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Notorious Nineteen (Stephanie Plum, #19)
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Book Arrivals! > November 19th is rolling up like a Carpet with a body in it!

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Hi Ladies!
Looks like your fearless librarian forgot to switch the ordering of books! :( We had a whole bunch of *March* when I arrived today. I ordered a bunch of Notorious Nineteens before you could say, "but wait-".
Hopefully we will have at least a couple by Tuesday. yeah, sorry. I AM excited about the book, however.

message 2: by Patricia (new)

Patricia (pekemom) | 30 comments Hi Jana - i just downloaded Notorious Nineteen on my Nook, so you can free up my library copy! Looking forward to Tuesday.

Patricia (trishria) | 134 comments I too have the book.


message 4: by Lisajane (new)

Lisajane | 20 comments I just bought the book for my kindle...only 3.99. :) Finally used up a gift card.

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

You guys are amazing!
The books came in on time, but I'll send them back after our meeting.

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