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message 1: by Ryan (new)

Ryan O Williams | 2 comments The Zombie Slayers is a new type of zombie apocalypse book. Featuring:
(Story,Poem,Rhyme and Haiku) Which all join together to bring you a unique Entertainment Experience

This gut wrenching action filled story mixed with (poems+ rhyme ) is the beginning of a new series of Zombie Slayer kindle ebooks. Civilization crumbles, Plunging the world into an age of darkness. An unknown infection, spread, living human's as an endangered race. Keven the Zombie slayer, guilds two teenage kids Harry and Liz across town protecting and teaching them zombie apocalypse survival. Due to certain events which he's forced to leave them behind.
He gathers a team of Zombie killers, mercenaries to help on his journey back to town.Facing Zombie hordes,Zombie outbreaks mutate new breeds, Like a boxhead zombies, Runners, Razors and more...are grouping up,with waves of attacks. Kevin the Slayer uses his main weapon a rusty machete,to slice and dice his way to safety.



message 2: by Becky (new)

Becky Cope | 18 comments sounds great - zombies books I really like

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