threats, it doesn't come off as well as when we see it in a flick.

For example, I can think of only one thriller where a crocodile is done right.

message 2: by K.A. (new)

K.A. Krisko (kakrisko) | 144 comments One of Nevada Barr's books features an alligator at one point, although I wasn't thrilled with the encounter as described. Of course, famously, 'The Speckled Band' (A.C. Doyle) includes encounters with a snake.

message 3: by John (new)

John Karr (karr) | 122 comments Can't think of any. Thrillers seem more human-based. Maybe having a creature tossed in is too weird or too much of a ploy.

I have a Cottonmouth ( )in my latest, which the protag picked up by the tail and smacked one of the bad guys with, just to give the fight a bit of zest.

message 4: by Megi (new)

Megi (1806) | 3 comments There was a snake scene in the book "The River God" by Wilbur Smith which i loved. it was thrilling enough for me. Can't seem to remember anything else.. So if you consider River God a thriller then...

message 5: by Ann (new)

Ann | 151 comments The Womens Murder Club series by James Patterson. In the 8th Confession, snakes are part of the main cast. Can't write any more than that though. I don't want to be a spoiler!

message 6: by Danielle (last edited Dec 30, 2013 07:18PM) (new)

Danielle (danielleleneedavis) | 41 comments CJ Lyons had a scene (or two) with snakes in the Lucy Guardino FBI Thriller series. The book is Snake Skin. I don't remember what kind of snakes they were. I can't say the scenes were realistic, but they gave me the creeps.

message 7: by Ter'e (new)

Ter'e Crow Lindsay (terecrow) I am still learning my way around here. Starting doing some peeking and Lo! And Behold! Here is a section about snakes.
I hate snakes. I detest them. I run like a screaming girl, when I see one.
Oh wait......i am a screaming girl!!!! Well, that's not true. I am a screaming grandma!
OK, how many of you have read "The Serpent" by David Wiltse. Before I mentioned this book.....I checked and Amazon does have some copies in stock. You can grab one for a penny. This book scared the pants off me!!!!! Gave me goosies for sure.
I've kept this book for years!!!! At some point, I will read it again.
A favorite? Not really. Worth a second read? Yes, definitely.
Have you read this one?

message 8: by Ken (new)

Ken Pelham (kenpelham) | 88 comments A PURPLE PLACE FOR DYING,a Travis McGee novel by John D. MacDonald.

AMAZONIA, by James Rollins. A good book, but the anaconda scene at the beginning is superfluous and pointless.

message 9: by Ken (new)

Ken Pelham (kenpelham) | 88 comments The rattlesnake scene at the end of the movie remake of TRUE GRIT is creepy indeed. If you haven't seen this flick, do so! Great movie-making.

Is the snake scene in the original novel?

message 10: by [deleted user] (new)

I just read one a few books back called Cut to the Bone: A Body Farm Novel by Jefferson Bass. Snakes don't play a big roll in this book, but they will certainly come into play before the end.

message 11: by Elaine (last edited Jun 13, 2014 07:19AM) (new)

Elaine | 5 comments Awakening by S.J. Bolton uses snakes throughout the book as a prime character(s). The snakes are not only a method of murder but characters themselves - given names and personalities. You can actually learn a lot (at least I did!)

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