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The Lifetime Movie Event

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Iris In January this wonderful book will be turned into a lifetime movie event! Is anyone else as excited as I am? I loved this book and rooted for the romance that blossoms in the unfair world the children are thrust in. I've met a few people who didn't approve of the story but I have always loved it and I've been waiting for a film adaptation that would do it justice. So I say again that I am beyond words ecstatic.

Simone hope its better than the 80s movie. That one sucked!

Marilyn Rodriguez look forward to seeing it , i saw the 80s movie and till this day my dad and I qoute the movie ! " take them coren take them now do you think i care" ha ood times this book was great cant wait to see the lifetime event!

Melissa Simone wrote: "hope its better than the 80s movie. That one sucked!"

Aww, I always liked the score to that movie.

Amber Lifetime? Is the one that is coming out staring Heather Graham?

Alana Simoneaux Ooh. I'm glad I saw this. I didn't know it was coming out on Lifetime. I can't wait to see it.

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Deanna I can't wait. I recently watched the 80's version on Netflix. I read the book when I was middle should aged and was suitably scandalized.

Iris What do you guys think of the cast? Heather Graham as the mother, Ellen Burstyn as the grandmother and Mad Men's Kiernan Shipka as Cathy. I'm glad she's branching out more because I think she's one talented actress.

Paige Duff As soon as I had heard about this I started rereading the series just to have fresh in my mind when watching the movie when it comes out. I did not like the 87 version at all, it did not stick with the story line very well and completely changed the ending. They even skipped over a lot of the more important scenes that make the book what it is.

Removed Removed I think Ellen Burstyn will be awesome as the grandmother, Heather Graham I don't recognize at all, nor the kids. The set looks good, more in keeping with the book I guess, however, I read it after the 80's movie so I always visualized what the movie offered for characters and sets. Gotta say, the theme music on the trailer does not appeal to me, but hoping for great things from this remake.

Sandi Knapp I loved this book. I think the reason being is that its plot was not so far fetched. There are many abusive parents who have locked their kids away or put a man before anything else. I will watch the movie when it comes out.

LaTrica Can't wait! I'd love to see what Lifetime does with this story.

Removed Removed The trailer is up on Youtube. I think its going to be awesome. Can't believe this book was ever on the radar for me, but completely loved it, and I actually liked the 80's movie even though it didn't hold to the book as well as it should.

Paganalexandria Wow, this looks like a must see.

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Suge I hope it's true to the storyline and not the bullshit one that came from the 80s. That one was largely disappointing.

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Curlita The only thing I remember from the 1987 version was Cathy shreiking, "EAT THE COOKIE, MOTHER! EAT THE COOKIE!" My sister and I occasionally screech this at each other. We're planning a viewing party for the Lifetime version - just based on the trailer, I'm confident that it will be better than the 1987 version.

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